To normal people, summer is a long break where they enjoy every single day of their vacation, but to designers, summer is a huge opportunity to improve and make their designs even more popular. 

Because during the summer many shops, businesses, and companies need cool designs to fit in with the summer vibe so that they can increase their sales. And to complete this task, designers spend their hours looking for some good summer fonts but end up with nothing because there are barely any decent summer fonts available on the internet.

And that’s where Canva comes in; fortunately, Canva has a huge collection of some of the best summer fonts of any other platform. Therefore, if you were looking for this type of font, then relax, since we have everything you will ever need. Below, you will find the best summer fonts on Canva. That’s why you should stick to the article till the end and try every font you like!

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10 Summer Canva Fonts For Cool Projects

Summer fonts are beautiful and eye-catching, which is why it’s hard to ignore any project created with them.

1. Knewave

Introducing Knewave! a playful display font by Tyler Finck, designed especially for those projects that need to attract a lot of attention. Logos, advertisements, signs, and posters are some good places where this font can shine and help you get a lot of traffic.

Always remember to use this typeface for the main text in your projects because its readability is just amazing. People from a distance will be able to read your signs, which will surely increase your popularity. Lastly, do not forget to use bright colors with it to add the perfect summer vibe to your designs and make them even more perfect.

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2. Playlist Script

When it comes to summer designs, no font type other than hand-drawn fonts can get the job done. Their stylish looks and thin letter style perfectly fit the cool and chill summer vibe, which is why we are introducing you to Playlist Script. It’s a hand-drawn font with amazingly designed letters that will add a chill effect to your logos.

Playlist Script is a great font for both headlines and titles, so try your best to always use it for summer display designs. Not to mention, using vibrant backgrounds with this font can add an amazing touch to your designs too!

3. Moontime

Handwritten and hand-drawn fonts easily make summer designs stand out, and that’s the reason Moontime is also on this list. Moontime is a handwritten script font with extremely charming looks that can work as amazing subheadings, signatures, and even logos for fashion or beauty brands.

Its stylish letters are good for catching some attention, and it contains a full set of lower and uppercase letters along with punctuation, which allows you to design many creative projects.

4. La Lou

Bored of thin typefaces? Then let’s take a look at some chubby fonts like La Lou! It’s a fun and chubby display typeface by Nantia Open used for decorative and display purposes. That’s the reason it’s an amazing idea to try designing some fun summer logos, headlines, decorations, or labels with La Lou! 

It has a carefree style and a fun summer vibe too, which will fit pretty well with your tropical projects. Therefore, do not forget to use La Lou, as it’s like a free ticket to instant popularity.

5. Gellatio

Next up, we have Gellatio, a brush font inspired by actual brush handwriting, which looks extremely beautiful. The best thing about this font is that it’s a popular pick for various types of typography projects, which means whether it’s a logo, invitation card, poster, branding, or even a T-shirt, this font looks great on just everything, which makes it extremely useful and versatile.

This font has feminine vibes too; therefore, if your fashion or cosmetic brand is selling some new products this summer, Gellatio can help you become the center of attention with ease. Lastly, it can fit in beach designs too, so have a fun and enjoyable summer with Gellatio.

6. Loubag

Modern or retro fonts, both fit well with summer designs, and when they combine together, they create perfection, which can also be called Loubag! Loubag is a modern, retro display font with quite stylish looks that make it look elegant and fascinating. 

Since it’s a display font, you must have already guessed that it’s better to use this typeface for some cool summer logos!

If you are starting a new ice cream shop soon, then consider using Loubag as your main text. You won’t regret it at all because this font is perfect for every design.

7. Breathing

The previous brush fonts were pretty amazing, so that’s why we thought it would be a great idea to add more, and that’s why here’s Breathing! It’s a hand-drawn brush font inspired by hand-drawn signatures. The best part about this font is that every letter of it is designed with detail. 

This makes it a perfect choice for summer party invitations, stylish logos, and even fashion brands that want to become popular this summer! Therefore, do not waste any time and start designing your favorite projects with this elegant font.

8. Luckiest Guy

Luckiest Guy is a popular font, and by now many people reading this have used it already! It’s a fun and friendly heavyweight font with some chubby letters that make perfect display designs. What makes it a good choice for summer and tropical design are the fun letters that look really cool and mix well with your beach projects.

Because this font has bold letters, it has amazing readability too, so if you want a reliable font for your logos, then consider using Luckiest Guy.

9. Antonio Bold

Antonio bold is a refined version of Anton, which is a bold web font normally used for display purposes. It’s designed by Vernon Adams, and you can say it’s just an improved version because, from its looks to its style, everything is just better, which will fit your summer projects well.

Antonio bold is good for both texts and titles in its normal version, but in the bolder version, it works well only as a title.

10. Brittany

The list may be ending now, but summer is coming soon, so make sure to start it with Brittany! It’s designed by Creatype Studio, and it’s a handwritten signature font. As mentioned before, these types of fonts look really good on summer projects because of their cool looks, so if you like them, consider trying them out soon.

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Summer Canva fonts are probably one of the best font collections on Canva, and above we have listed some fonts from there. If you liked these typefaces, then consider using them for your upcoming tropical or beach projects, they will surely help you design unexpected designs.

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