Native American fonts are often overlooked, especially in this advanced era, but the way these fonts express their culture and tradition is impossible for any other type of font, which makes them extremely unique! Thanks to their hand-drawn appearance, earth tones, geometric shapes, and nature-inspired elements, these fonts have a lot of potential to shine and outclass the majority of modern fonts with their beautiful appearance.

However, even if people are interested in using these typefaces, it’s quite hard to find them because of their rarity. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore as we are about to share this list of Native American Canva Fonts. Whether you need them for Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, or Native American Day, they are ready to help you design anything that represents their country!

Lastly, since their designs are quite distinct and unique, it’s almost impossible to get bored with them, so consider utilizing them as much as you can!

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Native American Canva Fonts

All the fonts mentioned in this list are from Canva, which means they are free to use whenever you want. So if you need a good traditional design, don’t forget to try them out!

Bobby Jones

Starting with Bobby Jones by Tom Chalky, a creative font filled with positive energy just like native Americans. Bobby Jones is a handcrafted display font with imperfect lines and irregular corners, but despite this, Bobby manages to stand out, which represents the life of native Americans.

Also, it features a decent rugged look, which easily comes in handy if you want a distressed or retro look. Since it’s a display font, you don’t need to worry about its readability; it will easily become the center of attention, just like native Americans always did!


Have you ever wondered what would happen if native American fonts looked elegant instead of distressed? Well, here’s your answer: the Arabica by AquariiD. Arabica represents our beloved native American fonts in an elegant style, which allows them to fit with the current world and look more pleasing to the eyes.

You can easily use it for a variety of projects, like greeting or invitation cards for Indigenous Peoples Day or more. Plus, since it’s extremely elegant, people won’t be able to keep their eyes away from your design!


Introducing Quattrocento by Impallari TypeType, another example of how beautiful native American designs would look if they had a chance to modernize more! This font includes the geometric shapes often seen in Native American designs, which makes it a good choice for both professional and personal projects. Whether it’s documents or some t-shirts just to enjoy your favorite day, Quattrocento isn’t going to disappoint you.

IM Fell

Here comes IM Fell by Igino Marini, which you might notice looks like Quattrocento! However, there’s a twist since IM Fell’s signature feature is its rugged and dusty look, which is something really common in Native American Canva fonts.

If you think Quattrocento was too plain and professional to be a native font, then why not switch to IM Fell and enjoy the distressed look that makes designs feel native American? IM Fell is great for headlines, so have fun using it for eye-catching titles.

Art Nuvo Letterpress

Native Americans have always been vibrant and creative with their colors and geometric shapes, which I’m sure can easily relate to psychedelic designs. This is why we have Art Nuvo letterpress, a psychedelic typeface designed with various fun shapes and positive energy. If you are organizing an event for native Americans or need a good font to display their cool designs, then Art Nuvo’s readability easily comes in handy, so consider giving it a try.


Do not let the name deceive you, as this Midgard isn’t referring to the horse mythology! Midgard here represents the love of native Americans towards the earth. Midgard is designed by Umka Type and is known for its harsh and rugged design, which explains why it’s such a good Native American Canva font.

Furthermore, if you need some impact in your designs or want them to look more fierce, then Midgard can be a great choice, ready to help you add that striking native American feel.

TAN Kindred

TAN Kindred by TAN Type is a favorite font of many, thanks to its amazing design, but what makes it a part of this list are its unique shapes, which relate a lot to native American designs. Furthermore, TAN kindered is pretty quick and fun to use because of its fluid design and unique shapes.

Most of the time, it’s used for personal projects, but it can be utilized for movie posters, music covers, and some more professional works as long as they are related to something like native American!

TT Marxiana Antigua

Have you enjoyed all the elegant and stylish Native American fonts so far? If yes, then why not have another, which is named TT Marxiana Antigua by TypeType Foundry? Marxiana takes the simpler shapes of native American design and gives them a chance to be more elegant, which in the end provides you with this playful typeface. Since it’s a bit cursive, you can use it for fashion designs, wedding invitations, gift cards, or website design!


If you are a fan of simplicity, then Pagkaki by can be an amazing choice, as it doesn’t feature any excessive design and remains so plain. Native Americans would keep their designs simple and clean most of the time, and if you look closely, this font looks a bit irregular and rugged, which is great considering you might use it for native projects. Simplicity also brings good visibility and readability, which means having this font is such good luck.

EB Garamond

Do you wish native American fonts would stay in the trend for as long as they could? If yes, you should let them be more modern, just like EB Garamond! This font is designed by Georg Duffner and features much more modern designs for native designs, which will allow them to be a part of this futuristic world. EB Garamond doesn’t only work with professional designs; it has a good niche in personal projects too, so have fun celebrating some events like Native American Day with it!


Native American Canva Fonts can easily give you a breath of the past with their traditional and cultural designs, which is why even today they are considered amazing choices. However, if you want a bit of a modern look, then do not hesitate to try out fonts like Bobby Jones or IM Fell.