The typography world has a variety of fonts, from handwritten typefaces to elegant ones. However, the majority of these fonts come and go out of style, making them inconsistent and unreliable to use for many projects. But what if we told you some fonts have always led designers to success since their introduction?

Try grunge fonts! Inspired by the fashion and aggressive vibe of the 80s and 90s, these fonts are filled with a rough and distorted appearance that attracts anyone in the area! The majority of the time, they are used by music and fashion sites to attract a younger audience, as they are always active on the internet!

So do you want to try them out? If yes, then you are lucky, since fortunately, today we are going to discuss some of the best grunge Google fonts! This post includes a variety of punk Google fonts, which means you can check out each and see if they match your style. So, what are you waiting for? Get them before they get lost in time!

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10 Nostalgic Grunge Google Fonts

All the aggressive fonts mentioned here are designed to attract teens and adults, so if they are the target audience, make sure to check out each typeface. Also, since they are completely free, try them right away!

Road Rage

As the name suggests, Road rage is as rough as a road and as aggressive as any rage! It’s designed by Robert Leuschke and is known for its bumpy design, which can easily remind you of harsh and rough roads ready to mess up your speed. Since Road Rage is bold, don’t you think it often repents of power? So maybe you can use it for boxing or wrestling logos, advertisements, cheer signs, and website layout! It will just keep the fighting spirit burning!

Special Elite

Next up is Special Elite by Astigmatic, which has the same letter design as typewriter letters but with a grunge design, which can lead to. Many creative projects. If you want to depict an old document or page in your game or movie, Special Elite will work perfectly for such an idea. But if that’s not the case, then you should consider using it for some retro and vintage designs like books, t-shirts, and even crafts!


Unlike the other grunge Google fonts, Underdog doesn’t have that rough or rugged texture, but it still manages to shine thanks to its spiky design. This font was designed by Sergey Steblina, and you can consider it one of the most friendly grunge fonts because it’s not as aggressive and offers a simple design. However, despite this simplicity, Underdog can be used as a decent Halloween font, thanks to its design, which resembles scary branches.

Metal Mania

Meet Metal Mania, a font inspired by rock and punk music designs from the 90s, so if you listen to them even today, then you are in luck! This font was designed by Open Window and is a good combination of rock, punk, and aggressiveness that will represent your music the way you desire! Use it for your music’s cover design, logo, advertisement, flyers, or merch. As long as you produce rocking music, this font is going to work perfectly with you.

East Sea Dokdo

Did you like Underdog? If so, then why not try out East Sea Dokdo by YoonDesign Inc.? This font is also pretty simple and friendly, as it looks like a combination of marker and brush font with a slightly grungy texture! This font is pretty clear, which provides it with good readability, making it a good font even for kids. Whether it’s t-shirts, crafts, or some school projects, you won’t only look unique, but you will get popular in no time as well!


Frijole by Sideshow is extremely unique as it’s based on cartoon-styled texts from comics that look captivating. On top of that, Frijole also looks like it’s shivering, which allows it to express emotions like nervousness and fear easily. Of course, this font is a great choice for comics, but it can also come in handy for many logos for food products and funny t-shirts, or perhaps you can use this retro style of design on your website!

IM Fell English SC

IM Fell English SC by Igino Marini looks almost like Times New Roman; the only difference is that I’M Fell English SC has a grunge texture that allows it to look much more rugged, but thankfully it’s not that aggressive, which allows it to be used for professional work sometimes. If you want your documents to look a bit unique, then you can easily use this typeface without getting into trouble thanks to the minimal changes. Lastly, IM Fell English is a decent pick for printing projects as well, so some crafts won’t be a bad idea.


The best part about grunge fonts is that, despite being aggressive, they have some fun cartoonish typefaces, just like Piedra. It’s a bold, rough font by Sudtipos with a silly design that easily makes any design much more readable and interesting merely because of its existence. Since Piedra is a bold font, use it mostly for display projects like logos, advertisements, posters, and printing work. Piedra works well for kid designs too, so surprise your kids with it someday!

Freckle Face

If you have enjoyed the cartoonish Grunge Google fonts so far, then here’s another one for you, and it’s known as the Freckle Face! Designed by Astigmatic, this font looks a lot like the Spongebob font but is grungy. This means if you are looking forward to drawing some SpongeBob fan art, designs, or even some creative crafts, Freckle Face will come in handy. The grunge part will make your project unique, so do not hesitate to use it instead of the original.

Finger Paint

As its name suggests, Finger paint is one font that looks like it has been painted with a finger. It was designed by Carrois Apostrophe, and it started as a brush font experiment that later turned into a real font. Finger paint gives a carefree look, which makes it a good font for a variety of casual projects, whether it’s to decorate your room or make some crafts for your online crafts store. Kids can relate to this font; why not decorate their classroom with this funny typeface?


While grunge Google fonts are old, they aren’t out of trend, and the best part is that there are many modern grunge typefaces too, which means these aggressive Google fonts aren’t going anywhere for a while. So feel free to pick from the list above; whether you need simple picks like Piedra or aggressive ones like Metal Mania, you will get everything you want!