Since their introduction, monogram fonts have never failed to add a touch of elegance and personalization to any design project. Whether you use them for creating invitations, logos, or just some stationary project, the right monogram will never fail to elevate your project’s prominence.

But the question is, can these fonts help you make an amazing design even in this modern world? The short answer is yes because despite being modern, people cannot ignore the beautiful look that monogram fonts provide.

However, since you are asking that question, does that mean you are in search of some good monogram fonts? If yes, then you have luckily found a treasure, since this article is all about Monogram Canva Fonts.

While making the list for this article, we made sure each font offered a unique style, from classic and traditional to modern and whimsical. This will allow you to get creative and create some of the most lovely monogram Canva fonts to ever exist! 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your seats and start picking your favorite font from the list!

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What is a Monogram Font? 

A monogram is a typeface that is designed to represent a person’s or brand’s initials, typically by combining them in an artistic or decorative way. In simpler words, it’s a lettering style that puts one or more initial letters of a name or a word together to create an attractive and eye-catching design. Take brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and the Chanel family, for example. 

They have amazing-looking logos, but they need only a few words to look attractive. Furthermore, weddings, clothing, home décor, and stationery industries also benefit from these typefaces, which explains why people haven’t stopped using them.

10 Monogram Canva Fonts You Need to Try Out! 

Finally, here’s the list of Monogram Canva Fonts. Since they are all available on Canva, you can use them for free, which means you may even start right away!

TAN Twinkle

Starting with Tan Twinkle by Tantype, a modern and sophisticated font with a great deal of elegance within it. Just from its looks, you can easily think of using it for beauty, jewelry, and fashion brands. It’s letters are pretty attractive and evoke feminism, which can help you in a variety of ways. Also, despite being so attractive, Tan Twinkle is pretty readable, and clear, which means creating monogram designs with this font can be so much fun!

Roxborough CF

Do you need something more formal or professional already? No problem, as here’s Roxborough CF by Connary Fagen. This font is known for its straight and sharp design that would fit well for any company, hotel, or company, which allows you to look much more impactful and confident. As mentioned before, a popular brand, Louis Vuitton, uses a similar font, and they never fail to look professional, which means you can never make a mistake with Roxborough CF.


So you liked Tan Twinkle, right? How about something even more fancy and stylish that can help you stand out instantly? Here’s Sirenik by VP Creative Shop; it’s a font designed especially to be used for feminine brands or cosmetic companies. Whether it’s jewelry, lipstick, clothing, or accessories, this font can easily attract anyone who wants to become the center of attention, just like your logo.


Gistesy is here for fans of cursive fonts! Creatype Studio designed this font and features a cute and stylish design that never fails to shine! However, unlike the previous fonts, Gistesy is a better choice for personal projects like t-shirts, gifts, or letters, especially because it can be hard to read. But it’s a great choice for weddings as well, thanks to its sweet look, which will make your day even more lovely!


Malibu is a perfect font for monogram projects, as this font is filled with a good amount of aesthetics in its design, allowing it to make any monogram design more special. This font was designed by ToniStudio and is loved by everyone because of its cursive look. However, it can’t be used too much because of the repeated design, but since you will be using it for a monogram project, nothing can stop you!


The next font is Rayyan, a simple but amazing font that can come in handy for a variety of monogram projects. It’s pretty basic and doesn’t have any fancy designs, which is great, especially for people who love minimalism. So, feel free to use it for a ton of personal projects, whether they are some handmade crafts, t-shirts, or wooden signs.

TAN Mon Cheri

Let’s forget about personal fonts for a while and take a look at Tan Mon Cheri, which can make your brand popular in no time! It’s designed by TAN Type, and just like the last TAN font on the list, Mon Cheri is pretty elegant and cheerful as well. But what makes it so good is its beautiful design, which cannot be ignored by anyone at all. And since this font is always all caps, your monogram will be much more readable.

Brown Sugar

Still not satisfied with the stylish world of these monogram Canva fonts? No problem, as here’s Brown Sugar, a stylish and modern font ready to help you out with some of the most beautiful-looking brand logos. Whether you are working on a fashion design or a movie poster, brown sugar has a variety of uses that allow it to stay on top! So, grab it right now, as it’s readily more visible than many fonts.

The Seasons

It’s impossible to complete this list without an amazing font like The Seasons by MyCreativeLand, since it’s everyone’s favorite and can be used in nearly every type of project, which includes monograms too. Furthermore, The Seasons is stylish enough for professional use and simple enough for personal use, making it the ultimate typeface for anyone looking forward to creating some amazing designs.

TAN Pearl

Last but not least, Tan Pearl! Which, just like its siblings, was created by TAN Type and has an amazing design ready to blow up your audience’s mind. TAN Pearl is really clear and readable, which makes it fun to use, especially since it has a great design that works amazingly for a variety of monogram designs. So, if your business needs an eye-catching design to start, then do not hesitate to try out TAN Pearl.


Monogram designs are always unique on their own, since they represent yourself in a small way, which is why picking a good font for them is important! Fortunately, we have listed down the best Monogram Canva Fonts in this article, so do not miss them out!