Fonts are pretty unpredictable, and with millions of choices available at the moment, you probably haven’t even seen some of the most unique typefaces, which can include slimy and dropping fonts too! These whimsical and creative fonts are a twist on typography since usually people look for sophistication and elegance in fonts, but these fonts offer gooey designs, which are completely new and still work well for the majority of projects!

Whether it’s a Halloween design, kids crafts, a product design, or just some fun t-shirts, if you want a funny and slimy design in your life, these typefaces can help you out easily! And that’s the reason we are presenting you with the 10 best dripping fonts on Canva! 

Finding these typefaces from scratch can be a hassle, so why not take a shortcut and check out our list? Each font is different and offers a whole new design, so you never run out of options and keep designing some of the most creative smile art. That’s why, without further ado, let’s get started!

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10 Fun Slimy Canva Fonts

Before we start, always remember that all these fonts are available in Canva, so instead of looking for them anywhere else, get Canva and try them out right away!

Charu Chandan Dripping Font

Starting with Charu Chandan Dripping, a font that might send chills down the spine merely with its looks. Since it imitates texts written by blood, such writings are often found in horror movies and games as a message, so maybe you should use them for the same reason. Perhaps you can use it for a horror book cover, a horror game logo, or a movie poster. This blood-dripping font can even work for Halloween designs if you are looking for some vampire-themed decorations!


Did you like the slime designs from old and retro movies? They may not be the best or the most aesthetic slime designs, but they were there and can easily bring lots of nostalgia, which is why here we have Shlop by Typodermic Fonts. This font is mainly based on the old and bold slime designs that were popular during the 1990s. Whether it be a horror movie or anything related to slime, they were just everywhere. So feel free to try it out if you need a touch of vintage slime!


Next, we have Savage, which, just like its name suggests, is a savage font with an amazing design. It’s based on graffiti and wall art, with the text being normal and the background having a dripping design as if someone has pasted this wet text on the wall. The text design is pretty cool, as it comes with a bold display look that gives it decent readability and allows your viewers to read your messages. While the dropping look makes it look attractive and grabs attention!


If you are a fan of horror, then this list will keep improving for you, as now we have Lacquer by Niki Polyocan. It’s another dripping font on Canva that can remind you of bloody messages in horror media.

You could say it’s just a less gory version of Charu Chandan dripping, as it has a much smaller droplet and looks less scary. It might be a good choice if you want to look edgy and spooky, but not too scary. Maybe you just want to have a friendly Halloween, so in such a case, try out Lacquer.


If you liked Shlop, then we have good news for you since we have something similar called Jeepers! It follows the same type of design but in a modern way with less dripping design while still sticking to the idea. It can be used for the same purposes as movie posters, signs, t-shirts, books, and comics. The only difference is that Jeepers might be more readable and catchy, so if you really want to get a lot of attention quickly, then Jeepers are a good option.

Butcherman Caps

Meet Butcherman caps, which is a reverse contrast font by Typomondo. This cool but scary-looking font has many secrets within itself, which means both you and your audience will be shocked after seeing it in the final designs. Just like other scary fonts on the list, Butcherman caps are also a good choice for Halloween and other spooky projects, including video game designs, so have fun scaring people with it!


After all these creepy fonts, let’s change the atmosphere a little with Waterlily by The Hungry JPEG. This cute and adorable font is the complete opposite of the other typefaces on the list, as it can refresh you with merely its presence. Waterlily is based on watercolors and leaves a beautiful look to texts and some drops of paint, which explains why it’s on the list. This font is a good choice for calm and peaceful projects like wedding decorations or feminine website design!

Kawit Extended

Kawait Extended by Aaron Amar is next, and this font looks as smooth as any toy slime! With its flowing and smooth-looking design, this font can easily capture the attention of hundreds of people.

Its best use would be for display designs, especially personal ones, thanks to its casual-looking design, so you are better off creating some t-shirts, wall art, and signs with this wavy typeface! Lastly, even with such a design, it has amazing readability, so do not hesitate to try it out now!

The Breaks

The Breaks is an artistic typeface with a really unique and versatile design that looks pretty wobbly and imperfect. Yet, this font manages to grab anyone’s attention pretty easily, thanks to its bold and display style, which allows it to represent itself well. It would help if you used it for classy and sophisticated projects where design matters a lot, since it has such an attractive look. Not to mention, its readability is still amazing despite its wobbly look, which is just another plus!

TC Chdlewood

Last but not least, we have TC Chdlewood, a modern, stylish typeface designed to be used for aesthetic purposes. Like all the other Slimy Canva fonts, TC Chdlewood also doesn’t have any problem blending with your project’s theme, making it versatile. It’s mainly used for creative projects like branding, headlines, or logos. However, you can use it for text purposes as well and still get amazing results.


Slimy Canva fonts are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways; fortunately, we have listed down the best choices available in this article! If you want a versatile or spooky design, then consider picking them right now!