Ignoring something and getting sad about it when it’s gone is a common part of human nature, whether it be people or objects. We miss everything once it’s gone, and fonts aren’t an exception.

Our past had many beautiful fonts; unfortunately, not all of them could make it to the future because they were ignored, and now many designers look for them or regret not noticing the potential of those at that time. Of course, you can still find them if you put a good amount of time into research, but unfortunately, it would be too time-consuming, which isn’t good for a designer.

But what if we told you you could get all those iconic fonts from the 1970s and 1980s right now without getting your hands dirty? Of course, it sounds impossible at first. That’s why here’s a list of 10 retro fonts on Canva!

All these fonts were designed in the 1970s and 1980s, which gives them an amazing vintage look. So, have you decided to try out these retro typefaces? If so, then get ready to jump into the world of the past and get some vintage Canva fonts!

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10 Iconic Retro Canva Fonts

All these typefaces are from Canva, so make sure to check them out. It’s much better than visiting multiple websites and downloading fonts when you can start designing on Canva right away!

TAN Nimbus

Our first font, TAN Nimbus, comes from the 1970s, a time in which hippie culture was pretty popular, which is also the inspiration for this typeface, and that’s why it looks so psychedelic.

It’s a bold and display typeface, which means it’s amazing for logos, headings, or any project that requires a font to grab a good amount of attention. It’s psychedelic design makes it unique, as it’s not seen nowadays, making it an amazing picture for many of you who love tropical or hotel designs.


Introducing Nectarine by Prioritype Co. This font comes from the past, which is why it has a unique display design with the lower part being enlarged. It might even remind you of low-angle images, but it doesn’t matter what it looks like; it does its job well. Most of the time, nectarine is used for fruit product designs because of its refreshing and cheerful look, which keeps customers energized. So, if you need to create something that keeps people positive and makes them smile, pick Nectarine!


Fortunately, the 70s and 80s were in love with feminine designs as much as today, which gave birth to Genty by Ilham Herry. Just like the previous typefaces, Genty is also a bold display font, but instead, it’s more stylish, feminine, and cute, making it a great choice for positive, feminine, or kid designs. The fashion and beauty industries can get many benefits from this typeface too; it’s so cute and attractive, so there’s no way your work will be ignored!

Roca One

Roca One is next, and it sits in the middle of the scale—not too crazy or too boring! This font takes its design inspiration from many retro books, posters, and document designs, which explains why it looks so attractive yet so professional. The Roca one is extremely versatile and can easily be a part of any heading design, logo, advertisement, poster, or even text, so it all depends on how you want to use it. It has another version, Roca 2, so check it out too soon!

Bright Retro

Bright Retro is a cheerful and colorful font that represents the positivity of the vintage era with its design. This font was created by Dharmas Studio. With how bright and colorful this font is, it’s often used for display and easily manages to grab a good amount of attention. It doesn’t matter what the theme is, whether it be an advertisement for your new product or a kid’s birthday party, Bright Retro is always ready to help out if you want a good and cheerful look for your projects.


Notable is next, and it isn’t like the other typefaces on the list as it prefers a bold and edgy design that points toward the future. Notable is designed by Eli Block, and it looks like this fits with the modern fonts that are used for business and tech projects. If you wanted to look like a person from the future in the 90s, then this font would be your go-to choice, but now it’s just a connection between the past and present, so be careful while using it.


Did you like Tan Nimbus? The hippie font? If yes, then it’s confirmed you are about to love Gliker by Studio Sun too! Just like Tan Nimbus, Gliker is also filled with positivity; however, it doesn’t follow the psychedelic style; instead, it’s clear and straightforward, which gives it really good readability. If you feel TAN Nimbus is too stylized and you need something simple, then Gliker can be your go-to choice! It’s an amazing vintage Canva font specialized in display, so create some advertisements with it!

TAN Tangkiwood

TAN-Tangkiwood is a display font that is always in use, so why not try out this 90s Canva font? It’s bold and has a pretty simple design that easily conveys your message to customers. Maybe you are using a too-stylish font for the main logo and your message is lost in that, so in such a case, TAN Tangkiwood can help out with its simple look as a subtitle. This way, you can deliver your message with an amazing design!


Next is Fascinate, which, just like its name suggests, is a fascinating font created from blocky shapes that look like cute letters. This font is designed by Astigmatic and also points towards the future, where all fonts are imagined as if they are robotic letters. This is why Fascinate can easily create some of the most attractive designs based on the future. Business and tech websites easily get the benefits of fascinate, so start now!


Last but not least, here’s Shrikhand by Jonny Pinhorn, its name comes from a desert, which explains why it looks so sweet! Perfect for display, its attractive design keeps Shrikhand on top of many typefaces in its competition, so do not hesitate when trying it out. It’s retro yet sweet design can easily make people pay attention to you, which is great, especially if you are new to the market, which makes it a perfect starter font as well!


Luckily, retro Canva fonts never go out of style, but they can get lost! Fortunately, we have brought some of these fonts back to give you and your customers a great taste of nostalgia in the list above, so have fun with them!