In a world of stylish and eye-catching fonts, readability is often forgotten, despite being a crucial part of a typeface.

It’s true that people like attractive designs, but let’s not ignore the fact that people might hesitate to reach you if they can’t understand your message despite that shining design! Usually, this isn’t a case of concern for industries like fashion brands, as they need stylish typefaces, but it’s not the same for advertisers, as one wrong step at readability can cost you a lot.

So what should you do in such a case? Well, if you think hard enough, then ideas like trying out Grotesk fonts can come to your mind.

These straightforward sans-serif typefaces are amazing at delivering your messages without needing too much aesthetics, which makes them an amazing option for a lot of projects.

Here we are introducing you to the 10 best Grotesk fonts available on Google; if you ever need them, make sure to check out this list. They are extremely useful for building media, news, tech, and creative agency websites, which should make them a high priority for you.

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What is a Grotesk Font? 

Grotesk fonts, also known as Grotesque fonts, are a category of sans-serif typefaces categorized by their clean, simple, and readable designs. Unlike the majority of typefaces, these fonts are straightforward and do not possess any unnecessary aesthetics, which makes them really clean and readable. These fonts are extremely useful to advertisers, as they are always in need of good fonts with decent readability. 

They can come in handy to websites, businesses, and companies, especially if they are looking forward to modern and professional-looking typefaces! Therefore, if readability is often an issue for you, make sure to check it carefully!

10 Fascinating Grotesque Fonts in Google

Finally, the wait ends, as here are the best Grotesque fonts in Google; all of them serve a different purpose, so make sure to check out each and have fun!

Space Grotesk

Let’s start with Space Grotesk by Florian Karsten, which is a geometric-styled grotesque font on Google! This font follows geometric shapes in its design, so you can easily notice straight lines and squares in its design that look pretty cool. This also provides Space Grotesk with decent readability, which should be our main focus here! It’s clean, simple, and doesn’t look boring, which is everything your Grotesk fonts need, so feel free to try it out soon as it’s great for tech-related designs!

Hanken Grotesk

Hanken Grotesk is just a bolder and rounder version of most of the default fonts available everywhere, so if you are bored of them, it’s time for a change! Also, if you are a fan of extra bold and display typefaces, Hanken Grotesk can be your friend with its bolder version, which looks just beautiful. Furthermore, with its versatility, Hanken Grotesk easily fits anywhere, whether it’s some text or a heading, so getting this for multipurpose uses isn’t a bad idea.

Schibsted Grotesk

Schinsted Grotesk is next, and this digital font was designed by Bakken & Bæck, and was created only to be used as a web font. Fortunately, it does this job really well by providing some eye-catching yet clean-looking headings, texts, and even logo designs when used in large sizes! If you want, you can try it out for printing designs too, as Schibsted has gained a lot of popularity for T-shirt designs and a variety of DIY projects.

Familjen Grotesk

Do you like ink fonts? If so, then it’s time to try out Famijen Grotesk by Familjen STHLM AB, which is another font specialized in both text and display designs, so it doesn’t matter whether you need to write a clean-looking document for your office or need a readable-looking advertisement; Famijen Grotesk is ready to help you out. Take advantage of its inky strokes, which help it stand out from the rest of the Grotesk fonts for more versatile uses.


Barlow is next, and compared to the other typefaces on this list, this typeface is a little bit different in design thanks to its rounded and low-contrast looks! It’s designed by Jeremy Tribby and is based on a variety of Californian designs, such as bus signs, highway signs, and car plates, which means this font easily comes in handy when your projects are based in California, so in case that happens, pack this rounded font soon!

Be Vietnam Pro

Bored of the normal Grotesque fonts in Google? Well, here’s Be Vietnam Pro by Lâm Bảo, which is a neo-grotesque font. These fonts are designed especially to be used for tech projects and pretty futuristic designs compared to the normal grotesque typefaces, which makes them easily stand out. Tech companies, websites, book publishers, and businesses can highly benefit from these typefaces, so get them soon if you work for them!

Work Sans

Looking for something retro among all these modern typefaces? If yes, then it’s time to check out Work Sans by Wei Huang. This font is based on early Grotesk fonts, which explains the gaps between each letter, as this typeface comes from the typewriter era.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have those irregular shapes caused by ink, which gives it a decent shape and readability, making it easier to showcase your projects. Use it for movie posters, letters, or any project that requires a touch of classic design.

Darker Grotesque

Gabriel Lam’s Darker Grotesque is here in case you are already missing modern and futuristic fonts! This font is based on the post-modern and brutalism typographic trends that include a variety of futuristic typefaces, and if you are a fan of them, Darker Grotesque will be a great choice for you. It’s not as bold as the other typefaces on this list, but it works well for headings and still catches a good amount of attention!

Bricolage Grotesque

It’s true that the majority of Grotesque fonts on Google look similar, which can easily make you bored of them. That’s why here’s Bricolagr Grotesque by Mathieu Triay. This Grotesk typeface is different, especially when compared with the overall design, as it’s more stylish and has some aesthetics that make it look really attractive. Normally, fashion and beauty brands don’t use Grotesk fonts, but it’s not the same with Bricoage, so get it soon for some stylish projects.


So, since we are at the end, how about trying out a font that includes everything we have seen so far? Karla by Jonny Pinhorn is a font that focuses on both the past and the future with its modern-retro design! It’s great and versatile, especially if you haven’t found anything that matches your taste yet but still want to try out Grotesk fonts. It’s good for a variety of projects, especially websites, businesses, and advertisements, so check it out soon.


Grotesk fonts are probably the most unique typefaces on the internet; they do not follow any aesthetics, yet they manage to stand out simply with their clean and readable designs. We have created this amazing list of 10 Gothic fonts on Google, so if you are interested, feel free to try them out for your own projects!