Typewriter fonts are one reason why typefaces are so popular nowadays; their distressed and vintage look with readable designs makes everything fun to read. Although typewriters aren’t used anymore, many typewriter fonts can be used digitally for a variety of work. Whether you want a retro look or a modern design, fortunately, you will find everything you need!

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds due to the huge number of low-quality typewriter fonts available. You may find quantity, but not quality, which just makes this task even more tedious.

So what better option than a well-researched list of typewriter Google fonts? Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to visit an expensive font library for some good typewriter fonts when Google Fonts is there! 

So, make sure you check out every font mentioned here, as they greatly evoke nostalgia, add personality to your designs, and help you create the best text ever!

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10 Best Google Typewriter Fonts for a Vintage Look 

Since all these fonts are available on Google Fonts, you don’t need to worry about stuff like licensing, pricing, and quality as they are completely free and designed by professionals, which allows you to start right away!

Special Elite

google typewriter fonts

The first thing typewriter fonts remind you of is the past, so why not start with something that looks pretty retro? Here’s Special Elite by Astigmatic, a font that comes with a classic typewriter design and a special grunge style that makes it look even more mysterious and old.

Special Elite can work very well for games, books, and movies, especially if you want to design an abandoned place. It’d work well for signs and rugged text. The same can be said for horror or Halloween designs; their distressed texture can create a creepy vibe.

Courier Prime

google typewriter fonts

If Special Elite was more spooky or rugged than your expectations, then you need Courier Prime. Designed by Alan Dague-Greene, this is probably the most professional-looking typewriter font thanks to its clean and sleek design that doesn’t imitate the imperfect shape of real typewriter writing.

If you are looking forward to using typewriter fonts for professional and legal work, then there’s no better choice than Courier Prime! Make sure to use it for documents; they will look beautiful forever.

Cutive Mono

google typewriter fonts

Cutive Mono is next; it’s designed by Vernon Adams, and you can say it may be a good alternative to Cutive Mono. Why? Well, it’s because both fonts are almost similar; however, Cutive Mono is thinner and has much more spacing between letters, which makes it look like fonts used for coding as well. Fortunately, it’s pretty clean and consistent, so you can easily use it for professional and documentation work! 

Syne Mono

google typewriter fonts

Introducing Syne Mono by Bonjour Monde and Lucas Descroix. This font is based on the concept of letting go, which explains its irregular shape and inconsistent lines. It also looks like it has come out of an old 3D that doesn’t have really good textures, which makes it a good retro font as well.

If you are someone who believes in imperfections, then Syne Mono is an amazing choice because, despite irregularities, it’s pretty readable!

Nixie One

google typewriter fonts

Are you a fan of the past, the future, or both? If yes, then it’s time to try out Nixie One by Jovanny Lemonad, since this font is based on neon tube signage and typewriters, making it just a perfect combination of past and future! This font is pretty thin but still works well thanks to its unique design, which provides a decent look for both eras. If you want to use it, then it’s good for personal projects, so enjoy designing some t-shirts and home décor! 

Kosugi Maru

google typewriter fonts

If the traditional look of typewriter Google Fonts doesn’t fancy you and you think it’s just a repeated design over and over again, then you need to use Kosugi Maru. It’s designed by MOTOYA and is known for its rounded design, which looks really sweet to use. You are most likely to use it for personal projects because of how casual it looks, so feel free to use it for letters, invitation cards, wall arts, or handcraft projects.

Josefin Slab

google typewriter fonts

Josefin Slab by Santiago Orozco is something you should check out if you have enjoyed all the vintage typefaces so far. It’s based on the geometric typeface trend of the 1930s, which makes it a unique and one-of-a kind font. If you are a fan of minimalism, then feel free to add this font to your collection and enjoy having some clean designs with it. If not, then there are many opportunities, like web design, signage, and branding, where this font shines!

Life Savers

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Typewriter fonts can seem pretty boring sometimes because of their retro and professional look, but no worries since Life Savers is here! It’s created by Impallari Type and features a pretty fun design. Unlike the other typewriter Google fonts, Life Savers has much more energy and an eye-catching appearance, making it a much better option for advertisements, logos, and decorations. Not to mention, since it features an extremely readable design, you can easily attract customers, no matter how tough the competition is.


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Lekton by ISIA Urbino is a lot like Josefin Slab since both fonts are geometric and are known for their minimal designs. However, since Lekton has balanced letters, you are better off using this font for texts. Its readability is pretty clear as well, which means you don’t need to worry about using this font for small sizes. Descriptions, invitation cards, and advertisements are some great places to try it out! But don’t let this stop you from trying it out as a headline font, as it works there very well too!

Fira Code

google typewriter fonts

If you are looking for simplicity all the time, then here’s the Fira code for you! It’s designed by the Mozilla Foundation and is known for its modern typewriter style, which is used pretty often nowadays. It’s simple, clean, and professional, which is everything a good typewriter font needs! So why not design some professional logos, advertisements, and headlines with it? Its formal look adds impact and attractiveness to your project as well, making it much more visible to the audience.


Typewriters are barely used anymore; however, it’s not the same case with typewriter Google fonts; their vintage and professional look always keeps them on trend, which is why it’s always a good idea to try out fonts like Cutive Mono and Nixie One now and then.