From video games, t-shirts, and books to advertisements, pixel designs are everywhere, despite 3D being popular as well. Wondering why? Well, it’s because pixel designs were everywhere in the 80s and 90s as well, which made them everyone’s favorite in no time.

On top of that, they are just unique and vibrant, and their blocky designs easily stand out no matter how tough the competition is. Lastly, almost every kid from the 90s has grown up with them, so when anyone notices them, they can’t help but feel nostalgic, which is why even today there’s no one who might dethrone them.

So, why not use these pixelated typefaces to help your brand grow? They can work really well, especially if you are in the gaming, graphic design, or website industries! However, like always, there’s one major problem, which is finding some quality fonts, but here’s some good news!

You don’t need to do that anymore, as we have already compiled a list of the 5 best pixelated Google fonts! These are the best 8-bit Google fonts you will ever see in your life, as they have everything you are looking for, so make sure to check them out!

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5 Aesthetic Bitmap Google Fonts

The best part about these typefaces is that they are all available on Google Fonts, which means they are completely free and you can start using them right now!

Press Start 2P

Starting with Press Start 2P by CodeMan38, a font that’s instantly going to take you back to the retro games. This font is based on old text in games, which feels like a really good read, especially since it evokes good nostalgia. Not to mention, this font has great readability as well, which allows even kids to read it with ease. So, if you want to use it, then it’s a good idea to add it to your pixel games, as it can fit there very well and create some eye-catching text.


VT323 by Peter Hull is just the modern version of our previous font, as they are taller and take many more pixels to express themselves. Such fonts were common after the year 2000, and thanks to developments in technology, people received much better readability. These fonts were used even in 3D games, which explains why pixel fonts can never be replaced. VT323 can work the same way as Press Start 2P, but if you want, feel free to use it for gaming websites.


Fortunately, even in this modern world, pixel games are quite popular and are still being developed, and you will notice the majority of them use similar fonts as Silkscreen by Jason Kottke. This 8-bit Google font is much cuter and takes fewer pixels than its older counterpart, which makes it a good pick for t-shirts, banners, logos, and even books as well. This is why, as long as you want to express something sweet, silkscreen should be your go-to option!


DotGothic16 is based on old gothic fonts that would be used in horror or more serious games. Fontworks Inc. designs this font and can even remind you of old cell phone and computer prints, which is just a good source of nostalgia. Furthermore, since pixel art is getting more and more popular, this font has started gaining popularity because of its clear and readable words. So, make sure to try it if you love pixel designs!

Rubik Pixels

Last but not least, here’s Rubik Pixels by NaN and Luke Prowse! This font is pretty unique, as it has a different style than any other pixel font. It’s not as blocky as them; instead, it’s made of much smaller pixels, which might even look otherworldly. This type of design makes it an amazing choice for horror and gore games because it looks pretty creepy and mysterious. Feel free to use it for a game’s logo, Halloween decoration, or some spooky t-shirts!


Pixel designs are here to stay no matter how much the technology develops, which is why many pixelated Google fonts like VT323, Silkscreen, and Press Start 2P are in the trend. If you want your website or games to look much more eye-catching than ever, then make sure to try them out!