What type of font do you like the most? Scripted? Blackletter? Bold? Or handwriting? Well, it doesn’t matter which fonts you like the most; everything can always get hated, but rounded fonts are an exception, as they are the only fonts in this world that barely have any haters.

How can someone dislike these adorable fonts anyway? They are cute, rounded, and curvy, which makes them extremely eye-catching and attractive to anyone who comes into contact with them! But that’s not all; their versatile design and good readability make them even more useful, which is why maybe even today they are considered one of the best fonts ever!

However, finding the best fonts has become hard since the typography world keeps getting filled with new typefaces every day! Which becomes even more difficult when a variety of lackluster fonts are blocking your way.

And if this is your problem, then make sure to stick with it since today we are going to introduce you to the best-rounded Google fonts ever! These carefully picked round fonts have the potential to help you reach new heights, so feel free to check out each and every font available here!

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12 Best Round Fonts on Google 

Fortunately, every font mentioned here is from Google Fonts, which means they are completely free to use. Therefore, do not hesitate to design your next project with them!


Let’s start with Baloo, a popular rounded font by Ek Type! Just like many round fonts, Baloo looks pretty friendly and is ready to work on your fun and personal designs like T-shirts, wall art, coffee cup designs, and more. This font looks best when used with bright or friendly colors such as pink or yellow, which makes it much cuter. Since it’s pretty clean and clear, you don’t need to worry about legibility, even at small sizes.

Varela Round

Unfortunately, almost every rounded font available on the internet works only for display, while fonts for headlines are nonexistent. It’s true they may not be as important as logos, but still, headlines are important, and for them, we have Varela Round by Joe Prince. This font was made especially for headlines so that they can look equally cute as logos and help you stand out from the crowd more easily!


We mentioned how headline fonts barely get any love, so here’s another one known as the Fredoka by Milena Brandão. Fredoka is known for its slender design with cute and rounded ends that add a lot of personality and a friendly look to any kind of design. However, Fredoka isn’t limited to just headlines; you can even use it for display designs too since it’s not that thin and is almost perfect in shape for display designs like logos!


Quicksand is one rounded font that sucks audiences into your designs with its unique attractiveness! It’s designed by Andrew Paglinawan and is mostly used for text purposes because using those old and professional-looking fonts can be boring. You don’t need to look at something professional when you can replace it with something cute and cozy! Your documents and notes will start looking better as well, so consider checking them out for some quality text designs!


Looking for something modern yet rounded? Unfortunately, it can be hard since most modern fonts want to look like machines, but Comfortaa is an exception. It’s designed by Johan Aakerlund and is made especially for those who want some cuteness, even in the modern world! This font is extremely versatile and thankfully works well for both display and headlines; perhaps you should consider designing your company logo with it!

Happy Monkey

Here comes Happy Monkey, which, just like its name, is a happy, rounded Google font designed by Brenda Gallo. This font looks a bit like comic text fonts and was designed especially for informal designs, which means it’s an amazing choice when you want to have some fun with your designs. It can be an amazing choice for part designs, custom t-shirts, or your own comics. Just remember, as long as you want to have some fun, Happy Monkey is there for you.


Everyone knows Sniglet by Haley Fiege, as it’s an amazing rounded font with its cute and thick design that never fails to get a good amount of attention. Also, it’s ready to remind you of all sweet things, so maybe you should consider keeping it for projects that require cute typefaces. It can work well for school designs, holiday designs, or toy-related projects, but if you are an adult and want to use it, then don’t feel bad, since Sniglet works just for everyone!

Delius Unicase

Delius Unicase by Natalia Raices is one font that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale book. However, it’s inspired by comics as well, so maybe you should consider trying it out for book-related designs. Its rounded ends are quite unique and make designs more creative than they should be. Lastly, its bolder version is just a better version, which should be used for display purposes like advertisements.


This list couldn’t be completed without Chewy, which is designed by Sideshow! It’s true Chewy is a rounded font, but rather than a curvy shape, it focuses on a balloon-like design, which is just unique and creative. Since it’s like a balloon, you may want to use this typeface for party and birthday decorations, invitation cards, and gifts, which is an amazing idea! Its readability is amazing, so even at active events like parties, your guests can read the designs!


Miss the rounded fonts? If so, then here’s Chilanka by SMC and Santhosh Thottingal, which might be the perfect replacement for your current text font. This font comes with a thin and unique design never seen before in any text font, which already makes it pretty likable. If you don’t want to use it for your documents, then it’s still a great choice for descriptions and subtitles. If you want it for digital notes, then do not hesitate either, as it will make them pretty!


We had so many casual and personal fonts, so here’s one for professional designs, known as Manjari. It’s designed by Santhosh Thottingal, and it’s designed because even businesses and companies are trying out rounded fonts to look more relative and friendly! Using this font can be a great idea, especially if you are starting a new business, as it will allow you to be more approachable and friendly from the start.


Last but not least, we have NTR by Purushoth Kumar Guttula, which is pretty similar to Manjari! This means it’s another good choice if you are a professional person looking forward to adding a cute, rounded design to your projects. Fortunately, it’s perfect for all sizes and styles, so it doesn’t matter whether you pick the extra bold version or use it for headlines; success will be on your way!


Rounded Google fonts are something you shouldn’t miss out on, as they are extremely versatile and come in a variety of great designs that can help your projects stand out of the crowd! So, consider checking out fonts like Comfortaa and Fredoka!