With the constant use of professional and bold fonts, there are a variety of fonts that have become forgotten over time; one of these fonts is a fairytale typeface! These fonts are heavily inspired by medieval, magical, and whimsical designs, which makes them an absolute choice for projects based on kids, storybooks, and a lot of personal designs. So, how about trying out these adorable fonts again to bring back the joyful vibe and take a break from professional fonts?

Luckily, today we will be focusing on some of the best fairytale fonts available on Canva, so you are in luck! Using these fonts will not only bring joy to you but will also help you create some of the most magical-looking designs ever, which is why having them is a must. Plus, these fonts come from Canva, which means they are completely free to use, so do not hesitate and get them in your hands right now!

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10 Attractive Magical Fonts on Canva

Fairytale Canva fonts are versatile and much more fun to use than any other typeface, so feel free to check out the ones mentioned here!

The Seasons

Before getting completely lost in the magical designs of fonts, let’s take a look at The Seasons by MyCreativeLand. This font is pretty whimsical but also takes a bit of inspiration from the modern, luxurious designs of the current era, making it suitable for a huge variety of projects.

You can use it for book covers, T-shirt designs, and professional projects like hotel designs too. It’s a serif font, so its readability is also amazing, and helps you often!


Introducing Granaina, yet another serif font to the list, ready to help you create some mesmerizing designs. It’s created by Zer in da house and is inspired by the Andalucía-Spain (Granada) street designs made of pottery, which explains why it’s extremely useful for magical projects!

It looks like it would work extremely well for storybook covers or for bookshop logos, so consider keeping it close to book-related designs. But if that doesn’t seem enough, then feel free to use it for crafts like greeting cards too.


Next, we have Blueberry by Din Studio, which, just like its name suggests, is a sweet font full of magical energy. Blueberry also features a bit of a chubby or balloon-like design, which makes it more fun to look at. Blueberries can be used for logos and headings on product designs. It can work well for kids, schools, and website designs too, so make sure you use it to its full potential. It’s pretty versatile and has no flaws in its readability either, so don’t miss this chance to get it.

Handy Casual

Handy Casual is a cool condensed font based on the 1960s poster design, which means it’s a decent retro fairytale font on the list. Also, just like its name suggests, this font was designed especially for casual and personal designs, so professional people better stay away from it! Handy Casual looks pretty friendly, so feel free to use it for kid designs, custom T-shirt projects, and coffee mugs for the best results.


So far, we have talked only about sweet and adorable fairytale Canva fonts, so here’s a scary and creepy one, known as Aloja! This font is based on horror-themed stories filled with magic, which are fun to read, especially if you are a fan of dark fiction and horror. Aloja is a good choice, especially if you want a font for your own horror book or website. It can work well for Halloween designs too, but feel free to use it for movie posters too!


Aprila is completely opposite to Aloja because it looks like it has come out of a beautiful and sweet fairytale! This thick, bold font is known for its cheerful and joyful personality, which can bring a smile to anyone instantly! Its swashes are pretty cute and can easily help you create some attractive designs for your next T-shirts or posters. Aprila perfectly works for both professional and personal designs, so check it out!

TAN Astoria

Liked Aprila? If yes, then here’s something even better in terms of design, known as TAN Astoria! This font was designed by TanType and is a perfect choice for anyone looking for Disney fonts on Canva.

Its design is based on the aurora that appears in freezing places, as well as the psychedelic designs, which give it a decently whimsical and dreamy look. If you are a fan of any of these, do not miss out on TAN Astoria.

Awesome Lathusca

Awesome Lathusca is awesome, just like its name suggests, thanks to its unique design that sets it apart from the crowd. It’s designed by Kulokale and is pretty similar to fonts like Aloja because it also carries a bit of a scary design.

So for those looking for a scary font with magical designs, you should get this font right away! It’s thin and slender, so you can easily say it’s a good choice for headlines and even titles sometimes.


Girassol is a great font, especially for fans of bold typefaces, because of its powerful-looking design! It’s designed by Liam Spradlin and is based on books from the 1700s, with impactful-looking covers that can attract a ton of audiences. It’s true that such designs aren’t common anymore, but that’s what makes Girassol unique and likable! Feel free to use it for logos and headings since it fits there perfectly!

TAN Mon Cheri

Did you like The Seasons? It had a modern, luxurious look that fits well with fairytale designs! If yes, then get ready for TAN Mon Cheri by TanType, as it sits in the same category. It’s based on the same idea and features an elegant design that can easily help you demonstrate your magical stories in this modern world. Which works even better if your stories are a bit feminine or stylish?


So many fairytale canva fonts, but none based on medieval designs? That seems impossible, right? Well, that’s why here’s Sego by Ngene! Sego is based on medieval fonts, but that’s not all; it also draws inspiration from modern typefaces for its design, which has turned it into a perfect combination of past and future! Check it out if you want some dynamic designs in your magical story.

Pony Club

Last but not least, let’s talk about Pony Club. This font is an amazing example of Western storybook cover designs, as the majority of them used similar designs in the past, which means we have yet another retro font. It’s also a good choice for those looking for Disney fonts on canvas because it matches the cartoon-styled theme. Its design is minimal yet attractive, so have fun with it!


Whether you need fairytale Canva fonts or are looking for some Disney fonts on Canva, this list includes everything you need to create some of the most beautiful magical designs. From bold to thinking to retro and modern, you will get everything you need, so do not hesitate!