Maybe you have never noticed it before, but circus and fonts are pretty similar; both entertain their audience with a unique style and creative techniques, which is why they are extremely popular in their own fields.

However, despite being so good, both need each other sometimes to shine even brighter, which is why circus fonts were invented so that circus designs can become even more attractive, catchy, and gain more audience in no time!

However, since these fonts aren’t used by many people, it’s hard to find the best ones, which can be quite frustrating, especially if your project is related to circus designs.

Fortunately, in this article, we are going to talk about the best circus fonts available on the internet, which means it can be your lucky day! These fonts look pretty fun to use and have amazing designs along with good carnival vibes, which makes them an excellent choice for your project, so why not try them out?

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What is a Circus font? 

Circus fonts, which can also be called carnival fonts, are a category of typefaces characterized by their playful, eye-catching, and whimsical designs. These fonts are heavily associated with circus and carnival-like features, including clown designs, bright lighting designs, and many more.

Unlike other fonts, these fonts are almost never used for text purposes, as their only purpose is entertainment and attracting others.

12 Best Circus & Carnival Fonts

Here we are, ready to witness some of the best carnival fonts ever! That’s why you should consider staying till the very end.

The Circus Font

As mentioned before, many circus lettering fonts have circus designs associated with them, and the Circus font is a great example of that! This font is designed by Salt & Pepper Designs and literally carries a circus tent in its design, which already gives it the vibe of an amazing carnival font. The Circus font is extremely vibrant and features multiple styles in its design, which makes it pretty eye-catching and versatile.

Carnivalee Freakshow

Our next font, Carnivalee Freakshow by Chris Hansen, is also a retro font, but instead of depicting 90s style, it will remind you of an even older era as it uses a black letter design.

These types of fonts were often used in the West during the old times, and inspired by that, we have Carnivalee Freakshow. This font is bold, clear, and features good readability with a great design, so maybe it won’t be a bad idea to use it for Circus advertisements.


Do not let the name fool you, since the Pentagon by House of Lime doesn’t have any pentagons in its design. However, it’s still a great font since it takes the same inspiration as Carnivalee Freakshow’s Western theme for its design. This font is bolder and features a more modern design, along with some cute stars in it, which can remind you of bold circus posters and logos. This font is free, and if you want that vintage vibe for your circus, then try it out!

Boggle Royale

Boggle Royale is up next, which is probably the most fancy font on the list because of its cool looks! It’s designed by AbbasyStudio, and it’s another vintage font, but this one was often used in older times because of how attractive and fun it looks. Furthermore, Boggle Royale works well for festival designs too and has three styles: regular, shadow, and hatch, all of which make it more versatile and fun to use.


Quflar is a popular choice when it comes to circus lettering fonts because it has a unique design and features the iconic colors of circuses. Quflar is designed by Runsell Studio and is pretty clean, unlike most of the Circus fonts here! Feel free to use it for a variety of display designs like logos, labels, packaging, and more! Lastly, this font can be used even in non-circus designs, which makes it much more useful!


Western circus designs were pretty popular, so why not take a look at yet another one? This one is known as Romantiques and was designed by Typographer Mediengestaltung. This font also features a black letter design but adds another layer of stylish design to make it look even more unique! If you are someone who wants their circus to look retro and original, then this font is probably for you, as it’s completely free.

Egyptienne Zierinitialien

Most fonts keep their designs limited and keep trying repeated styles, which can be boring, which is why here’s Egyptienne Zierinitialien by Typographer Mediengestaltung! Circus and Egypt have nothing in common; however, this beautiful font combines amazing things for an amazing result. If you like retro designs or Egyptian typefaces, then this free font is excellent for you. That’s why you should not ignore it.


Circuses are meant to be funny, but not all need to follow the same rule, as some can be elegant too! Introducing Sirkusity by Ilhamtaro, a circus lettering font that focuses on being beautiful rather than funny! Its design looks pretty eye-catching and may even remind you of magicians and their beautiful styles. Sirkusity fits well for expensive circuses and works well even for non-circus designs, which is why it’s a worthwhile purchase.

The Circus Show

Still not liking any circus fonts? If so, then here’s The Circus Show by Ahnaf-Studio! This font was designed to be used as a display design because it looks pretty amazing and has many eye-catching features, like good colors and letter design. If you think you aren’t getting enough audience because of a boring logo, then consider trying out the Circus show; it’s a paid font but completely worth it!

Boldest Enough

If you liked Sirkusity but don’t want to make a purchase, then Boldest Enough can be a great option for you! It’s designed by Aluyeah Studio, and it’s a display font that wants to look beautiful instead of being beautiful. It’s got a pretty cute and bold design that can easily help you become the center of the crowd, and just like Sirkusity, it also works well for non-circus designs! Which makes it just a free version of Sirkusity!


Western carnival fonts are amazing, and here’s yet another one known as Dakota by Typotopia. Just like other circus lettering typefaces on the list, this font also follows a bit of a black letter style, which helps it give off a good circus vibe.

However, it’s more clear and offers good readability, which is great, especially if you don’t want to show off too much and stay minimal! Dakota is free, so do not hesitate to try it out!

Fun Show

Circus ticket designs are also important since they tell your audience how much you value every part of the circus. That’s why, based on such designs, we have a Fun Show! This font is designed by and is mostly based on common ticket designs, which look pretty eye-catching! Maybe your tickets look pretty boring. If so, then why not try out the traditional look and get some success? The Fun Show is paid but worth every penny!


The circus is fun, and so are fonts! That’s why make sure you try out the best carnival fonts we have mentioned here! Choices like Boggle Royale, Pentagon, and Fun Show can make your circus more than ever, so feel free to give them a try!