Who doesn’t love streetwear fashion? Of course, we all do! It’s so stylish and modern that it easily attracts people. No matter who you are, if you love clothing, it’s guaranteed that your cupboard is full of streetwear clothes

Which is the reason it’s increasingly gaining popularity day by day. And surprisingly, because of streetwear clothes, even streetwear fonts are getting famous gradually. They are also modern, stylish, and a perfect fit for the current era. 

Their designs are versatile too, which makes them a good choice for many design and typography projects. So do you want to try them out? If yes, then we have got you covered since in this article we have listed some of the best streetwear fonts for your designs! Feel free to use them since they are really beautiful, and most importantly, using them doesn’t cost you a lot of money at all!

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XStreet – Modern Streetwear Font

XStreet: The perfect fusion of blackletter and modern streetwear. Make a statement with its edgy style and elevate your designs to the next level. Ideal for merch, posters, and more.

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10 Best Fonts For Streetwear Designs

Here’s the list of the best fonts for streetwear you will ever find. All the typefaces listed below are unique and amazing, so make sure to use them!

1. Hypebuzz

best streetwear fonts

Introducing Hypebuzz, the urban sans-serif font by Ikiiko. Its design is inspired by modern, hip-hop, and urban fashion styles, making it a good choice for futuristic projects. Furthermore, to add a more modern vibe, this font has become wider and has two beautiful weights, which are regular and outlined.

But that’s not all; the best thing about Hypebuzz is its versatility. From quotes, logos, and posters to magazine designs, it’s suitable for almost any kind of project. Using it can also add a decent personal touch, so make sure to try it out.

2. Monument Extended

best streetwear fonts

Monument Extended by Mathieu Desjardins is the best choice for any design that needs a modern yet minimal touch at the same time. It’s bold, beautiful, and simple, which makes it greatly versatile. It can either work in your designs as a logo or heading or can increase your project’s prominence by acting as a background font.

Its unique design opens so many opportunities for it, which is why using it is so fun. Lastly, it has five more weights and is free for personal use.

3. Nuke – Y2K Display

Nuke captures the lively spirit of urban creativity, taking you back to the exciting Y2K era. Each letter is carefully designed with dynamic curves and playful edges, radiating energy and personality. It’s the perfect choice for creating headlines and eye-catching displays that make a lasting impact.

From t-shirts to posters to stickers, this font can be greatly used for display purposes and can create beautiful designs for streetwear.

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4. Rexlia

best streetwear fonts

Rexlia by Typodermic Fonts is a bold futuristic font made especially for youth and streetwear designs. If you are one of those people who often use bold or masculine fonts for their projects, then it’s time you try Rexlia too. because it’s made for that! It doesn’t only represent the youth but gives off futuristic vibes too, which makes it good for any upcoming projects of yours.

Its readability is amazing because of its metallic and bold design, which makes it easily readable even from long distances, so design some cool logos with it.

5. Morguns

best streetwear fonts

Here’s Morguns, the most unique bold font ever! When compared to many other bold typefaces, Morguns look and feel completely different, which gives it a good reputation. 

If you are bored of retro bold fonts, then it’s time you start using Morguns since it’s a completely new concept as well as a streetwear bold font. Its thickness and large letters make it the perfect choice for displaying designs, so make sure to use them for posters and headlines!

6. Nevolide

best streetwear fonts

Need some stylish fonts? No problem since Nevolide is here! It’s a beautiful and modern display font often used for designing charming art that easily steals attention. Its unique streetwear style is inspired by the cool and quirky youth of today, which easily explains why this font has made it to this list. 

Those who love using unique and eye-catching designs for their projects should surely try Nevolide since it’s something your audience can’t ignore at all. It’s good for display purposes, which means you are allowed to use it for presentations and logos whenever you want.

7. Abolition

best streetwear fonts

Did you like modern, bold fonts? If yes, then here’s another one: abolition! Just like the previous bold typefaces, Abolition is yet another unique concept for bold fonts, only because it’s inspired by streetwear style. 

It has great readability and a beautiful design, which is all a modern font needs. From t-shirts, book designs, logos, and posters, this typeface is ready to be used anywhere you want it.

Make sure you use it soon since not trying it out will just hold your success back.

8. Brixton

best streetwear fonts

Streetwear fonts are really filled with many beautiful bold fonts, which is why we are introducing you to Brixton. Brixton is a modern, bold font with highly thick and strong letters. No matter how you look at it, this font will easily remind you of youth and power with just its looks, which easily tells how impactful it is.

One interesting fact about Brixton is that it’s an SVG font, which means if you are a crafter, then this font gives you a good opportunity to create some beautiful crafts! 

9. Coolvetica

best streetwear fonts

You have heard of Helvetica, so now get ready for Coolvetica! Coolvetica is a normal Helvetica, but the difference is that it’s the modern, cooler version. Helvetica started becoming boring and outdated, so designers wanted to give it a new look to make it relevant again, and thus Coolvetica was born. Just like Helvetica, this font is good for many kinds of designs, so do not forget to try it soon.

10. Extenda

best streetwear fonts

As the last typeface on our list, we have Extenda, a streetwear font you should add to your collection as soon as possible. It’s a great display font that works just about anywhere. Its bold design makes it flexible and versatile for your logos, titles, and more. 

For displaying this font, it is just perfect. With its amazing legibility, you can easily attract people and make streetwear even more popular.

What Are Streetwear Fonts?

Streetwear fonts are a specific style of typography that is often used in the design of streetwear clothing and accessories. These fonts are typically urban and modern in style and are designed to appeal to a younger, trend-conscious audience.

What makes a font suitable for streetwear designs?

A font is suitable for streetwear designs if it has a bold and edgy aesthetic, with clean lines and a modern feel. It should also be easily legible at small sizes, as it will often be used on clothing and accessories that are worn close to the body.

What are some popular streetwear font choices?

Monument Extended, Morguns, Rexlia, and Hybebuzz are some popular streetwear font choices you should choose from. Also, some popular streetwear fonts are influenced by street cultures and graffiti, such as Montserrat, Avenir, Bebas Neue, and Raleway.

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