Looking for a Free Synthwave Font for your upcoming project?

Put your images in a retro universe of synthwave vibes with vivid colors in pink and blue, glowing light effects, and a futuristic feel. In order to understand Synthwave and Vaporwave, we need to understand the electronic music that drives them.

The Synthwave (aka Outrun) genre is a particular style of music. Actually, it’s more of a subgenre. Many of the themes and synthesizers are heavily influenced by the ‘80s.

The vaporwave, synthwave, and outrun styles made their way into popular culture through movies such as TRON, Kung Fury, The Wraith, Drive, and The Terminator.

It’s important to choose a font that’s eye-catching when you’re creating a flyer, retro album poster, or movie poster. In terms of posters, your title is the first thing people notice. This is why it is essential that you choose them carefully.

Are you ready to turn your images into 80s synthwave artwork? Throughout this post, we’ll show you 8 of the best Synthwave fonts.

Free Synthwave / Vaporwave Fonts

Here are the Best Free Synthwave Fonts:

  1. Alien Encounters
  2. Outrun Future
  3. VCR OSD Mono
  4. Sega Logo Font
  5. Vermin Vibes
  6. Streamster
  7. Stereofunk
  8. Rocket Rinder

1.Alien Encounters

vaporwave font

First, on the list, we’ve got Alien Encounters, which is designed by ShyFonts. Alien Encounters is a font that gives a vaporwave vibe. It contains lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and a limited amount of punctuation.

This is an excellent choice if you plan to design a neon outrun artwork. If you want perfect results with this font, you must apply those synthwave colors. It’s a free-to-use font but only for personal purposes. For commercial purposes, you need to purchase the license from their site.

2. Outrun future


It blends synthwave vibes with futuristic style, as its name implies. Outrun Future is an attractive retro font created by PressGang Studios. With its rough edges, it makes your designs more cartoony and comical.

It’s perfect for posters, flyers, album arts, social media posts, branding, t-shirt designs, and more. This font comes with all upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuations. Purchase a commercial license for commercial usage.

3. VCR OSD Mono

via Hyperpix

We’ve already featured this font on our aesthetic fonts post. VCR OSD Mono is an aesthetic pixel typeface designed by Riciery Leal. It features 207 stylish characters and 153 unique glyphs, which are just perfect for designing text or logos. Unlike other retro fonts, this font brings in futurism in a synth-wave style.

4. Sega Logo Font

You may have already noticed this font in the title of the popular TV series Mr. Robot. No matter what you’re creating, this font will help you to get that 80’s retro vibe into your design. With its techno look, this font is suitable for any design project even for modern designs. Sega was founded by Nihon Goraku Bussan in the ’60s. CNN also adopted this font for its logo.

The license for the Sega font is unknown. Be sure to check that before using them. This font does not have punctuation, symbols, or lowercase letters. It works well for headlines as it contains only Uppercase letters.

5. Vermin Vibes

The Vermin Vibes font family features two styles: Vermin Vibes Regular and Vermin Vibes Slant. The font was designed by Allison James. This font is designed by taking inspiration from the 90s style. Vermin vibes font is highly suitable for headlines. It only contains uppercase letters of different sizes. Additionally, the font contains punctuation marks and symbols.

Combining the Vermin Vibes Slant version with the regular version will help you achieve the best results. Purchasing the license is required for commercial usage. You can purchase it from their official website.

6. Streamster


Streamster is an 80s-inspired synth-wave font designed by Youssef Habchi. Streamster is a great choice if you’re looking for a classic typeface for your synthwave designs. As a result of its minimalist style, the font can be used on almost any product, regardless of its size. This is the lightweight font from the list. It’s available in Uppercase, Lowercase letters. It pairs well with the fonts that are mentioned above.

Neon-type designs look great with this font. For getting a commercial license please contact the author. It is free only for personal use

7. Stereofunk

If you’re looking for a techno-style font, you’ll love this one. Stereofunk is a geometrical typeface created by Alan Brown. The font has 88 glyphs with 1000 units per em and stylish letter shapes. This font is perfect for creating modern logos, posters, business cards, badges, and so much more. Unlike any other font out there, it stands out from the crowd.

8. Rocket Rinder

via Indieground

Rocket Rinder is a retro typeface created by Chequered Ink. It’s a perfect font for achieving a synthwave vibe in ordinary designs. It brings you back to the golden age of synthwave.

Look no further than Rocket Rinder if you want to design an 80s style movie poster. For great results, add a 3D effect to your titles. Grunge, retro, disco, and pop culture are all present in this awesome typeface.


These days, synthwave and vaporwave designs are becoming more popular. Designers need to keep up with the trends and develop the skills necessary for that.

Finding a font to transform your images into 80s synthwave designs can be difficult. That’s why we created this post. We hope these fonts will bring you back to the golden age of synthwave!

Thank you for reading. Let me know what’s your favorite font down below. Feel free to share it with your designer friends as well.