Neon fonts are bright, beautiful, and easily eye-catching, making them a great choice for branding, advertising, and logo design. Their shining design and unique colors are something that cannot be ignored at all, which is why nowadays every business and website is trying them out. Another amazing thing about them is that they are really futuristic, which makes them a perfect fit for the current modern era.

Being noticed and popular with them feels just like a piece of cake, and that’s why they are so much in demand lately. Are you looking for some neon sign fonts too, so that your brand also becomes popular? If yes, then look no further, since we have already listed out some of the best neon sign fonts available on the internet.

From brightness to beautiful looks, they have all you need. Just keep one thing in mind: not all of them are originally neon fonts, so you will need to add the neon effect yourself, which is not really hard!

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10 Fonts For Neon Signs

Here is the font list for neon signs! Make sure you try all of them, as each font is perfect for your designs.

Font NameStyleReadabilityVersatilityBest Use
LumaneonRetro NeonHighModerateLogos, Headlines
Night LightNeon ScriptModerateHighBar logos, Fashion brands
Hello Denver DisplayDisplayHighHighLogos, Headings
Neon RetroVintage NeonHighModerateAdvertisements, Posters
ClipDisplayHighHighBackgrounds, Main Design
NEONBLITZStylish NeonHighHighInvitation Cards, Logos
7EVENUnique DisplayHighHighBranding
BeonSimple NeonHighHighLogos
NeoneonBeautiful NeonHighHighLogos, Headlines

1. Lumaneon

Lumaneon is a retro neon font with a bit of a modern look; if you love adding nostalgic vibes to your designs, then you must try this typeface. Furthermore, it has empty spaces between the outlines of letters for a modern look, which just makes anything designed by it even cuter than ever.

Lastly, the best thing about it is its readability; it’s clean and simple, which makes it easy to read, so try designing logos or headlines with it!

2. Night Light

Night Light is a neon script font with a really attractive look that can bring a lot of audience attention. Its thin and cursive letters can remind anyone of fashion brands or bar logos. It also looks feminine, which makes it a good option for beauty brand designs as well. This easily proves Night Light is just super versatile and can work with many different ideas and designs.

However, using it for bar logos or fashion brands would be the best idea since that’s what it’s made for!

3. Hello Denver Display

As its name suggests, Hello Denver is an amazing display font. Its design is quite simple yet modern. Letters have square edges, which gives them good legibility. If you are tired of using bold fonts for your logos or headings, then it’s time you give a try to Hello Denver, since it doesn’t only display your brand name but also makes it stand out because of its unique design.

Unfortunately, Hello Denver isn’t a neon font originally, so when you use it, make sure to add the neon effect for a beautiful representation.

4. Neon Retro

The neon lights of the 1980s inspire Neon Retro, so if you want your audience to go back to their older times, then you must use Neon Retro. It looks really vintage and adds a classic vibe to your designs, which is great, especially if your customers love and remember the 1980s often.

This font is really an amazing choice for advertisements, posters, or anything that requires large text. It’s also a great pick if you are looking to add a vintage touch to your designs.

5. Clip 

Clip is a simple display font that is used mostly for background purposes, but if you want, you can use it for the main design too since it’s something you must not underestimate at all. Its futuristic yet simple looks easily keep it out of the crowd. This means when a text is designed with Clip, it easily becomes the center of attention. 

Large letters also give good readability, and the best thing about it is that it’s free to use, so do not worry about licenses at all.


Need a stylish neon font? Here’s Neonblitz, a typeface that doesn’t only add a neon look to designs but adds a strong stylish vibe as well! It’s a great display font with amazing retro and modern capabilities at the same time. 

Large letters, vibrant colors, and beautiful typography make this font a good choice for many kinds of projects. Whether you are designing invitation cards or logos, it’s just perfect for everything.

7. 7EVEN

7EVEN is a unique display font that adds realism to designs. Its edges and corners are super smooth and soft, making them look more real. Since it’s a modern world, it’s important to have such typefaces, so why not try 7EVEN? 

It’s one of those fonts that are really important for branding purposes because if you want to get noticed by an audience easily, then using this font can help you a lot.

8. Beon 

At first, Beon looks really simple, almost like a normal font, but when neon effects are added, it eventually turns into one of the best neon sign fonts. Its simple design makes it easily visible to everyone; even in large crowds, Beon can be noticed, so try designing some beautiful logos with it.

Beon is a free-to-use font, so if you want to try it, do it right away. It doesn’t matter whether the project is formal or not; this font isn’t going to disappoint you at all.

9. Neoneon 

If someone is looking for neon fonts, there’s no way they are going to ignore Neoneon! Why? because it’s probably the most beautiful neon sign font ever. From its letters to its looks, everything about it is just perfect. Using the right colors for it will make the design even better, so what are you waiting for? Neoneon is free, so make sure to try it out very soon!

10. Retrolight

As the last font of this list, we are introducing Retrolight, which is more of a display font than a neon font because of its unique style. It’s a retro font too, which means purchasing Retrolight gives you just too many advantages. Its colors are really vibrant; they attract everything around them, which is something that will keep your designs out of the crowds.


What Are Neon Sign Fonts?

Neon-sign fonts are those typefaces that are inspired by neon lights and signs. They are really vibrant and eye-catching, which is why they are used for display purposes.

Can I Combine Different Neon Sign Fonts In One Design?

Yes, you can combine different neon fonts together; that will surely make your designs look even more attractive.

Can I Use Any Font For A Neon Sign, Or Are There Certain Ones That Work Better?

Unfortunately, any font can’t be used for a neon sign font. Every font mentioned above is an example of a best-neon typeface; make sure you use such fonts for this work.