A popular food truck logo can have only one great thing about it: either its food or its logo! Maybe you have never noticed this before, but every food truck company has to make sure they have an eye-catching logo design to become popular or successful. Whether it’s just an ice cream truck or a hot dog truck, if you need more customers, you must design a strong and tasty logo that can steal people’s attention in just a few seconds.

That is why nowadays many famous food trucks like Kogi and Mama Rock Burgers are trying their best to create some unique branding for their brands. But still, if you can’t understand what the most important ingredient for a good food truck logo is, then consider reading this article to the end.

Since we are here, we are going to list out the 8 most popular food truck logos that can help you design your own!

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8 Popular Food Truck Logos

A food truck company has to keep many things in mind when designing a logo, and the following brands have already done that. So do not miss anything and observe them carefully!

1. Biscuit Love 

Biscuits Love is a locally owned family business that started its journey in 2012 with a food truck. Eventually, they became popular, and now they have many branches. An interesting thing about their name is that, although they are called Biscuits Love, they aren’t only limited to biscuits; instead, they sell breakfast, lunch, and many other tasty things.

Their logo is really cute, with a playful font and pink background that reflect their sweet behavior and tasty meals. They are called Biscuits Love because their most famous dish is a type of biscuit, and even their staff is called a group of biscuits!

2. ThePieTruck 

Who doesn’t love ThePieTruck’s pies? They are probably the best pies in the world, and with various tastes, this pie truck has never disappointed us. And for them to reach this far, their logo has helped them a lot as well. It includes the word “PieShop” because they own a pie shop, and they have a design like a rock band maybe because they love rock music.

The logo looks like a pie too because of its bold borders and brownish-yellow color, which can easily make anyone’s mouth water. They have used their most popular dish for this design, so try something like that too.

3. The Crepe Company

The Crepe Company doesn’t only sell the best crepe, but they have the most creative and unique logo in the food industry too! When looking at the logo, you can see the C covering the letter R, which indicates the look of a real crepe. 

If you consider C as the covering and R as the ingredients inside it, you will eventually understand how creative the designer was while drawing this beautiful logo.

4. Curry In A Hurry 

Yet another creative food truck logo idea that can easily inspire your own. At first glance, it may just look like a normal and ordinary logo design, but if looked at closely, the design actually looks like a real curry served by Curry In A Hurry

The yellow color represents the color of curry along with an energetic and strong personality, while the leaves on both sides represent ingredients that make their curry even tastier. This easily proves that using your most popular dish as the logo can be an amazing idea!

5. Kogi BBQ

Kogi BBQ has served us some of the best tacos and BBQs you will ever find, so reviewing their logo is a must. The logo looks quite simple, with the brand’s name in a stylish font and a little red flame on top of it. This flame indicates the spicy and hot food of Kogi, whether it’s tacos or BBQ; they are all spicy, which is why using this flame represents their brand well.

Also, since this flame easily indicates such food, people who are fans of spiciness will easily get attracted after noticing the logo.

6. The Grilled Cheese Truck

Introducing the most apparent food truck logo you will ever see: the Grilled Cheese Truck! They are not hiding anything in their design; their whole logo is designed with cheese, which can easily tell anyone this brand sells some tasty cheese dishes. 

Sometimes it’s better to have obvious logos than ones with hidden meanings, especially if you are new to the market. This way, you can easily gain customers and let people know about your products.

7. Mama Rock Burgers 

Remember when we mentioned it’s a good idea to put your most popular dish in your logo? Well, Mama Rock Burger has also done that! Although they sell hundreds of delicious foods, they have used a burger as their logo design because it’s their most popular dish, they named themselves after it, and they are known for it, which makes it a perfect option for their logo.

8. The Halal Guys 

As the last entry of this list, we are introducing you to The Halal Guys, who are well-known for their tasty Arabian food all over the world. Their logo design is quite simple: a red-bordered circle with some symbol in the middle that looks a lot like a ketchup bottle. 

Ketchup is used a lot in their dishes, which is why their logo is red and they have a bottle in the middle. Then in the lower part, they mentioned their best dishes as a small menu!


What Are Some Examples Of Famous Food Truck Logos?

ThePieTruck, Mama Rock Burgers, Biscuit Love, and The Halal Guys are some of the most popular food truck companies. In fact, every brand mentioned above is a famous brand, so you can choose any of them as an inspiration.

Can A Food Truck’s Logo Help It Stand Out In A Crowded Market?

Yes, if your logo is strong, looks tasty, and represents your work well, it won’t have a hard time getting attention. Make sure it matches your brand’s personality, or it won’t stand out.


A good food truck logo is a design that easily represents or defines your brand. You can use your most popular dish as your logo, just like many popular truck brands did! Just make sure you design something that easily tells people you sell tasty food that will make them return to you again and again.

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