Do you want your designs to look confident, modern, and strong? If yes, then it’s time for you to take a look at some metallic fonts! Metal fonts are typefaces with the vibe and look of real metals like gold, silver, iron, and aluminum. They are often shiny, bold, and have strong personalities. Businesses and large companies always use them for their logos and branding purposes because confidence is really important for such work.

So are you looking for some metallic fonts too? If so, then you do not need to look any further, since in this article we are going to share a list of some decent metal fonts available on the internet! But that’s not all; we know how difficult it is for you to stand out nowadays, and that’s why, to make your design even more attractive, we have gathered some metal text effects too. 

They can easily make your design even more eye-catching and help you become more popular! So, make sure to try them and read this article till the end as well.

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5 Best Metal Fonts 

Here are the 5 most beautiful metal fonts you should use for your designs. Make sure you try them all since each of them is better than the other one.

1. The Frontman

The first font on this metallic list is The Frontman, designed by LJ Design Studios. It’s a bold and strong font with the look of scratched metal. The Frontman has missing parts in its characters and letters, making designs look like they are forged with real steel. Its design is large and has great readability, so using it for posters or logos may be a great idea.

It represents a huge amount of masculinity too, which means masculine brands can also be used and become popular easily. That’s why you should feel free to use it since it’s free!

2. Metal Shine

Metal Shine is a decent display font that shines like real metal. It’s designed with a Handmade font, and surprisingly, it’s an SVG font. Its textures and design can remind anyone of pieces of heavy metals, which means when someone is designed with it, then it will surely look like a real metal.

Since it’s an SVG font, you should try to design some strong-looking crafts too. Coffee mugs, bracelets, and keychains are some crafts you can create with Metal Shine.

3. Gunmetal Font

Gunmetal is a retro metallic font every 80s lover should try! It’s designed by Digital Graphics Labs and is known for its shining, metal-like look. It looks a lot like a metal badge; the letters have two parts; the upper is light, while the bottom is dark. The upper part is the shining part of the metal to add a decent steely look to designs.

Companies that sell steel or metal products can use the Gunmetal font and become popular in no time. You can use it on a website too, as it looks amazing on digital screens as well!

4. Metal Bevel

Metal Bevel looks a lot like Metal Shine because they were designed by the same creator. However, a metal bevel has more 3D properties and is shaped in a bevel, which makes it look more astonishing. Those who love 3D rendering or models should really try Metal Bevel, since it looks amazing with such designs.

5. Metallic

Metallic by Vladimir Nikolic is probably the most versatile font on the list as it has many different versions, which makes it a perfect choice for any type of project. It doesn’t matter whether you need a shadow font or a 3D typeface; as long as you have Metallic in your collection, you are good to go!

Furthermore, this font is designed in a retro style and has shadows designed in a three-dimensional style, which makes it look like real metal. Lastly, it’s free to use, so go and try it out right away.

6 Metal Text Effects For Metallic Fonts 

Satisfied with metallic fonts? Now it’s time for some metal text effects to make your design even better!

1. 3D Metal Photoshop Text Styles

Let’s start this list with 3D metal text styles, which add a realistic 3D text effect to your designs and logos. Actually, it’s a bundle of 11 different metal effects, which include Zeon, Gold, Diamond, and many more. which means buying a single bundle gives you access to many beautiful text effects at once, so why not give it a try?

It’s recommended to use Photoshop software for this text effect, as that’s the best software for it.

2. 10 Pro Chrome and Metal Text Effects

Here comes another huge bundle of metallic text effects designed by Koolgfx. As its name suggests, the chrome and metal text effects bundle provides us with 10 beautiful effects, some of which are chrome, iron, steel, and zinc. 

If you love smooth surface metals, then make sure to go for this bundle, as that’s what it’s made for. This bundle also works with Photoshop, so don’t forget that.

3. Chrome Text Effect

Do you like Chrome text effects? If yes, then it’s time for you to try the Chrome text effect! It’s a single-text effect with only Chrome in its collection. If you are a huge fan of chrome, then you should go for it, since although it’s a single effect, it’s well-detailed and has a beautiful design that adds a personal touch to logos and texts. It’s free and compatible with Photoshop, so try it out soon.

4. Heavy Metal Chrome Layer Styles

Heavy Metal text effect is yet another beautiful chrome effect for chrome fans! It’s also a single effect, but the unique fact about it is that it has 36 different gradient presets, which allow you to add many bright and vibrant colors to your texts. Your texts won’t only shine but will look colorful as well, so consider choosing this pack soon!

5. Free Chrome Text Effect + Gradients

Loved heavy metal and chrome? Here’s one more! which is known as the “Chrome text effect.” Just like other Chrome effects, it’s a single effect, not a bundle, but the great thing about it is its four beautiful gradients presets! Their color is just so creative and eye-pleasing, which will make your designs stand out.

6. Silver Metallic Text Effect

We had enough chrome, so now let’s move toward the silver metallic text effect, which is super smooth and soft. Silver is a beautiful metal, and that’s why its text effect is gorgeous as well! 

Use this amazing silver text effect to increase the beauty of your designs and make them look better than ever! Lastly, this text effect is also compatible with Photoshop, so make sure to try it.


What are metallic fonts and metal text effects?

Metallic fonts are those typefaces that resemble the looks and vibes of real metals like iron and silver. When used for text, they look like actual metal. While metallic text effects are some effects that can make any text look like it’s made of metal. 

How can I create metal text effects?

You can create your own metal text effects either from scratch with Adobe Photoshop or by using pre-made metal effects to create new ones.