Retro fonts are just timeless, every now and then they keep making comebacks and then they eventually become a trend.

It doesn’t matter where you look, they will be available just about everywhere.

Whether they are logos, websites, product labels, or wedding invitations, everything is designed with some amazing retro fonts.

If you are a fan of these types of groovy and vintage fonts, then it’s guaranteed that you may want to use them in your upcoming projects! Attracting the audience towards yourself with some retro fonts would be a great idea since many people love experiencing nostalgic feelings.

However, maybe you are overwhelmed by the huge number of vintage fonts on the internet, which is the reason you haven’t designed anything groovy. If that’s the case, then we have really good news for you since in this article we are going to present you with some of the best retro Google fonts!

All the retro Google fonts listed below are a perfect choice for your 80s designs. They won’t fail to leave those nostalgic vibes in your designs, so make sure to try them out!

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Why Google Fonts? 

It’s true that there are so many outstanding font websites available on the internet, and from there you can get many amazing fonts.

However, choosing Google fonts for typefaces is a great idea too, since it has more advantages than other websites, some of which include:

  • Every single font is free to use.
  • Almost all types of fonts are available in the Google library.
  • Google fonts work well on any type of website.
  • There’s no need to worry about font licenses.
  • Quality fonts are added every now and then.

Lastly, if you are a new designer with a low budget, then Google Fonts can be a perfect option for you since here you won’t need to spend even a single dollar!

10 Best Retro Vintage Fonts On Google Fonts

Here’s a list of vintage and groovy Google fonts for your 80s designs. All of them are perfect for your projects and never fail to give retro vibes, so make sure to try each of them:

1. Fascinate

Designed by Astigmatic, just like its name, this stunning retro font is always ready to fascinate its audience!

This typeface has a really bold and smooth body with a vintage style, which can easily help you imitate a classic look on projects.

Also, these qualities provide Fascinate with great legibility even in small sizes, which means logos and big screens will be a perfect choice.

Lastly, it contains numbers, punctuation, and even Latin letters, which gives you the opportunity to design almost anything you want.

2. Asset

Asset is a serif font that was designed by Riccardo De Franceschi and it’s been added to the Fat Face category because of its boldness and heavy style.

If you are looking for a classic font for large screens or a font that looks perfect only in a bigger size, then you must try Asset.

When used in a bigger size, this font can show you its true potential!

This means if you want to design logos, headings, and titles in the ’80s style, then this font isn’t going to disappoint you.

3. Press Start 2P

If you loved 80’s games, then you will surely love Press Start 2P.

It’s a bitmap font that is inspired by pixelated fonts from games of older times.

If you are a game developer, game streamer, or design anything related to gaming, then this font can add an amazing retro look to your projects.

Gaming fans really love pixel graphics, which means designing with Press Start 2P is a highly worthwhile option.

Lastly, make sure to use this font mostly for text since that’s what it’s made for!

4. Bungee

Whenever readability is your first priority, nothing can beat a stunning font like Bungee. Designed by David Jonathan Ross, Bungee is a highly bold and stylish font.

But its thickness isn’t the only thing that makes it popular, since it has a really appealing style that can easily remind you of 70’s fashion.

Therefore, if you are looking for a typeface that can easily help you get some attention, then choosing Bungee wouldn’t be a bad idea!

5. Special Elite

Special Elite is one of those fonts that will never fail to give you retro vibes.

It’s because this font is inspired by the fonts of typewriters, which means no matter where you use it, it will always remind you of the old times.

Furthermore, this font works well just about everywhere, but it would be a great idea to use it often for texts. Since it has great legibility, which means even in small prints, you will be able to see it clearly.

6. Pacifico

Designed by Vernon Adams, Pacifico is a beautiful font that is one of the most used fonts in existence as well.

It gives a lot of retro vibes and it was inspired by the old surf culture of America, which are the reasons you must try this font.

Its stylish body and amazing strokes can easily attract anyone, which can help you build a good audience.

Also, while using this font, you don’t have to worry about readability since, although it’s stylish, it’s still easy to read anything designed with it.

7. Grand Hotel

If you are looking for a font that can make your projects look even more classic and dazzling, then we present you with the Grand Hotel!

It’s a highly stylish font that can easily attract customers to you!

For the best results, use it for logos and headings since it looks great only at a large size.

8. Lobster

Lobster is also a widely used font that is available in almost all the software from Microsoft.

When it was released, people loved it so much that it became one of the top fonts, and even today it is still famous.

Still, a stylish look can easily help you imitate vintage vibes, so make sure to make it a part of your next project!

9. Monoton

Monoton is a great nostalgic font which was designed by Vernon Adams.

However, it also gives some modern vibes, which means if you are looking for a font with a futuristic yet retro feel, then Monoton would be a great pick.

It’s recommended to not use this font as text since it can look good if only used as a logo or background font.

10. Abril Fatface

As the name suggests, Abril is a fat-faced font, which means it’s known for its high boldness and readability.

At the time of its release, Abril was often used for designing posters. If you want, you can still create some good posters with it.

Everything designed with it can take anyone back to the 80s, which is perfect for your classic projects!

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, Retro fonts are just amazing. They will bring back memories of happier times whenever you look at them.

Therefore, make sure to try out fonts like Special Elite, Press Start 2P, Fascinate, and Lobster to give a classic look to your upcoming projects!

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