The best thing about good, thick fonts is that they can easily turn any design into a crowd-puller! Thanks to their bold letters, which are not only visible among big crowds but are eye-catching as well. This makes bold fonts an amazing pick for logos or any displaying design, which is why many popular businesses and companies prefer thick fonts over stylish typefaces.

Are you looking for some thick fonts for your logos too? If so, then it’s guaranteed that you are about to have a hard time since there are surely many amazing bold typefaces available on the internet, but not all of them are good enough for your designs. Fortunately, you don’t need to waste your time searching for them since the good news is that we have already gathered some of the best thick fonts for you in the list below!

If you want to add an impactful vibe to your designs, then check them out right now, as their amazing designs will always lead you to success!

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Why Thick Fonts?

The reason you should use thick fonts is really simple. Thick fonts have better readability than any other type of font, which means your audience will always understand your message. They have bold letters too, which makes your design eye-catching and attractive, making them a perfect choice for logos that deserve attention.

Their amazing boldness perfectly fits with modern designs too, which is why nowadays it’s common to see modern logos designed with thick fonts. and These are all reasons why you should start using them soon.

10 Best Thick & Bold Fonts

Your wait ends here, as below we have listed all the thick fonts you will ever need for your logos and designs, so make sure to try out all of them.

1. Vanguard

Vanguard is a brilliant bold sans font with a beautifully modern look that will easily add a strong impression to your designs. It’s designed by Connary Fagen and is often used for display purposes like logo designing, posters, prints, and text crafts like t-shirts.

Furthermore, Vanguard has eight different weights and beautiful lower-case letters, which just makes it more versatile. Lastly, this font looks great on screens too, so try it on social media and in videos too.

2. Akira

Akira, the super bold font is here! It’s designed by Typologic and is known for its modern and futuristic looks, which add impactful impressions to your designs. For projects that are focused on the future or modernity, there can be no better choice than Akira, as it suits such designs pretty well.

Other than that, it works amazingly as the main text of logos too! Whether it’s a magazine front page or a movie poster, Akira is guaranteed to catch people’s attention.

3. MADE Soulmaze

Akira fans should surely try MADE Soulmaze, as it’s yet another modern thick font designed by MadeType. It’s just a normal thick font, but something that makes it special is its four different styles, which are: regular, italic, outline regular, and outline italic. 

All versions of this single font are impressively beautiful and easily allow you to create multiple designs. You can even use its different versions in one design to add an impactful look that makes designs more attractive than before.

4. Integral

Integral by Connary Fagen is designed especially for maximum visual and displaying purposes, which means the only thing you should do with this typeface is design the main text of your logos! Because of its thick and bold letters, it easily stands out among crowds and becomes the center of attention.

If you want your designs to look more confident than before, then it’s time to use Integral!

5. Hanson Bold 

What makes a bold font even better? Of course, being wider, if you are looking for such a font, Hanson Bold is ready to work with you. It’s a normal thick font, but when compared to others, it’s more wide, which sprinkles a unique and futuristic effect to logos or headlines.

If you want to use it, then make sure it’s used for logos, posters, businesses, or branding purposes, since that’s what this font is made for!

6. Coluna

Coluna by Marco Ugolini is a visually powerful bold font you must add to your collection soon since, as a display font, it gathers a lot of attention with ease. 

One more interesting thing about this font is its second version, which has rounded edges and ends. Usually, a bold font has sharp edges for modern designs, but for a peaceful and soft vibe, Coluna has rounded edges for cute and minimal designs.


Who doesn’t love ultra-thick fonts? They are experts at getting attention, impressively eye-catching, and never disappoint you. If you love such fonts, then it’s time for you to purchase ULTRA by Narrators Studio, because it’s not only a thick font but a wide one as well. 

What’s more, this font gets frequent updates, which means you get a better design every time you use it for a new project.

8. Zing Sans Rust

There’s nothing better than a font that can work as a display as well as a text; that’s the reason we are introducing you to Zing Sans Rust. It’s a beautifully textured display font with some cute styles and two symbol styles that include some tasty food symbols. They can be used for some fun projects or in restaurant logos, while the text styles are great for logos, headlines, and even paragraphs.

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9. Mont Blanc

The more styles a font has, the more versatile and useful it becomes, and that’s what Mont blanc is all about. Mont Blanc is from Fontfabric and has multiple styles, from thin to italic to bold; there’s a lot to choose from, which makes this typeface really useful to designers who hate looking for fonts again and again. Lastly, just like every other font on this list, Mint Blanc is also great for display purposes.

10. Airone Font

It’s time to end this list, so let’s do it with the Airone font, the extra-bold typeface that is known for its impactful impression on designs. Airone is a solid choice for any heavy designs or headlines as it’s also really heavy. 

Furthermore, Airone has two different styles, outline and regular, and as always, you should choose the one that suits you best. Or you can even choose both since each works really well for posters, logos, or display designs. 


Thick fonts are surely one of the best types of fonts; they’re eye-catching, visible, and impactful, which is everything a good font needs, which is why you should use them soon! Fonts like Airone, Akira, Coluna, and ULTRA are some good choices when it comes to thick, bold fonts, so make sure to try them out for your upcoming projects!

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