There is literally no competition for groovy fonts, as they emit a retro and vintage vibe that is loved by almost everyone on the planet! In the 80s, they used to be the trend; every business and company used them since they were just perfect, and that’s why even today they are used by designers really often.

Their aesthetic looks, vintage vibe, decent readability, and nostalgic feel are some reasons that make them stand out from the crowd. which is the reason they are considered the best choices for designing and branding! So, are you here to look for some free groovy fonts too? If yes, then we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to share the 12 best groovy fonts you will ever find on the internet.

They are beautiful, readable, and completely free, which means trying them out doesn’t only save you money but also helps you create amazing designs!

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What Are Groovy Fonts?

Groovy fonts are some typefaces with a retro and vintage vibe to them. They are often inspired by the fashion and style of the 1980s and 1990s. Furthermore, these fonts give nostalgia to many people, especially the ones who were young during the 1980s era. These fonts are aesthetic, sometimes bold and stylish, and are a perfect option for branding and logo design because of their attractive looks.

Best Retro Groovy Fonts You Must Try Out Now 

Below we have mentioned 12 free retro groovy fonts you must try out soon! They are all perfect for any project, so make sure to use them:

1. Abstract Groovy

free hippie fonts

Abstract Groovy already has Groovy in its name, which easily tells that it’s an amazing 80s font. It’s designed by Wep and is inspired by the bubbly typefaces of classical times. 

Letters are large and attractive enough to grab anyone’s attention and make them read your designs, which makes them good for posters, logos, or any design that badly needs attention. So consider designing some funny and engaging typographic works with it soon!

2. Margin

free hippie fonts

Do you miss the hippie style of the 1980s? If yes, then Margin by Dharmas Studios is probably for you. It’s inspired by the positive attitude and bright fashion style of hippie people, which is loved by many kinds of audiences. 

Its readability and letter structure is perfect for both small and large designs, which means that from greeting cards to logos, it can be used for anything. If you want to stand out, then make sure you use Margin.

3. Bratsy Script

free groovy fonts

Brush fonts are always beautiful, and even better when fused with retro style because after that they become just perfect! Introducing Bratsy Script, a brush font filled with a 90s vibe to make your designs look more charming than before. 

It has really cute strokes that are just hard to ignore, which makes it a good font for those designs that require more attention. Using it for logos, headlines, and titles can greatly benefit you.

4. Tommy

free groovy fonts

Tommy is a retro serif font with a bold and stylish vintage look that easily steals attention. It’s a display font as well, which means it’s good for display purposes, advertisements, and branding. 

It also comes with unique upper- and lower-case letters and numbers, which makes it even more versatile. So if you are a big fan of stylish, bold fonts, then you should really use Tommy, since there are so few fonts with the same properties.

5. Keep on Truckin’

free groovy fonts

90s typography is hard to forget, which is why we are introducing you to the Keep On Truckin’ font that will surely remind you of the old times whenever you look at it! 

It’s also inspired by the fashion and disco vibe of classical times, so if you miss that time, then this font is probably for you. Furthermore, letters in this font are bolder in the lower area and thinner in the upper area to give off a great nostalgic vibe.

6. Nectarine

free groovy fonts

Did you like “Keep On Truckin’?” If yes, then we have a font that looks a lot like it, which is known as Nectarine! This font is also inspired by the fashion style of the 1990s and has bolder lower parts and thinner upper parts.

which easily proves both fonts have little or no difference between them, which makes them a great alternative to each other. Use them for logos or any display purposes, as their amazing readability helps them easily stand out.

7. Nighty

free groovy fonts

Nighty by Dharmas Studios looks similar to Margin. This font is also inspired by the hippie style of the 1990s and has wider letters. Although it’s called Nighty, this font is so bright and can easily add cheerfulness to your projects. 

You can even use Nighty as an alternative to Margin, in case you don’t like it. Their similar looks provide more versatility and help you create many beautiful designs, so make sure to check them out.

8. Klemer Display

free groovy fonts

Unique and creative designs never fail to stand out, and that’s why using Klemer Display is a must! It’s a bold display typeface inspired by the groovy designs of 90s street art and disco logos. 

Letter design in this font is seen so rarely in other fonts, which means you can get a good amount of attention by using its unique feature. Although its readability isn’t that great, it’s still an amazing font that can be used for displaying.

9. Royal Acidbath

best groovy fonts

Royal Acidbath by Sharkshock is just another amazing concept that easily reminds people of many popular logo designs companies used to use. Royal Acidbath has two different versions: the regular version, where the text has a shadow and the upper part is transparent, and the second version, which doesn’t have shadows and is thicker. So choose the version that suits your project most.

10. Heavy Heap

best groovy fonts

Heavy Heap is a groovy, scorching font by Typodermic Fonts and is filled with energy and heat. So whoever likes summer and heat should really try this font. 

Its letters are designed like flames to give a cool fire effect, and it’s a bold font because it’s often used for displaying. If your projects are all about summer or hot things, then it’s time to use Heavy Heap soon!

11. Genty

best groovy fonts

Some retro fonts really look similar, and Genty looks a lot like Bratsy Script; both are brush fonts with charming curves and a retro style that gives them a place in this list. Genty is designed by Ilham Herry. 

An interesting fact about thing fonts is that it’s a cursive typeface as well, which is why some letters are attached to each other. Such typefaces look great for feminine design, fashion, and cosmetic brands, so make sure to give them a try.

12. Scripto Font

best groovy fonts

Scripto, the last font on this list, is a retro brush typeface with some amazing strokes. It’s inspired by classic typography of the past, which is still used today because it’s really hard to forget. 

This font is so stylish and has feminine looks, which makes it a great choice for informal designs. You are allowed to create anything with it, whether they are wedding signs or fashion brand logos!

What Are Groovy Fonts?

Groovy fonts are a type of font that has a retro or vintage style, often featuring bold, curvy lines and playful lettering. They are commonly used in designs that want to convey a sense of nostalgia or fun. Examples of groovy fonts include Keep on Truckin’ and Abstract Groovy. These fonts can be used to add a creative and unique touch to various types of designs, such as posters, t-shirts, and websites.

Why are groovy fonts important in design?

Groovy fonts are surprisingly beautiful; with their aesthetic looks, they easily steal attention and become the center of attention. And most of the time they are display fonts as well, which is why they are so important for designs.

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