It doesn’t matter whether you want to run a company, brand, or even a shop; if you don’t have a logo, there’s no chance you will succeed! Logos are the identity of your brand; without them, no one will recognize you in the market, which will make it impossible for you to stand out.

That’s the reason logos are the first thing everyone thinks about whenever they decide to start a new business. However, this doesn’t mean you should choose a random logo and start a business with it. A logo should define your work and represent you well. Not to mention, it must have an attractive design that should be able to attract your targeted audience as well.

However, if it’s still hard for you to understand what a perfect brand logo looks like, then make sure to read this article till the very end. Since we are here, we are going to present some famous streetwear brands and logos to help you get some inspiration for your own design. 

If you are looking forward to starting or currently running a streetwear company, then these logos can be really helpful for you and give you enough ideas to design some excellent logos!

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14 Popular Streetwear Logos For Inspiration

Presenting the list of urban streetwear logos that will surely inspire you to design something amazing. Make sure you do not miss any of them so that you can easily understand how they are able to stand out from the crowd:

1. Supreme

Streetwear Logos

Supreme has been one of the top fashion brands worldwide for years. Their amazing hip-hop and streetwear-style clothes are loved by just everyone, even celebrities! And for this success, their logo should get all the credit.
To normal people, it may just look like a simple text inside a red box, but streetwear fans understand how iconic it is.

Its red and white color scheme represents the freedom that inspires people to remain unbound, which is something every hip-hop fan really loves.


Streetwear Logos

YEEZY’s logo is truly iconic; those bold characters, sharp edges, and easy-to-read letters easily leave a professional impact on customers, which automatically attracts them to YEEZY.

Actually, YEEZY’s logo is totally dedicated to Kyne West, a hip-hop rapper who is known for his steadfast nature and determined character. Since YEEZY’s audience loves Kyne West, they decided to design their logo based on their audience’s favorite celebrity, and they never regretted this decision.


Streetwear Logos

KITH’s logo is a lot like Supreme’s: a simple text with a small box. However, KITH’s box is actually black, a color that is always used to represent streetwear.

Teens love both black color and hip-hop, so KITH thought fusing the things their fans love could make a good logo. They tried it, and the audience loved it, and today KITH is one of the most popular fashion brands. So whenever you are designing a logo, always add something your targeted audience will love.

4. Palace

Streetwear Logos

Of all the other streetwear fashion brands, Palace has the most unique logo, which includes a triangle with “Palace” written on each side. This unique logo symbolizes eternity and the brand’s commitment to constant improvement.

Audiences love companies that never stop improving themselves, which is why Palace’s clothing and logo are both loved so much by everyone!

5. Thrasher

Streetwear Logos

Thrasher has designed their logo in a retro style, which is a great idea to appeal to both adult and teen audiences at the same time. Their logo is bold and has flames coming out of it, which surely symbolizes this brand’s passion.

Thrasher knows its customers want a passionate clothing supplier, which is why they set its logo on fire to make it more attractive than ever!

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6. Off White

Streetwear Logos

Unlike every other streetwear brand on this list, Off White doesn’t have anything special in its logo. It’s just a normal sans-serif font with their brand’s name. Maybe there is a hidden meaning behind this logo that is unknown to many fans and designers.

Off-White never revealed it, but there is surely something in this logo that keeps attracting customers.

7. The North Face

Streetwear Logos

The North Face is a really old yet popular streetwear company that suggests everyone stay on the chosen path. Their logo has three words above each other and a little design on the right side. which simply symbolizes unity and staying on the right path.

They will always remain on the path they chose first, no matter what happens, because it’s their right path.

8. Adidas

Streetwear Logos

Adidas is the world’s top clothing brand, so it’s impossible not to include them in this list. Their logo is well-known and a fan favorite, but do you know what it means? It has a triangular-shaped logo with its text, which looks like a mountain if observed properly.

This mountain highlights the obstacles and objectives people must overcome so that they keep going and never give up.

9. Brain Dead

BRAIN DEAD are new to the streetwear fashion industry, but they still managed to overcome many difficulties and become really successful in just a short time. Their logo also symbolizes this, because it means no matter how many times your brain stops working, or how much your brain is dead, keeps going. You will surely achieve success soon, just like BRAIN DEAD clothing.

10. A Bathing Ape (BAPE)

Streetwear Logos

A Bathing Ape, also known as BAPE, has an ape as their logo, not because it’s its brand name but because it has a hidden meaning. The brand has two sources of inspiration: first, the movie “Planet of the Apes,” and second, young, rich Japanese people who tend to be lazy during baths just like apes.

Not to mention, Japanese people were BAPE’s first customers too, so as a thank you, BAPE kept their brand’s name by being inspired by Japanese people’s behavior.

11. Anti-Social Social Club

Streetwear Logos

If you want to become a popular urban streetwear company, then you will need to get close to teens, since they are the ones who appreciate this fashion most.

Anti-Social Social Club has tried it, and they didn’t fail; both their name and logo design symbolize teenagers and their anti-social lives. Teens love this brand because they sell their favorite clothes and they can relate to them easily.


If you ever feel like you need a stylish logo, take inspiration from STUSSY, whose logo is just the signature of Shawn Stüssy’s uncle. They decided to use this signature as their logo because it looks really stylish, and they probably wanted to run this business under their family name.

It’s just their family, yet it still attracts customers; why don’t you try something like that too?


WTPAS is a Japanese urban clothing brand that has designed many beautiful clothes, and their logo has helped them a lot to do this.

WTAPS is a military acronym, which means “second shot, always finishes.” If you simplify this sentence, it means if you fail once and try again, your second try will surely lead to success.

14. Odd Future

Streetwear Logos

As the last brand, here’s Odd Future. As their logo, they have used the letters “O” and “F,” which are just an abbreviation of their brand’s name. This logo has large letters and is designed with aesthetic colors and shapes to attract an older audience that is into streetwear. Large letters give their logo good readability, which is also a plus.


Your logo must have a meaning; it doesn’t matter if it’s a never-give-up message like Adidas or a funny pun like BAPE. As long as it has a beautiful meaning, it will never fail to represent you.

Also, make sure your brand’s name matches your logo; otherwise, your audience may get confused, which can cause you a big loss!

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