If you’re looking for fonts that will never go out of style, futuristic fonts are an excellent choice.

These fonts are highly versatile, and their modern look and techno style keep attracting people towards them. which is the reason they never go out of style.

Designing with these types of typefaces can be highly beneficial since today’s audience loves seeing futuristic designs just everywhere.

Also, the future is now, which means instead of using random fonts we must pick some good modern fonts and create some amazing designs.

This will easily allow you to create engaging designs and content for your audience, and attract even more people too!

Therefore, if you are impressed with futuristic fonts and have decided to design some upcoming projects with them, then here’s the list of the best futuristic Google fonts!

Rather than spending hours trying to find some good fonts, try all the typefaces listed below.

This will save you time and energy and help you create some beautiful projects as well! So, without wasting any more time, let’s just dive into the list of the most beautiful modern fonts ever.

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Why Google Fonts?

It’s true that there are thousands of font libraries available on the internet, but Google Fonts just has too many benefits over them. Some of these advantages include:

Free Fonts

On other font websites, you may need to pay a lot of money just to get some fonts, but on Google Fonts, every single typeface is free!

You don’t need to spend even a single dollar; just download a font and start designing.

Every Type Of Font Is Available

Google Fonts is the world’s largest font library because they have 1,442 font families in its collection.

This collection includes all types of fonts. Whether you want serif or handwritten typefaces, you will get everything you need!


If you are a website owner, then you will understand how hard it is to choose fonts for a site. Some fonts may not show up, or some may take too long to load.

However, this isn’t the problem with Google fonts since they are really lightweight and work on any website.

8 Best Futuristic & Sci-Fi Fonts On Google 

Finally, here’s the list of eight promising modern fonts that you must use in your upcoming projects:

1. Michroma

The Michroma is a sans-serif font that was created by the famous designer Vernon Adams.

It has an extremely thin body yet a beautiful and futuristic letter style with sharp and bold edges.

You might want to use this font for writing or designing small texts, but don’t worry, Michroma also works well in larger sizes!

It’s always ready to add modern and futuristic vibes to your designs, so if any of your projects lack futurism, then do not forget to use Michroma in it!

2. Orbitron

Orbitron is a popular geometric sans-serif font that was designed by Matt McInerney for display purposes.

Geometric fonts never fail to express their modern style. That’s why the moment you look at Orbitron, you will realize that this is a must-have font in your collection of futuristic fonts.

Furthermore, this font works best just about everywhere, from logos and headlines to T-shirt designs. Orbitron is a great choice to add some modern touches to your artwork.

Lastly, it has bolder versions too that would work great if you need more readability in your designs, so make sure to try that too!

3. Rajdhani

Rajdhani is an elegant Sci-fi font that consists of both Devanagari and Latin characters.

The letters in this font are square-shaped with round corners, which easily represents the futuristic style and adds a technological look to projects.

Rajdhani is used by millions because of its amazing look and unique style, so you should use it too. Also, just like Orbitron, this font also has some bolder styles, which may seem more suitable to you if you are a fan of bold fonts.

That’s, try designing anything you like since this font is ready to make every project look way more modern!

4. Syne

If beauty and legibility are your priorities at the same time, then Syne could be a really good choice for you.

Syne is a geometric sans-serif font designed in 2017 by Bonjour Monde that has a really charming style.

If you want your modern designs to attract as many customers as possible, then try to design your logo with Syne.

It would work great on restaurant and fashion brand logos because of its techno and royal style.

A unique thing about this font family is that as they get heavier in weight, their width increases, which makes them the right choice for displaying purposes.

5. Tenor Sans

Designers rarely create futuristic fonts for body text, but when they decide to create one, they give us only perfection!

You can take Tenor Sans as a good example. It’s a humanist sans-serif font that was designed by Denis Masharov.

Originally, this font was intended to be used only for body texts, but later people loved it for headlines too.

Tenor Sans can easily make a project look modern with its sharp and slender body, which is why it’s present in this list.

6. Space Mono

Whenever you are in need of a techno font with some retro style, then do not forget Space Mono.

It’s a beautiful font with square letters that might remind you of fonts used in typewriters. Additionally, you can consider Space Mono as a multi-purpose font too.

Since it can be used just about everywhere, whether you want a logo or text, it’s ready with both vintage and futuristic styles.

7. Exo

Exo is a beautiful geometric typeface that always tries its best to deliver futuristic design in every design.

It’s really versatile, which means no matter where you use this font, it will surely make your projects stunning.

If you want, then you can use Exo for display purposes. If not, then try to write some body text. It will fit everywhere equally.

Lastly, Exo has an updated version called Exo 2, which is also a great font. If you loved this version, then make sure to check out that one too!

8. Audiowide

Let’s end this list with a charming font called Audiowide, which is a sans-serif font.

Audiowide has become really popular because of its stunning techno style, so those who didn’t like the previous fonts must try this one.

From titles, headlines, logos, and T-shirt designs, to body texts, Audiowide is ready to be used just about everywhere!

Its futuristic vibes will surely attract more people to your designs, so for the next project, make sure you use it.


Every modern and futuristic font is just gorgeous. You can design anything with them and your fans will surely love it.

Make sure to try the fonts listed above since they are the best ones and all of them are free to use!

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