In a world of fancy and aesthetic designs, minimal fonts take no time to stand out. Since decorative designs can’t last long as it’s really easy to get bored with them. On the other hand, minimal designs are simple and clear, not too boring or too attractive, which keeps them fresh no matter what century.

Furthermore, they never fail to spread peace of mind, which is something every customer loves, and that’s why, even after decades, people keep using minimal Google fonts in their designs. 

Conveying a brand’s message is also an easy task for them, as reading them doesn’t require a lot of concentration, which makes them a perfect choice for anyone who wants to outshine their competitors.

That’s why in this article we are going to present some minimal Google fonts you must use for your future designs. They are very delicate and help you gain more audience with ease, so make sure you read this article till the end!

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Why Google Fonts?

Whenever Google fonts are suggested to designers, the first thing they ask is, “Why Google fonts?” Although there are numerous well-used font libraries available to provide you with a wide variety of lovely types, it’s actually because Google Fonts has some amazing benefits that cannot be provided by any other font library, which is why this article only includes minimal fonts from Google.

Furthermore, for those who have never used Google fonts before, here are some benefits of the Google font library:

  • Free fonts, no license required for any typeface
  • From handwritten to display, every family and type of font is available
  • More than 1,200 fonts to use
  • Typefaces that are suitable for any website
  • Fast loading typefaces
  • Permission to use fonts unlimited times

10 Minimal & Simple Google Fonts

Finally, here’s the list of the top 10 minimal fonts on Google that can improve your presence with their simple design and easily help you stand out.

1. Montserrat

minimal google font

Montserrat is a really well-known font when it comes to clean Google fonts. It has been around for a long time, and many brands have used it for their logos, headlines, and texts, making it an iconic typeface.

It’s designed by Julieta Ulanovsky and is inspired by old traditional posters, which makes it a good retro typeface as well. Montserrat is really clean and simple, and this allows it to fit in any type of design. So use it where minimalism is needed the most!

2. Poppins

minimal google font

Poppins is a decent geometric sans-serif font designed by Indian Type Foundry. It has some beautiful and attractive curves in its letters, which helped it become popular right after its release.

If you want some aesthetic style in your design with a clean and minimal look, then Poppins is the right choice for you. It works great for websites, logos, headlines, branding, and packing as well.

3. Muli

minimal google font

When you are in need of a font that can work for both display and typography purposes, never forget about Muli. Another minimal font in Google with a really clean and simple design Initially, it was designed by Vernon Adams in 2011, then got some updates like more weights in 2014, and finally got completed in 2017 by Jacques Le Bailly.

All these frequent updates keep upgrading Muli, and now it’s a perfect and versatile font ready to be a part of your designs. As mentioned before, it works great for both display and text, so try it out soon.

4. Roboto

minimal google font

It doesn’t matter whether you are a designer or not; robots are so every day that almost everyone knows about them. But have you ever used it? If not, then you should do it soon since it’s a really amazing font. Most of the time it’s used for display purposes because of its excellent look and easy-to-read letters.

However, in lower weights, it works well as a text typeface as well. It’s just so versatile that it can be used for every design, making it a good option for a minimal Google font.

5. Maven Pro

minimal google font

Typefaces with unique designs never fail to stand out; that’s the reason we are introducing you to Maven Pro. It’s a good sans-serif font that has become really popular because of its unique curvature and flowing rhythm.

It’s designed by Joe Prince and has a really legible look; it’s great for projects that need a stylish look along with good readability. Lastly, it leaves a cool and simple effect on designs, which is why it’s a decent minimal font on Google.

6. Nunito

minimal google font

Designed by Vernon Adams, Nunito is yet another simple typeface that can be a great pick for simple designs. Just like Muli, this font was also updated by Jacques Le Bailly, which made it even more versatile than before.

Nunito may not look really special at first, but when you use it, you will realize how beautiful it is. Your designs will surely outshine those of your competitors, which is why Nunito is a must-have font.

7. Sulphur Point

minimal google font

Sulphur Point is yet another outstanding geometric simple Google font that should not be forgotten in a list of minimal typefaces. If you love sharp and masculine fonts, then Sulphur Point is all you need.

Its attractive edges can make your brand stand out, and its minimal look will always make your designs easy to read. It’s well-balanced, so giving it a try is really worth it.

8. Kulim Park

minimal google font

Kulim Park is Dale Sattler’s unique creation, which is normally used as a clean Google font. This is another typeface that may look simple at first, but since most fonts can show their true potential when they are added to designs, it’s better to try out Kulim Park as well.

There’s no way it will disappoint you. With attractive letters and fine style, you will easily shine.

9. Bebas Neue

minimal google fonts

Presenting Bebas Neue, a font that looks way different from any typeface on this list because of its bold looks. Bebas Neue is a great minimal font designed by Yoichi Tsunekawa.

Because of its large letters, this font’s only use is the display. It doesn’t matter whether you want to design captions, titles, logos, or headlines; any design targeted for display purposes becomes just perfect with Bebas Neue.

10. Lexend Exa

minimal google fonts

Since this list has come to an end, let’s not forget about Lexend Exa, which is actually a family of seven fonts. Bonnie Shaver-Troup is the creator of this family, and she made sure these typefaces are versatile enough to be used for both displaying and text roles.

Yes, you read that right; all seven fonts in the Lexend Exa family can be used for any purpose. Not to mention, if you don’t like searching for different fonts again and again, then give Lexend Exa a try!


Minimalist fonts are truly beautiful and provide a clean, simple look to your designs. This quality easily makes them stand out, which is why we have listed the most beautiful minimal Google fonts in this article.

Poppins, Roboto, Nunito, and Bebas Neue are some great examples of clean Google fonts, so make sure you try them out soon.

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