It is estimated that 50% of your brand’s success depends on your logo today!

This means if your logo doesn’t suit your brand, then your business will have to deal with a huge loss.

The right font will always attract your targeted audience, but on the other hand, choosing the wrong one will make your customers ignore you.

That’s the reason you must choose a perfect font, but with millions of choices available, most people can’t find an ideal typeface.

Therefore, they choose a font that damages their brand significantly.

So, if you are also in the same situation and can’t decide which font is best for your business, then you are in the right place!

Here we will share with you a list of fonts that can make any clothing brand achieve success rapidly.

Furthermore, we will also explain how to choose the perfect font for your clothing brand since not every business owner has a logo design background.

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XStreet – Modern Streetwear Font

XStreet: The perfect fusion of blackletter and modern streetwear. Make a statement with its edgy style and elevate your designs to the next level. Ideal for merch, posters, and more.

  • Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Numbers & Punctuation
  • File Format: OTF & TTF
  • Commercial Use

How To Choose A Font For Your Clothing Brand?

Choosing the right font is really important. You can’t just choose a random typeface and design your brand’s logo with it.

There are some important rules you must follow while choosing your font, here are some of those rules:

1. Everything else is secondary to readability!

It doesn’t matter if you picked the most beautiful font; if your customers can’t read it at first glance, it’s useless.

Did you know that people take less than a second to judge something?

If they can’t read your logo in that second, then it means they will definitely ignore your brand.

You can take the Nike or Adidas logos as an example; both are simple yet successful logos!

2. Avoid using multiple fonts.

Many professional designers avoid adding multiple fonts to their designs because it can make your logo look crowded!

Using more than one font is enough, but if you add more than that, you will ruin your logo right away!

If you want to use two fonts, then use one as your main typeface and the other one as your tagline or description.

3. Make Sure It Attracts a Targeted Audience.

Your brand will achieve success in no time if it can attract the targeted audience easily!

For example, a toy brand’s logo should be colorful and filled with joy, while a clothing one should be stylish and bold.

You can take Chanel’s logo as a great example of a clothing brand logo.

It’s stylish, bold, and most importantly, it gets noticed by customers fluently.

Best Fonts For Fashion Brands

You have waited long enough.

Now it’s time to look through a list of fonts that will make your clothing brand more successful than ever!

Here’s the list of best fonts for clothing brands:

1. Montserrat 

Montserrat is a lovely sans serif font that was designed by Julieta Ulanovsky, a graphic designer who was known for her excellent skills.

Montserrat was already amazing, but in 2017 it got a beautiful update by Jacques Le Bailly.

This made Montserrat the perfect font family to be used by big brands!

It can be a great choice for a clothing brand, but you may need to buy its license since it’s free for personal use only.

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2. Caslon

You can say Caslon was specially made for fashion brands because of its stunning and sophisticated look.

When it was released, many people didn’t accept it, but as the world turned modern, it became very popular and designers enjoyed working with it.

Lastly, this font is free to use, so install it and make your brand popular as well!

3. Baskerville

Baskerville is a beautiful serif font that you can’t ignore at all.

It’s an appealing and amazing typeface that can be used for almost all aspects of design.

Although it’s old, people haven’t forgotten it and they keep designing their logos, titles, and brand signs with it!

Lastly, it has a great readability quality that can help anyone read it at first glance.

4. Didot

Didot is a dazzling serif font that was created by the Didot twins in 1848.

The font has vertical tension and condensed letterforms, giving it a “modern” appearance.

In old times, people used it for printing often, and in today’s modern world it’s still being used for printing purposes.

This makes it a great option for fashion brands and clothing designs!

5. Rockwell 

The only slab serif you will find in this list is Rockwell, a perfect font for titles and logos.

This amazing font was created in 1930 by Monotype Corporation.  They designed it so well that even today it’s useful!

The spacing between each letter is something that makes it even more attractive.

Lastly, it was used by Guinness World Records many times, which makes it a really reliable typeface!

6. Arciform

If you are in search of a really stylish font, then we present you with Arciform, a highly stylish font that can make your clothing brand shine instantly!

It’s a brush script font, which means it will have some sweet strokes and a hand-written vibe.

If you want to make an irresistible impression on your audience, then make sure to use this free font.

7. Gilroy 

Sans-serif is already a great family of fonts, and with an ultra-modern font like Gilroy, they have become even more popular.

Radomir Tinkov was a talented designer, and many well-known brands used Gilroy after its release.

This made it one of the most successful, so if you want your clothing brand to succeed soon, then why not choose Gilroy?

Check out our free alternative fonts to Gilroy post, if you’re interested in Gilroy.

8. Amithen 

Amithen is a handcrafted, naturally textured brush font with an irregular baseline and a modern design aesthetic.

An appropriate choice for the title design.

A few examples are

  • Clothing brands 
  • invitations
  • Book titles
  • Stationery designs
  • Quotes
  • Branding
  • Logos
  • Greeting cards
  • T-shirts
  • Package design
  • Posters

9. Crux 

Crux is a contemporary typeface for use in huge, bold headlines, branding, logotypes, and display applications.

This font is ideal for creating stunning streetwear logos, marketing images, and content that will definitely attract the attention of your audience.

All these features make Crux a great choice for any kind of brand, so don’t forget to use it!

10. Noir

Noir is a 12-font sans-serif family with a modern look strongly influenced by geometric types from the early 20th century.

Even while it has a geometric structure, each form also has an organic personality and a warm touch to it.

11. Nicky – Retro Italic Serif

When it comes to adding a stunning look to a logo, there’s no one that can beat Nicky!

Nicky is a retro and soft bold serif font that’s known to add appeal and attractiveness to any kind of design.

Although it’s a paid font, spending some of your dollars on it wouldn’t be a waste at all.

12. Avenir 

This list can’t be completed without this sophisticated font, Avenir.

Designed by the legendary graphic designer Adrian Frutiger, Avenir has become one of the most widely used fonts in history.

After frequent use, fonts become boring, but that’s not the case with Avenir since it’s always fresh and ready to make your brand shine!

13. Zefani

If your clothing or fashion brand wants a logo that gives off luxury vibes, then Zefani can be a perfect match for you!

This font hasn’t even been released yet but it’s making people go crazy over it, so why not use Zefani as your brand’s logo?

One thing you should keep in mind is that since this typeface hasn’t been released yet, only a demo version is available, which is a paid font.

14. Findel 

Prints or T-shirts don’t look good if they aren’t designed with a modern and stylish font like Findel.

It’s a display serif font that everyone would like to use because of its charming letters.

Just like every other font in this list, do not underestimate Findel since when used as a logo, it will be on just another level! Try Findel

15. Bohemian Soul

We present the Bohemian soul to you!

A bold and classy font that is known to suit almost every kind of design, whether you are making a logo or a paragraph, Bohemian Soul is great for every setting.

We must thank Maria Feliz for creating this outstanding typeface that has got our back in every single situation.

Which Font Is Best For A Clothing Brand?

Avenir, Montserrat, Didot, Gilroy, etc. are perfect fonts for clothing brands.

Depending on the brand name and style, it varies. Take a look at this list and select a font that reflects your brand’s identity.

In the same way as font, the color scheme is also crucial to the success of your brand. You can read our clothing brand logo and names post for more.


Remember that a clear, simple, and readable font is enough to make your brand popular, and no more than two fonts should be used in a logo.

Anything else other than that is fine!

Now start creating a stunning and attractive logo with all the fonts given above and make your clothing brand popular worldwide.