What is the best font to read on Kindle?

E-readers like Amazon Kindle provide us with an option to upload custom fonts to our devices. There are thousands of good-looking fonts available on the net. It is hard to choose an easy-to-read font. That’s why we created this post.

In this post. We curated a list of the best fonts for Kindle Paperwhite. You can use these fonts on any e-reading device.

Before going further, let’s discuss the types of fonts: Serif and sans-serif are the two most common font types used for reading.

Serif Fonts: These are traditional fonts that feature decorative strokes at the end of each letter. Most e-readers use Serif fonts for reading. Many traditional books also use Serif fonts because of their popularity. Thus, you will find a lot of serif fonts on this list.

Sans Serif Fonts: Fonts without decorative strokes are called sans serifs, as their name implies. They look modern, clean, and minimal. Compared to Serif fonts, Sans Serif fonts are less popular among e-reading devices. They are mainly used for logos, headings, banners, etc.

How To Pick The Best Fonts For E-Reading?

The font should have good Readability and it must be easiest to read, Try to avoid bold and chunky fonts, as they can cause eye strain and fatigue very easily.

Just reading one or two pages will be exhausting. So pick one that is not too big or small. Some e-readers use a specific font for a specific type of e-book, such as Bookerly for fiction.

Kindle Font List

Here are the best fonts for Kindle:

1. Bookerly

font for kindle

Amazon designed Bookerly specifically to reduce eye strain and speed up reading. They did many studies on this font before making it the standard Kindle font. Dalton Maag was the designer behind this masterpiece. Reading fiction would be fun using Bookerly.

Many readers use this font due to its popularity and legibility. If you’re new to Kindle devices and e-reading then Bookerly font is a good place to start.

2. Bitter HT

Bitter HT is a Slab-Serif font designed by Sol Matas for Huerta Tipográfica. It was created to make it easy for readers to read on digital devices. Just like Bookerly, Bitter Ht was also made specifically for e-reading.

Bitter Ht includes 18 glyphs, making it suitable for headlines, subheadings, and paragraphs. Choosing Bitter ht as the font makes us feel like we’re reading a traditional book.

3. Georgia

Georgia is a serif typeface designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft back in 1993. It is one of the popular fonts on this list. This font makes it easier for viewers to read on-screen. You can use this simple serif font family in a variety of ways thanks to its 4 styles.

The font feels contemporary as well as classic and trustworthy. In contrast to Bookerly and Bitter ht fonts, Georgia is a project of Microsoft and isn’t made specifically for e-reading. However, it is popular with Kindle owners.

4. ChareInk

chareink font
screenshot by u/kazeblaze

ChareInk is an updated version of the font Charis SIL. This typeface was shared by a user named JSWolf on the Mobileread forum. He created and shared four versions of this font, which you may download according to your needs.

  • Version 1 – ChareInk-NoHinting.zip
  • Version 1 – ChareInk-NoWeight-NoHinting.zip
  • Version 1.1 – Updated the kerning and there is no hinting
  • Original ChareInk v1.1.zip

If you are interested in reading Fantasy books, we recommend you to use ChareInk. Among Kindle lovers, ChareInk has become popular since it is specifically designed for e-readers.

5. Avenir Next

Avenir Next is a popular sans-serif font created by graphic designer Adrian Frutiger. It features a clean and easy-to-read style. From the day of the release its been used by many graphic designers for logos, posters, banners, ads, etc.

Many people prefer sans-serif when reading because of its readability and ease of reading. Sans-serif fonts do not have the same traditional appearance as serif fonts do. This is why they are usually used in modern ebooks.

Consider both serif and sans-serif fonts like Avenir and choose the one that relaxes your eyes.

6. Literata

Literata is a google font designed by TypeTogether. It comes in two versions. One for print and one for ebooks. Literata is specifically made for reading books//ebooks. After the launch, Google commissioned this project for Google Play Books.

Literata lets you read long-form content without causing eye strain and headaches. You can download and use Literata free of charge since it is a Google font.

7. Raleway

Raleway is another Google font that is designed by Matt McInerney, Pablo Impallari, and Rodrigo Fuenzalida. This sans-serif typeface is inspired by geometric designs. It was originally developed as a thin-weight typeface, but later it was expanded into 9 weights.

Raleway thin would be ideal for reading ebooks. It works well in smaller body text on the web because it was designed specifically for fast reading.

8. Linux Biolinum

Next on the list is a sans serif font created by Philipp H. Poll. Linux Biolinum and Linux Libertine are two fonts often recommended by Kindle readers. From the design, it almost looks like the font Optima. It is licensed under Public domain / GPL / OFL. Therefore, you can use it anywhere without paying a penny.

9. Palatino

Hermann Zapf designed Palatino, originally released in 1949 by the Stempel foundry. With its Serif style, it is perfect for reading history and biography books. This legible serif style takes inspiration from old books, resulting in a durable, trustworthy appearance.

10. Lora

Last on the list is Lora. Lora is a well-balanced contemporary serif typeface designed by Cyreal. Lora was originally designed for print books, but it works well on screens, too. Its brushed curves contrasted with driving serifs will make any paragraph stand out. This font provides 8 styles- Regular, Regular Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Bold, Bold Italic.

Wrap Up

Finding a font for your Kindle device can be challenging, luckily this post will help you. Make sure to pair only one or two fonts on the device. This will make it easy to read.

Comment your favorite Kindle font below. Also, share this post if you find this article helpful. Thanks

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