Are you launching a new clothing brand?

Then you must be looking for a name and logo for your brand. In this article, we’re going to share with you some Clothing logos and name ideas. So, you’ll be able to decide which style to use when creating the logo and naming the company.

A brand’s name and logo are the two most important elements of its identity. Logos and names are what customers use to identify your brand. Therefore, you should be diligent when choosing the name and logo for your company.

The process is easier when you draw inspiration from other fashion brands. That’s why we created this article.

How To Create A Clothing Brand Logo

Before going to the list, let’s talk about the logo designing process.

Getting a professional logo for your clothing brand can be hard without the help of a logo designer.

Fiverr is the best place to find an affordable logo designer. Starting from $5, you can order logos from Fiverr.

That’s why we recommend Fiverr for logo design

You don’t have to break your bank for a logo. In most gigs, you can request changes if you are unhappy with the outcome, so don’t worry about the quality issues.

Clothing Brand Logos and Name Ideas

Copying these names and logos is not a good idea. Create your own masterpiece based on inspiration. Make them unique and meaningful by combining the idea with your thoughts.

This gallery is a great place to start if you’re designing for a client or looking for inspiration for your own project.

Here is the list of clothing brand logos and names:

1. Joice

2. Stan Yolt

3. Khart

4. Palm Culture

5. Blank


7. Zesociety

8. Hydro

9. kotó

  • Brand Name: kotó
  • Designer: Ekaterina Chernyshova
  • View Project


11. Klash

12. ELOW

13. Tabula

14. Misara


Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a designer looking for some clothing logo inspiration or you’re a founder this post would be helpful.

If so, please share it with your friends. Comment down your favorite logo and name.