If you are wondering whether system fonts are free for commercial use, the answer depends on the operating system we use and the font we use. There are two parts to the answer: one for Windows users and another for Mac users.

When it comes to system font licensing, Mac and Windows have different terms. Thus we have to check the license of each system font’s website.

Let’s find out if we can use system fonts for commercial purposes in this article. Just keep reading.

Are Apple Fonts Free For Commercial Use?

No, all Apple system fonts are not commercially free to use. You can’t use an Apple system font for commercial purposes simply because it is included. You must check the license of each individual system font before using it commercially.

Your next question would be how can i check the system font license, right?

This is a straightforward process. You can easily check the license of a font using the Font Book in Apple OS.

Open Font Book and search for the font you want to check the license. After that, click on ‘View‘, then ‘Show font info‘. There you can see whether the font is licensed for commercial use or not.

Are Windows Fonts For Commercial Use?

According to Microsoft, you can use Microsoft fonts for commercial use if you’re not licensed under home, student, or non-commercial use. Therefore you can use Windows fonts for commercial use if you own the full version of Windows.

Even if it is ok to use it for commercial use, we recommend checking the font license before using them. Below we shared a cool way to find free fonts that are commercially ok to use.

Use Google Fonts

Whether you want to create logos or any commercial designs, Google fonts are best. Google has more than 1400 fonts in its free library. The best thing about Google fonts is that it is free to download and comes with a commercial license.

Check out our Google Fonts for Logos article if you’re looking for commercial-free fonts for logo designs.

With Google Fonts we get a collection of high-quality fonts because Google only chooses fonts that meet their criteria. That’s why we always recommend Google fonts for commercial uses.

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