So you’re looking for the best font for your landing page. Don’t worry this post will definitely help you. Picking the right font is a crucial step in designing landing pages. It has to be quick and easy so the viewers can navigate easily. Also, the font shows your brand identity.

It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if the landing page is not attractive then visitors will leave without buying.

Sans serif fonts are commonly used fonts on the web. Because it is easier to read and understand. Some popular sans serif fonts are Helvetica, Avant Garde, Arial, and Geneva.

We’ve gathered the best fonts for your landing page. Each font is listed with examples and suitable pairings. Choose a font that suits your product and brand.

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Fonts for Landing Pages (With Examples)

1. Rhode

If you’re looking for a unique heading font, look no further than Rhode. Designed by David Berlow, Rhode features 16 different styles. Its thickness gives your landing page more attention.

MoneyLion used Rhode on their landing page. They paired Rhode with Graphik. Great pairing. Graphik is a better option for paragraphs, subheadings, etc.

Font Pairing: Rhode + Open Sans, Roboto

2. Kazimir

best font for landing page-1

Next, we’ve got Kazimir. Kazimir is a serif typeface designed by Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky. It comes with five weights – light to bold.
Take a look at Alfred‘s landing page. They have done this cool design with Kazimir with Inter pairing. Inter works with most of the display fonts.

best font for landing page-1
Alfred’s landing page

Font Pairings with Kazimir: Inter, Trade Gothic, Roboto

3. Eina 02

best font for landing page-2
best font for landing page-2
Specify’s previous home page

Eina 02 would be a perfect choice for minimal digital products, digital marketing companies, etc. This font is similar to Helvetica.

You can pair it with a lightweight font just like Specify‘s old home page. They used Roboto for paragraphs, options, and subheadings. Kudos to the designers behind Specify.

Font Pairings with Eina 02: Roboto, Arial, Helvetica, Heebo

4. GT Walsheim Pro

best font for landing page-2

GT Walsheim is a geometric bold-looking font created by Noël Leu. It’s available in 8 styles – ultra-light, thin, light, regular, medium, bold, black, and ultra-bold. You don’t have to look for another font for pairing. Just use a light or medium version with a black or bold weight heading.

font for landing page

Ready incredibly uses GT Walsheim on their landing page. Take inspiration from their website and create your unique and clean landing page.

Font Pairing with GT Walsheim: Bold + Light, Black + Medium

5. Recoleta

font for landing page

Recoleta is becoming popular right now. It can be used to evoke the nostalgia of the 80s. But it works with modern pages as well. This vintage font is crafted by Jorge Cisterna. Recoleta has 15 different weights. Also, this typeface would be great for logos and watermarks.

font for landing page
Andre’s landing page

Check out Andre‘s landing page for example. He perfectly blended Recoleta with Averta. More examples are Clerksy and Humaaans.

Font Pairing: Bold + Light, Bold + Inter, Bold + Sofia

6. iA Writer Duospace

iA Writer Duospace is a perfect monospaced typeface designed by iA. It’s ideal for all sorts of coding, modern, digital landing pages. Anonymous Pro and Cousine are two popular monospace fonts right now. Include this font for better readability and consistency.

Anygood’s Landing Page

Anygood is a great example. It is designed by Can Saglam. For font pairings, any lightweight sans-serif font would be better. Or you can go with iA Writer Duospace Regular version.

Font Pairing:

7. Avenir Next

avenir next font for landing page

Adrian Frutiger and Akira Kobayashi made this simple yet powerful font. Avenir Next works great with all kinds of landing pages, but they particularly look great on clean and colorful pages. If you are creating a landing page for your e-commerce shop, you should definitely consider this typeface.

font for landing page
hum’s landing page

Colgate hum‘s landing page is designed using Avenir Next. Avenir pair well with Gilroy, Avenir light, Metro Nova.

Font Pairing:

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