Recoleta is a really amazing font and even better when creating logos and titles! However, if you are here, then this could mean that you are looking for alternatives or fonts similar to Recoleta, right?

Maybe it is too expensive for you, it isn’t compatible with your website or you think this font is overused.

Whatever the reason is, if you are looking for a decent alternative to this typeface, then you won’t regret reading our article!

The best thing about these fonts is that they are totally free, none of them are overused, and even if one font is incompatible with your site, the rest of the fonts will get the work done for sure!

Here we will present you with some of the best alternatives to Recoleta!

What Is Recoleta Font?

Recoleta is one of the most famous serif fonts, which was designed and released by Jorge Cisterna in 2018. Jorge mentioned that he got the inspiration for Recoleta from Cooper Black.

Which is one of the most famous bold serif fonts, loved by many people in older times. This helped Recoleta give classic yet modern vibes at the same time!

Furthermore, it has a variety of weights too.

This means there are just so many combinations you can use for your projects. Lighter weights are best for any kind of text or paragraph, and for titles and logos, bolder weights are always a great choice!

Free Alternatives and Similar Fonts to Recoleta

Recoleta has some of the best and most beautiful replacements, if you are searching for them then here are some of the best alternatives:

1. Averia Serif Libre


Averia Serif Libre is probably one of the most interesting fonts as it was designed by a combination of so many typefaces!

This makes Averia Serif Libre really unique and stylish compared to every other font. It will look great in just about every setting, so why not use it as an alternative to Recoleta?

Averia Serif Libre will make your logos and headings receive the fame and popularity they deserve, so make sure to try it as soon as possible!

2. Sanford


If you want a more stylish and prettier form of Recoleta, then Sanford will become your favorite font for sure! Sanford is a serif font that was designed by Fat Cat Fonts.

Its slim letters and sharp edges make it look really elegant and a great choice for text bodies. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for titles, since as a fashion or clothing brand logo, I’d look really great!

3. Made Mirage 

Made Mirage is a modern and elegant font that was designed and released by MadeType.

This typeface gives luxurious vibes, which means for hotel logos it can be an ideal option!

It has thin letters just like Sanford, but if you are looking for a more attractive and delightful alternative to Recoleta, then Made Mirage is all you need!

4. Made Sunflower 


With its name, you can guess that this sweet font was also designed by MadeType.

Made Sunflower is just like a real sunflower; it’s bright, beautiful, and can make anyone smile!

No matter what the situation, it will always look great, and that’s the reason it’s present here as one of the best alternatives to Recoleta.

5. Renzo 

Renzo is a really aesthetic serif font made by Marcelo Suazo.

This typeface looks just like the typewriter fonts, which gives it a classic and traditional feel. If your business needs these types of vibes, then Renzo is a must-use font!

Furthermore, it can be combined with many other popular fonts, which gives you many opportunities to create stunning combinations!

6. Made Dilan

Made Dilan is yet another gorgeous design by MadeType and without it, this list can’t be completed!

It’s because Made Dilan has many similar properties to Recoleta! It is beautiful, stunning, and lovely.

Furthermore, for fashion, clothing, photography, and headers, there will be no better choice than Made Dilan.

7. Timeless

We should thank Mr. Manfred Klein for creating this outstanding font called Timeless!

Why? because it’s really great, clean and readable!

Not to mention, this typeface is really timeless; it doesn’t matter how much you use it, it is always evergreen and fresh. This can be a great alternative if you think of Recoleta.

8. Rexmone 

Last but not least, everyone should use Rexmone at least once in their lives!

This serif font has Romanic-styled letters, which distinguishes it from the other fonts on this list. It’s not really similar to Recoleta, but when looked at from long distances, no one can spot a difference.

Google Fonts Similar to Recoleta?

Similar to Recoleta, Averia Serif Libre is the closest Google font.

Recoleta is truly a great font, but not everyone can use it for their projects!

Therefore, if you are having such a problem, then do not forget to opt for the fonts given above. They are free, beautiful, and can be impressive replacements for Recoleta.

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