Every graphic designer should know the basics of the images. This will include various formats. If you don’t know about the formats, you are missing out a lot. If you know about the formats, it will be easier for you to find the relevant images when you are searching for any.

#1 PNG: Portable Network Graphics

The first one that we are going to see is the PNG image. This is usually used when you are creating a transparent background. PNG is the file where the background can be transparent. Therefore, it’s used in clipart, templates, and much similar stuff.

#2 PSD: Photoshop Document

PSD files are the project files of Photoshop. If you edit a photo or create a project in a Photoshop document. When you make some edits to that, it should be saved as a PSD document. In this way, you can easily make things easier. You can directly add the layers in the PSD file. You can only open PSD files in Photoshop.

#3 AI: Adobe Illustrator

This is a file similar to the above one. It’s the file for Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is similar software that works along the lines of Photoshop. In this way, one can easily use the file format to edit stuff. This is one of the must-know formats for graphic designers. It’s a software-specific format and can be opened in the same.

#4 EPS: Encapsulated PostScript

EPS files are used when the art is being transferred. Let’s say, for example, you have made a mockup design and you want to transfer it to the people, you can easily use the EPS format. The EPS format makes it easier for anyone to transfer the vector. It can be opened in various tools and one can edit the files which are in this format. You can open EPS anywhere. Most people use Adobe Illustrator to open the EPS file as there are all the options given in it.

#5 PDF: Portable Document Format

It’s another format that is widely used for books, you can surely use it for more purposes too. If you have the order of creating a graphical eBook, you will have to send the files in PDF format. Just like there are tools for all the above formats, there is no specific tool here. You can open it anywhere. However, if you want to do the editing or play around with PDFs, you can use the 2PDF online service. This will make your work much faster as the process is faster.

#6 GIF: Graphics Interchange Format

It’s a low-resolution format that is mostly used for visual animation. It’s like having a small 4-second video in a loop without sound. You might have seen this at many places especially in social media apps. You can use it for animation and also use it in videos.

Final Words

These are some of the formats you should know along with the basic formats such as JPG and JPEG. You can use the formats as per the requirements of the client.