The Internet is really vast and there are a lot of tattoo fonts available on it, but the worst thing about them is that not all are good enough. Whenever you search for tattoo fonts on Google, you may see some good results, but as you explore more, you will realize that they actually don’t look good. So, if you are tired of finding some good tattoo fonts for names, then you have visited the right page.

In this article we are going to enlist the best tattoo fonts you will ever find on the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tattoo designer or a graphic designer; you can use them for anything you want.

Another great thing about them is that some of them are free and almost all are affordable, which makes purchasing them a highly worthwhile option.

As a result, put an end to your search for tattoo fonts and read this article all the way through, because we have everything you’ll ever need!

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What Are Tattoo Fonts? 

Most of the time, tattoo fonts are script and handwritten typefaces with stylish looks. They are designed in this manner so that they can be used perfectly for tattoos while remaining appealing to those around them. 

Not to mention, calligraphy fonts also make good tattoos, so whenever you look for tattoo fonts, make sure you focus on such styles.

Furthermore, nowadays, having a tattoo of your or your partner’s name is a trend. Many people love it because this way they can express themselves more.

Even celebrities take advantage of this chance and often get a tattoo of their partner’s name. Justine Bibber, Johnny Depp, and David Beckman are some good examples of celebrities who got tattoos of their partners’ names!

14 Amazing Tattoo Fonts For Names

Here’s a list of the most iconic tattoo name design fonts. All of them are so beautiful and perfect, so make sure you try them soon:

1. Carolyna Pro Black

Designed by Emily Lime, Carolyna Pro Black is an appealing and iconic handwritten font that would look perfect as a tattoo. Also, this font is a fusion of calligraphy and brush style, which makes it even more beautiful.

Whenever you design something with it, you will notice a modern and handwritten touch that can make your projects more elegant than ever! Lastly, it’s a paid typeface with more than 1000 characters available, so use your imagination to design some distinctive tattoos that everyone will adore.

2. Lucida Calligraphy

Looking for a clear and readable tattoo font? If so, then Lucida Calligraphy has got your back as it’s a cute cursive font with a really readable letter style. If you love ink designs that don’t include too much aesthetics, then Lucida is a good way to go for you since it’s sharp and simple.

Furthermore, Lucida Calligraphy has 5 different weights, from thin to thick. Each of them is perfect, so make sure to make a purchase soon!

3. Amaze Font

In a list of tattoo fonts, we can never forget italic typefaces like Amaze! It’s a thin and stylish italic font, which may give you retro vibes. With that said, if you miss the old era, then getting an ink design with Amaze wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It’s easy to read and too beautiful to ignore, which means people around you will surely love you, which can make you the center of attention. That’s the reason Amaze is something you must try.

4. King Lionel

Vintage fonts can never go out of style and that’s the reason why I have bought Suthi Srisopha’s King Lionel for you! This font is truly a kind of cursive and handwritten font with its amazing letter style.

It never fails to remind people of the late 90’s, which is the reason it’s loved by many vintage lovers. Therefore, if you don’t really like modern tattoos, it’s time to get a retro tattoo that looks good on you.

5. Chopin Script

Some people are just in love with cursive fonts from their school days, and for such people, there can be no better option than Chopin Script. It’s simply a cursive font which has focused a lot on its look, and that’s made it more iconic than any other tattoo font.

This font has all upper and lowercase letters along with some more special characters, which makes it even more versatile. So if you want to try it, then go ahead since it’s free for commercial use!

6. Maratre

Maratre is another highly stylish addition to this list. If you loved the previous cursive fonts on this list, then it’s guaranteed that you will love ClaudeP’s Maratre too!

It has 140 well-crafted characters and some unique glyphs that will make your iconic tattoos stand out. So, if you are in the mood to try it, then make sure you buy its license for stress-free designing.

7. Karmila Script

In a list of tattoo fonts, it’s hard to not add handwritten fonts. That’s the reason we couldn’t ignore Karmila Script at all. Its modern script font was designed by Alcode. This font is typically used on greeting cards, wedding invitations, and other places where sweetness is required.

This makes Karmila Script a perfect option for women, so any female who wants sweet and cute tattoos on her hands must try out Karmila Script really soon!

8. Angel Wish

Without Angel Wish this list wouldn’t be completed since it’s considered as one of the most famous tattoo fonts ever. In the 90’s, almost every person had a tattoo designed with this font, which made it a trendy and fan favorite ink design font.

Therefore, if you want to bring back that retro feel to this modern world, then having a tattoo with Angel Wish would be an amazing idea.

9. King Cross

In the world of ink designs, gothic styled fonts are always in style, and if you are a goth person, then King Cross will be your favorite typeface for sure. You can have multiple cute tattoos on your body with this font, and all of them will look really charming.

Another amazing thing about this font is that it’s free for both personal and commercial use, which means you can try it right away!

10. Black Letter

Black Letter is another famous tattoo name design font. It’s vintage and cool enough to make you stand out in this new generation.

Furthermore, one great thing about this font is that it can be used for logo designing too, so if you own a tattoo design shop, try out Black Letter to gain some more sales.

11. Othelie

Stylish ink designs are fine, but simple ones are just something else. They are unique, readable, and easily one of the best tattoo designs ever. For such types of tattoo lovers, Othelie can be a great choice as it’s simple, bold, and a perfect pick for your future name design tattoo.

Not to mention, Othelie is a multi-purpose typeface as well, which means you can always use it for any other purpose whenever you need!

12. Ropstone Font

Tattoos always don’t have to be thin and cursive, as they look great when they are thick and bold as well. That’s the reason we are introducing you to another vintage font named Ropstone font.

It’s designed by Graptail and is inspired by classic posters. It works well everywhere; it doesn’t matter whether you want to design a tattoo or a heading. This font will instantly add a retro vibe to the design, which will make it more iconic.

13. Bandito Script Font

If there is a perfect tattoo font, then it’s none other than the Bandito Script font, which was designed by SockMamba. If you love Mexican typography, then it’s not a bad idea to have a font with this font. It’s highly appealing and can easily make you famous among your friends.

This font shines so well that even your friends may want to use it, so why not try it out soon?

14. Lordish

Last but not least, Lordish is just another font which makes this list complete. If you are a tattoo lover, then it’s guaranteed that you always wanted an ink design with this kind of style. Now it’s time to make your dream come true, so make sure you purchase Lordish soon!

It’s inspired by a calligraphy style, which makes it even more iconic, so if you are planning to get a tattoo soon, then make sure it’s designed with Lordish!


Tattoo fonts are truly unique and amazing. They can easily stand out and are way more attractive than display fonts, which isn’t the reason you must design something with them on your body.

King Linoel, Lordish, Chopin Script, and Angel Wish are some of the best choices when it comes to ink design fonts, so make sure you try them out soon and get a cute tattoo!