When you are using Canva, the most challenging thing everyone faces is finding the perfect font!

Of course, there are hundreds of fonts you can choose from, but not all of them are equally beautiful.

This makes many Canva users scroll through the typeface for hours, which is something no one wants to do.

However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on creating your brand’s logo.

Since we are here to share a list of 10 aesthetic fonts for Canva!

This article contains the most elegant and gorgeous-looking fonts that can make your designs look unique and special.

Whether you are creating a social media cover or a wedding invitation, if you are a confused designer who just can’t find the perfect typeface, then you must try the suggestions given below!

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What is An Aesthetic Font?

Originally, the term “aesthetic” meant the philosophical study of beauty, nature, or art. However, nowadays people use this word to describe any beautiful or good-looking thing they love.

Most of the time, these aesthetic things include charming edited pictures or videos on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

Just like that, now many people have started calling fonts aesthetic too!

If you are wondering what those aesthetic fonts are, then here is a list of the 10 best fonts you must use for Canva:

Best Aesthetic Canva Fonts

1. Holiday

It is known as one of the most fashionable and bold fonts that give stylish and modern vibes to your design.

Just like its name, it’s best to use this typeface whenever you are designing something for a holiday.

Whether you are creating holiday cards or vacation invitation cards for your friends, Holidays will be a choice you won’t regret!

Additionally, if you are a travel YouTuber or blogger, then this font can be your best friend as it fits such subjects with ease.

2. Findel

This font was designed by Ufuk Aracıoğlu and it’s a part of the serif family as well.

However, unlike its other family members, it’s a little rounded, which makes it a really good option to be used for marketing purposes.

For example, you can use Findel for your advertisement, and because it’s a big and bold font, people won’t face difficulty noticing it.

This feature can attract many customers and help your products shine, reaching more and more people.

So if you work in a commercial field, then it’s a must-use font for you!

3. Aprila

Aprila is considered one of the most stylish, catchy, easy-to-read, and modern fonts ever!

This font was inspired by the hippie movement that occurred in 1960. Aprila is a lot related to hippie people’s personalities as it gives positive energy and provides a fun and colorful vibe.

Aprila is so good that sometimes people can’t help but use it in every project since it fits everywhere.

From blogs, invitations, posters, photographs, and quotes, it’s possible to use the font anywhere you want!

4. Hatton

Hatton is probably the font with one of the most interesting histories since it was designed because of a collaboration between designers Pangram Pangram and Two Times Elliott.

This font’s name and design were inspired by Hatton Garden. This place was mainly known as the center of the diamond trade in the UK.

The designers saw many shops at that place, and their logos helped them create this beautiful typeface.

It Can be used easily while composing banners, handouts, logos, and many other giant advertisements.

5. Moontime

You may use this fashionable, lovely font in a variety of projects for both digital and print applications since it is elegant and gorgeous.

The handwriting typeface Moontime Font has a distinctive and exquisite brush style, making it ideal for headlines, logotypes, cards, letterheads, and fashion designs.

6. Ahsing

Ahsing is a single-weight typeface with several origins and stylistic influences that strives to investigate fresh design ideas.

This design makes reference to both previous typeface forms while being distinctive and original in its appearance thanks to its powerful form, great contrast, and significant diagonal axis.

7. Kare

Kare is an amazing typeface created by a famous graphic designer, Othmar Motter, in the ’70s. Although it was created a long time ago, many people still use it often.

You can say this font was made especially for modern fashion designs!

Kare is the best option if you want a catchy or aesthetic font for your fashion brand, blogs, or magazines.

8. Yellowtail

Yellowtail is a popular cursive typeface. It’s a classic font, but it has a very modern vibe to it, so many designers use it without hesitation.

Many people think cursive fonts are hard to read, but that’s not the problem with Yellowtail because of its connecting and non-connecting letters.

This means your visitors won’t face difficulties with reading your logos and banners, which can give a great boost to your business!

9. Chloe

A traditional Sans Serif font. Create stunning graphics with a vintage feel and strong, beautiful headlines.

Chloe’s contrasting lines and rounded terminals provide logos, Christmas cards, wedding invites, quotes, advertising, and a classy, sophisticated appearance.

Chloe is a versatile typeface with a personality that you’ll use repeatedly. Today, work with Chloe to create something lovely.

Lastly, the best thing about this font is that it’s literally free on most of the design plans, which means you can use it whenever you want.

10. Rasputin Light

Rasputin is a fresh serif typeface with elegant characters and lots of usage choices.

Use Rasputin for flyers, publications, web articles, etc., or create high-quality branding designs when simplicity is crucial.

The slender lines of its characters can even elicit a spooky sense with the correct colors and background, making it ideal for horror book covers, titles, and posters.

Light, regular, semi-bold, and bold are the four different weights that are included; the regular weight is offered without charge.

The other three, on the other hand, are only available with the premium edition on the most designed platforms, such as Canva.


Everywhere you go, fonts matter a lot more than you think, whether it’s a normal grocery store or an e-commerce brand.

The beauty of these fonts is also important. If you use the aesthetic fonts listed above, then there’s nothing that can prevent you from getting attention!

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