Life is too short to enjoy in this fast-paced world; even important events like weddings can’t be enjoyed enough nowadays, which might make them less memorable to some people. This is the reason people organize small events or at least try some small and fun things like sending Save the Date cards.

These cards aren’t like your usual invitation cards, as they are meant only for some close relatives and friends. They are like a confirmation announcement of the wedding, with avenue, time, and a reminder to save the date on the calendar!

And that’s what brings us here today, as in this article we will be sharing some of the most glorious save-the-date fonts available on the internet! However, you might be wondering what’s the use of these fonts if you don’t have any upcoming weddings, right? 

Well, fortunately, weddings aren’t the only occasions you use these fonts for. Whether it’s birthday parties, anniversaries, some fun parties, or celebrations at the office, you are allowed to use Save the Date fonts for all your needs! So, what are you waiting for? It’s always a good idea to take a break and do something fun, like creating some beautiful Save the Date cards with the fonts listed here.

12 Best Elegant Save-the-Date Fonts 

Before you step into the world of these charming fonts, just remember that most of them are free, but some might not be, so you will need to purchase them to receive their benefits!

Minted Mood

Minted mood is as soothing as it sounds when used for texts, and thanks to its silk-like design, it will allow your Save the Date card to look refreshing and compelling. Not to mention, since it has such a sleek and sweet-looking design, it can be a great choice for peaceful events like weddings and ceremonies. Also, since it matches their theme, you will surely remain excited till the real date of the event comes close! Lastly, Minted Mood is a paid font, but an extremely worthwhile choice!

Autumn in November

Are you a huge fan of autumn? Do you want to celebrate your special occasions during this beautiful season? If so, then there’s no better choice than Autumn in November by Misti’s Fonts. It’s a stylish display typeface with amazing readability and style that allows you to type eye-catching headlines for your Save the Date card. This font can come in handy for many events, like bonfire night or Halloween, so do not miss it, as it’s free!

I love Glitter

Everyone loves sparkly glitter! Especially kids. That’s why our next font is I Love Glitter by Misti’s Fonts. Most of the time, the best fonts for Save the Date cards are elegant and silent. It’s rare to see such cheerful typefaces on the list, so let’s have some fun with them! This font can obviously come in handy for birthday parties, but that’s not all. If you are having a backyard party or a very cheerful wedding, then this free font can be a go-to option!

Script font Wild Love

With Angele Kamp’s script Wild Love, we are back to elegant typefaces yet again! It’s another fluent and cursive font with a stylish design, ready to make others fall in love with it. Especially if the events it’s used for are weddings, dates, Valentine’s Day events, or anniversaries! Despite a cursive look, Wild Love has great readability, allowing it to be used in various places on your save-the-date card! It may be a paid font, but it is still worth every single penny.

Helena Bloom

Helena Bloom by Yipianesia is a beautiful choice for many people, especially for those who aren’t fond of cursive typefaces! They may look elegant, but readability and simple design are important too. That’s why Helena Bloom might be your only choice when it comes to designing some cute Save the Date cards for family events, charity events, anniversary parties, and more! Just remember, it’s a paid typeface!

Bold Stylish Calligraphy

Just like the name suggests, Bold Stylish Calligraphy by Misti’s Fonts is a charming font, especially if you are a fan of retro calligraphy! It features a beautiful old-style design ready to fascinate all your friends from the 90s! This makes bold, Stylish Calligraphy a great choice for your 50th wedding anniversary’s Save the Date card! Or maybe it’s been 30 years since your business has been running, so why not celebrate it and have some fun?

Stylish Calligraphy

If you liked the previous font, then there’s a high chance you are going to love Stylish Calligraphy, also by Misti’s Fonts! Since it’s almost the same typeface with some tweaks, which makes it a little bit different than the previous version, Firstly, stylish calligraphy isn’t as bold as the previous typeface and has much more cursive representation. Stylish calligraphy is a great choice for both the old and modern generations, allowing it to be a more versatile option for free!


When there’s a need for elegant fonts, whether it’s for brand design, product design, or just for our beautiful Save the Date cards, Malinda excels at each! Elegant design, feminine vibe, clear shapes, cheerfulness, and readability—Malinda has got everything you will need in a good save-the-date font. Consider it a great choice for a kitty party or wedding anniversary card. But just remember, all this comes with a price!


Of course, stylish and fancy designs aren’t going to work just everywhere, especially when the events are a bit formal, and in such situations, Aulyars by 7NTypes can greatly come in handy. Aulyars, despite having a bit of a stylish design, looks like it might be the perfect fit for professional work, especially when saving the date for graduation parties, office parties, or retirement ceremonies. Aulyars is a free font as well, which provides you with yet another benefit.

Hello Paris

If you are still not done with the stylish typefaces, then we might need to introduce you to Hello Paris by Sans & Sons. Hello Paris is a striking, bold display font with many attractive features, and since Paris is known as the city of love, why not use Hello Paris for some cute and romantic-looking save-the-date cards for your wedding? It’s a paid font, but with its amazing design, you can never regret spending a few dollars on it!


Remember that save-the-date cards are only for special and close people? If you want to make those people feel more special and connected to you, then you better use Kingfoil by Muntab_Art. Kingfoil is a modern display font with a gold-like texture, which feels so nice to look at on both prints and digital. And receiving something like this easily makes people feel special, which is why Kingfoil is a great purchase!


However, if you are looking for something free and not too special because you are already close to your friends, then Monallesia by AEN Creative Studio is a perfect choice. It’s simple yet attractive, stylish yet readable, and completely free, which makes it one of the most perfect typefaces on the list!


Just because they are called the Best Fonts for Save the Date doesn’t mean their use ends right there; feel free to use them for the actual invitation cards and further decorations as well. This way, you will easily get the most use out of these amazing save-the-date fonts!