YouTubers are simply amazing; with their engaging and outstanding content, they never fail to entertain us, which makes them an important part of our daily lives. However, this wouldn’t be possible if their eye-catching logos didn’t attract us to their channel.

Yes, you read that right—most successful YouTubers never choose a random image as their logo. They design it with everything that represents them well so that they can easily attract a targeted audience.

PewDiePie and T-Series are good examples of popular YouTuber logos. You can easily look at them and understand that they are well-designed artworks and not randomly chosen pictures. And another interesting fact about these logos is that they have many hidden meanings behind them, which helps them become popular.

If you want to know about them, keep reading this post till the end since here we are going to look at the most popular YouTuber logos and names. Try to use them as inspiration for your own YouTube channels!

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11 Popular YouTuber Logos And Names

Every YouTuber has a different logo, and here’s a list of the most popular ones. Understand how and why they are designed to get some inspiration for your own logo!

1. MrBeast

mr beast youtuber logo

MrBeast is one of the most well-known YouTubers and has one of the most recognized logos. It is designed with a blue panther facing the right side and a pink lightning bolt, which symbolizes brutality and wildness. The background includes white and light blue marks that resemble a panther’s claw marks. Lastly, Mr. Beast’s name is written below the panther symbol.

The blue color in this logo represents passion and professionalism; the lightning bolt represents speed, and the panther represents the brand’s name.

2. Pewdiepie

pewdiepie youtuber logo

Pewdiepie is the second-most subscribed YouTuber, and everyone knows him for his comedic gaming content and commentary. Pewdiepie has changed his logo many times, and a surprising fact about them is that all of them are still iconic.

His most famous logo is the Brofist one, which includes a blue fist with four fingers that looks like a P. This design represents the channel’s name well, which is why it’s loved so much.

Then comes the current logo, which has a really artistic vibe and represents the psychological period of Pewdiepie’s content.

3. 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts easily has the most simple and eye-catching logo ever. They have a yellow bulb that represents ideas! And their channel is all about small ideas, which makes it a good option for a popular YouTuber logo.

The bulb remains the same, but the designs in the middle of it keep changing. Sometimes a smiley face, sometimes a lightning bolt, and now a 5, which symbolizes their 5-minute crafts.


When it comes to professionalism, there’s no YouTube channel that beats MKBHD’s logo. With geometric shapes and a futuristic vibe, this logo easily represents the channel and allows the audience to understand what MKBHD has to offer them.

This channel has changed its logo many times too, but they were always almost similar: two rectangles inside each other, one black and one red. These colors easily emit a professional and tech vibe, which makes it a perfect logo for such a YouTube channel.

5. Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye is another YouTube channel with a really straightforward logo. In childhood, the channel creator was called Jack, which is his nickname, and once he got an eye infection that made his one eye look like a septic eye disease, so his friends called him Jack septic eye, and that’s where he got the inspiration for his YouTube channel’s name and logo.

His logo is really simple, as it’s just a large green eye that represents his channel name.

6. Jelly

Jelly’s logo is probably the most simple YouTuber logo ever since it includes just a green jelly with a laughing face. He uses this logo to tell people about his friendly and funny content. He wants to tell others that they will laugh just like that jelly if they watch his videos.

And since he uploads gaming content too, this jelly helps him gain many kids’ subscribers on his channel too.

7. Ninja

Ninja is the most famous gamer worldwide, and he has a really mysterious and attractive logo for a gaming channel. When looking at the channel logo, you can see a blue-haired ninja with scary looks that add an impactful vibe to his gaming channel.

The channel’s name is designed well, with sword-styled letters too, which looks really impressive and gives cool vibes to the logo, which is something every gamer loves. This logo represents his nature of being a quick person who knows how to manage his life with quick speed.

8. Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect’s logo is one of the best YouTuber logos because it easily defines both its content and the channel’s name. Their logo looks like the letters “D” and “P,” which is an abbreviation of their channel name. Their funky and light blue-green color represents their funny sports content, which is something they are known for.

The logo looks relaxed and easygoing, which adds another positive vibe to this logo and makes it more reliable to its audience.

9. Markiplier

Although Markiplier is known for his horror gaming content, his logo looks really funny and may even confuse viewers sometimes. There’s a large M in his logo that stands for his own name, Markiplier, and then there’s a pink mustache that just adds a funny look to the design. Maybe he decided to go with this logo because he wants to emphasize the positive and funny side of his channel more.

10. Cocomelon

Almost every kid has Cocomelon subscribed to their YouTube account, and why should it not be? It’s the best kids’ channel after all. And to reach this position, their logo has helped them so much. Cocomelon’s logo is a super-friendly design with a TV colored in watermelon colors and a smiley face.

The watermelon theme is because it’s a popular fruit among kids, the TV because kids love watching cartoons on it, and lastly the smiley face makes the logo even more friendly.

11. T-Series

Let’s finish this list with the most subscribed channel on YouTube, which is known as the T-Series. A popular music company has always kept its audience engaged with beautiful songs.

The T in the T-series logo and name stands for Trishul, a weapon held by the Indian deity Lord Shiva. The owner of T-Series worshiped Shiva, which is why the company has this name and logo.


There are so many amazing YouTubers with beautiful and attractive logos and names, and in this list, we have mentioned the most popular ones. Understanding their logo style and inspiration can help you design your own logo, so make sure to take a look at them and observe them properly!

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