The holiday season is one of the best times of the year. We enjoy our time with family, eat tasty dishes, and send cute greeting cards to each other. But since it’s holiday time, these greeting cards must look special, and a great way to do this is by trying out some Google holiday fonts!

Maybe you didn’t know this before, but Google has a wide range of charming and heart-warming seasonal typefaces that will easily help you enjoy and celebrate your holidays to the fullest. Whether you want to do festival decoration, design greeting cards, or create logos, these Google holiday fonts are just perfect for every task because of their unique style and look.

Therefore, make sure to read this article to the end so that you don’t miss anything. And pick the best holiday fonts on Google to make your festival season more enjoyable than ever!

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Why Google Fonts?

Whenever Google fonts are suggested to designers, the first thing they ask is, “Why Google fonts?” Although there are numerous well-used font libraries available to provide you with a wide variety of lovely types, it’s actually because Google Fonts has some amazing benefits that cannot be provided by any other font library, which is why this article only includes minimal fonts from Google.

Furthermore, for those who have never used Google fonts before, here are some benefits of the Google font library:

  • Free fonts, no license required for any typeface
  • From handwritten to display, every family and type of font is available
  • More than 1,200 fonts to use
  • Typefaces that are suitable for any website
  • Fast loading typefaces
  • Permission to use fonts unlimited times

8 Festive Fonts On Google

Every font library on the internet may have many amazing holiday fonts, but they still can’t beat the Google ones, since they are really dazzling and, most importantly, all of them are free to use!

1. Satisfy

Just like its name implies, designing anything with it feels pretty satisfying because of its smooth and lovely style. It never fails to add charm to projects and works best for any kind of text, heading, or credit.

You can choose to design some sweet greeting cards with it or use it for decoration of any holiday like Christmas and Easter Day; the choice is yours! Just like every Google font, it’s free to use, so do not worry about licensing at all, and get ready to design some attention-stealing designs!

2. Great Vibes

Every single holiday gives us great vibes, so using the Great Vibe font at such a time can be a perfect idea. Great Vibe is a handwritten typeface that has beautifully flowing letters to give some good vibes to its viewers. Its designer is Robert Leuschke, and he recommends using this font for anything you like, whether it’s packaging, advertising, or logo design.

Great vibes is versatile enough to fit in any kind of design, so you don’t need to worry about using it. However, since we are talking about holidays here, it’s best to use this font for the headings of greeting cards.

3. Snowburst One

Here comes a perfect holiday font, which is known as Snowburst One! It’s a fun and childish font with a really cute look that will surely make you feel happy. It’s a low-contrast serif display font designed by Annet Stirling. 

Snowburst One has a really unique design, which is really found in the font, but this typeface is still highly readable, making it a perfect choice for many holiday projects.

You are allowed to design logos, headings, or any other displaying design with it. since it can show its true potential only when used in large sizes.

4. Mountains of Christmas

If you are wondering which is the best font for Christmas, Then it is mountains of Christmas. Designed by Tart Workshop, Mountains of Christmas is a playful serif font that is often used for many kinds of Christmas decorations.

Additionally, it can be used at any time of the year, but it’s best to use it for Christmas since it’s made for that.

Its beautiful design and cute style suit the Christmas vibe well, so designing some t-shirts, cups, or logos wouldn’t be a bad idea. Add this Christmas font to your list and give a personal, warm touch to your designs by creating something beautiful with it.

5. Cinzel Decorative

Cinzel Decorative is a must-have font when it comes to holidays and festivals, as it’s a sharp and smooth typeface that will surely make your design stand out. It’s inspired by retro writing style and horror movie logos, which makes it a good choice for Halloween. 

With Cinzel Decorative, you can easily add a spooky look to your designs, create some scary logos, and have fun at parties in a ghostly style.

So make sure to give it a try to Cinzel Decorative and design some designs that are perfect for next Halloween!

6. Henny Penny

When it comes to kid’s designs, there’s no font that can beat Henny Penny! Actually, this font’s name is inspired by the cartoon character Chicken Henny Penny, and since its design is also super cute, kids easily get attracted to anything designed with it.

A great thing about Henny Penny is that it works for any kind of holiday, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or the New Year. You will find using this font really easy on every occasion, so design some dazzling pieces of art with it.

7. Love Ya Like A Sister

Love Ya Like A Sister by Kimberly Geswein is another playful font that should be added to your list of holiday fonts because of its sweet design. Its characters look like they were drawn with a crayon or pencil, which gives this typeface a unique and outstanding look, making it a good choice for vacations like Christmas.

You can use this typeface to write letters or greeting cards to someone you love, like a sister. It’s a good option for logos and advertising purposes since it has good readability.

8. Amatic SC

Amatic SC is a great handwritten font created by a popular designer, Vernon Adams. It has thin letters compared to every other typeface on the list, but still, this font manages to steal people’s attention because of its simple yet dazzling looks.

At first, you may think the main purpose of this font is writing texts, but surprisingly, it’s so versatile that almost any type of typography can be done with it. Whether it’s Halloween decorations on Christmas cards, just design it with Amatic SC and watch everyone fall in love with your designs.


During the holiday season, picking the right fonts can be a daunting task, but since we have already mentioned some of the best holiday fonts on Google Docs, you don’t need to waste hours searching for them.

Try fonts like Great Vibe, Henny Penny, or Mountains of Christmas, as they are among the best choices for the festive season. Lastly, do not forget they are free to use, which means trying them out is really worth it!