Whenever you are creating a brand logo, fonts are the most important element of its design.

It’s because people take less than a second to form an opinion about your brand. This means if your logo isn’t impressive enough or your customers can’t understand it, they will walk away immediately.

This is the reason fonts matter so much. The right font can lead you to success, while the wrong one can completely destroy your career.

In such a situation, many people wonder how they can choose the right font from thousands of typefaces.

However, you shouldn’t worry since here we have a list of the best Canva fonts for logos!

Furthermore, we would like to share some tips to help you choose the perfect fonts for your brand too, so feel free to use them.

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Just because a font looks beautiful to you doesn’t mean you should design your brand’s logo with it. Since there are some factors that you must keep in mind while selecting the perfect typeface.

Picking a font while considering these factors can drastically help your brand receive the attention it deserves!

These factors can include:

1. Understand The Meaning Of Fonts

Just like colors, fonts have different meanings too. Some fonts show positivity and cheerfulness, while others may bring out emotions and feelings!

Therefore, when you choose a typeface, it’s important to think about what your audience will feel when they see your logo.

For example, if you want to create a logo for a fashion brand, it’s better to use a cursive font rather than a simple and bold font!

Cursive fonts are mostly used for fashion brands because they can easily indicate the meaning of your brand.

2. Keep Your Logo Simple.

Remember, you have less than a second to make your impression on your audience. All of your efforts will be for naught if your customers can’t properly understand your logo at this point.

3. Never Follow Trends

Trends are temporary, if something is famous today then it will be forgotten after 6 months.

No one wants their company shut down just because a font isn’t in a trend anymore. So always make sure to avoid such stylish fonts, no matter how pleasing they look.

Best Fonts For Logo on Canva

Since now you know about all the factors for choosing a perfect typeface, it’s time to pick the perfect font for your brand!

Here’s a list of the best Canva fonts for logos:

1. Sacramento

Best Fonts For Logo on Canva

Released in 1960 by Brian J. Bonislawsky, Sacramento is an old yet stylish font.

This typeface is renowned for its distinctive texture and the fantastic sense of style it gives to designs, giving them a more natural appearance.

Furthermore, this font is used by many famous fashion and jewelry brands, like Hayman Jewelry!

Which makes it a perfect fit for such brands and companies.

2. Tan Kindred

Best Fonts For Logo on Canva

Tan Kindred is a newly released font, which is being used by many designers nowadays.

If you want an aesthetic yet modern-looking font for the logo, then there can’t be a better choice than Tan Kindred.

When used with geometric, graphics, or artwork, it looks really beautiful and it will surely make your first impression really extraordinary!

Tan Kindred was already mentioned on our Canva Fonts for Youtube Thumbnails post.

3. Poppins

Best canva Fonts For Logo

Whether you are posting your brand’s logo on a pen, billboard, or poster, your logo can be easily noticed if you use this font.

And that’s the reason it’s present in this list! Many other websites, like Ecoempire, have designed their logo with this font because they know even a simple typeface can have a big impact on customers.

4. Six Caps

Best canva Fonts For Logo

It’s considered one of the most used and popular fonts because of the way it looks and steals people’s attention!

It was designed by Vernon Adams in 2007, but surprisingly, Six caps haven’t been forgotten to this date.

Furthermore, there are successful websites like Makeshift Brooklyn and Nick Levesque that use six caps and never regret their font choice.

5. The Seasons

Best canva Fonts For Logo

When you hear this name, you probably imagine something colorful, right? It’s because this is the job of this font!

Whenever someone sees your logo written with this typeface, they won’t be able to resist visiting your brand.

This font looks great on wedding invitations, quotes, product packages, and logos, most importantly.

6. Brittany

Best canva Fonts For Logo

The Brittany Signature Font is an attractive, sophisticated signature-style script with its own distinctive curves and flow.

Additionally, its unique curves and inky flows make it a perfect font for fashion brands, so if you own a fashion company, then it’s time for you to give it a try.

7. Raleway

Best canva Fonts For Logo

This list can’t be completed without Raleway, a font specially made for headings and titles, which means it would look really impactful as a logo!

It’s easy to read and reliable, which is why famous websites like The forage. co-opt for this font.

8. DM Serif Display

Best canva Fonts For Logo

A serif family font designed by Colophon Foundry, just like Raleway this font was also made for big screens and posters, making it a perfect fit for a company logo.

9. Moontime

Best canva Fonts For Logo

This font is really important for your logo design.

The typeface conveys a lot to the reader about the tone of the text, even though we may not always notice it. It creates a visual perception of the information it transmits.

Although it’s a cursive font, reading it isn’t a hard task as there is a lot of space between each letter!

10. Bebas Neue

Best canva Fonts For Logo

As for the final font, we have Bebas Neue, a font with a unique name and looks that leave a great impact on your audience.

It’s another simple font in this list that should not be underestimated since after creating your logo with it you will understand how simplicity is important in any design.


In a logo, fonts matter way more than you think. Selecting the right ones can give a boost to your business.

Therefore, whenever you want to create a logo for a business, keep the factors given above in your mind.

Feel free to use the fonts given above, as all of them are free and available on Canva.

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