Whether it’s a business meeting, a school slide show, or a group presentation, as long as you have a PowerPoint presentation with you, you can make some beautiful slideshows that will always be loved by your audience.

However, using the same old themes and templates from the PowerPoint library can make your presentation a bit boring, since many people don’t like repetitive designs and backgrounds, which can make your audience lose interest in your shows. Your slideshow story may be interesting, but without cute designs, kids aren’t going to love it.

In such a situation, the best thing you can do is look for some new and decent PPT templates. In today’s world, it’s not a difficult task, as there are thousands of presentation templates available, but not all can make you stand out! Some may look gorgeous but not work well when you add them to your presentation, which can waste a lot of time.

Luckily, that’s the reason we are here today to help you since in this article we are going to present you with some of the cutest Canva PPT templates available on the internet. They are beautiful, versatile, easy to use, and can help you deliver the best presentations easily!

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Why Canva? 


Indeed, Microsoft’s PowerPoint may seem like the best option to create slideshows, but with its same, old templates and designs, it’s not possible to appeal to a 21st-century audience. 

You must therefore move to another piece of software that not only makes it possible for you to generate excellent presentations but is also simple to use, and for such a task, there is no better option than Canva!

Everyone knows Canva is the best design platform available on the internet, and now it can be considered the best presentation maker as well! Canva is way more convenient and easy to use when compared to Microsoft PowerPoint. 

It has a large library of dazzling presentation themes and templates and provides a hassle-free experience, which is something every PowerPoint user would want!

So make sure for the upcoming slides that you switch to Canva and enjoy countless features like dazzling free presentation templates, thousands of free fonts, and much more!

10 Stunning Canva Presentation (PPT) Templates 

Finally, here’s the list of the 10 best Canva presentation templates. They are really aesthetic and can work well for any project, and lastly, most of them are free, which makes this deal even more worthwhile.

1. Cute Colorful Memory Game Presentation

Let’s start this list with a little cheerful PPT which is also known as Memory Game Presentation. This template was designed by Logo and Art and has really childish and aesthetic features. The colors used in this theme are one of those things that make it even more appealing, which easily makes it a good choice for kids’ slideshows.

Furthermore, Memory Game Presentation is 100% customizable, can be shared anywhere, and has some aesthetic animations and transitions, which make it even more versatile. Lastly, make sure to buy a Canva subscription to get this theme, as it can’t be optioned without that.

2. Pink Illustration Bingo Game Presentation

Does your daughter love to make presentations? If so, then gift her this Bingo Game Presentation by Eviory Studio! It’s a cute and aesthetic slideshow theme that can work well for girls, especially because it’s really pink!

Although Bingo game Presentation has a really simple and minimalist style, it will never fail to deliver the message you want to spread and will keep kids and people engaged with its charming and fuzzy style.

Also, let’s not forget about this template’s amazing transitions and animations that can make your shows even more lively. So make sure you do not forget to try it, as it’s an outstanding pick!

3. Yellow Purple Advocacy Pet Adoption Presentation

Yellow-Purple Advocacy Pet Presentation is a really simple yet soothing Canva PPT template by Eviory Studio. Its theme is all about pets, which makes it really cute and dazzling. Pet lovers can get attracted to this type of template really easily, and if you are one of them, then you should try out this Pet Adoption Presentation to make your work even more interesting.

Furthermore, this template is good for those slideshows that don’t include a lot of information, so that you can make your presentations even more engaging.

4. Pastel Cute Best Friends: Slam Book Fun Presentation

Loved the Bingo Game Presentation? If so, then here’s Eviory Studio’s other beautiful creation. Best Friends Presentation! It’s an innocent and simple Canva slide template that is ready to steal your heart with its cuteness.

If you are a teacher and your students love learning through slides and presentations, then it’s time to use this Best Friend slide since it’s specially made for kids. 

It will be engaging to kids with the cartoon-style animation and colorful scheme, so do not forget to get the Canva Pro subscription, as that’s the only way to obtain it.

5. Colorful Pastel Modern Cute English Lesson Presentation

Teachers are regular users of slideshows, and that’s why we have bought the Cute English Lesson Presentation, especially for them! It’s an aesthetic Canva template by Studio Porto that can help any teacher make their presentations even more attractive.

Moreover, this template contains some beautiful animations and transitions that can turn any boring presentation into an interesting one. So it doesn’t matter if you are a teacher or not; trying out this template is really worth it!

6. Green and Pink Colorful Carnival Fair Presentation

Colorful and childish designs never fail to entertain people, which is why here’s the Carnival Fair Presentation, a playful Canva slideshow template for some fun! It’s a really vibrant theme that should be used most often for informal presentations.

For example, you can try it for some friendly parties, birthdays, or just some family gatherings. You can even create a presentation of family pictures and enjoy it with your family, so make sure to purchase it soon.

7. Pastel Abstract Cute Playful Freelance Writer Marketing Presentation

If you are a freelance writer and wondering what’s the best way to let people know about yourself, then why not make a presentation about yourself and your skills? Presenting the Playful Freelance Writer presentation, a cheerful and aesthetic Canva PPT template that can literally change your freelancing career.

Finding clients as a freelancer can be hard, but it’s not a problem when you have a beautifully designed presentation about yourself. This template has aesthetic designs that can help your future clients understand every single detail about you without any kind of problem.

8. Orange Playful Cute Traveling Experience Presentation

Need a more professional template that can be used for projects as well? No problem. Here’s the Travelling Experience Presentation by Slidesignus. From self-information presentations to office slide shows, everything can be designed smoothly with this Canva slide template.

Not to mention, if you love the color orange, it’s guaranteed that you will surely buy this slide template since it’s beautifully designed with orange. It’s bright and shiny, ready to make any idea stand out, which is why you must try it out!

9. Pink Red Illustrated Love Relationship Coaching Presentation

When it comes to creating a list of some aesthetic Canva presentation templates, it’s impossible to forget about the Love Relationship Presentation! Just like the Carnival template, it may not be a good choice for a formal situation, as it’s all about love and relationships. So using it for some family gatherings or marriages can be great.

Beautiful fonts, pink color, and aesthetic looks are some cute features of this template that easily make it stand out. Attract your relatives and guests at family gatherings, so spend some time with them and enjoy them to the fullest! Lastly, it’s a paid template, so make sure to purchase it as soon as possible.

10. Yellow and Blue Handwritten Education Presentation

As this list comes to an end, let’s not forget the Check-In Weather Presentation, which will always help you keep an eye on the weather. It’s a simple, cute, and childish slideshow template that is considered really unique because of its weather-themed style.

Cartoon-styled characters and cute faces are also included in this theme, so try to use it for kids since it will really entertain them. Another unique feature that Check-In Weather will give you is some aesthetic stickers that can make your slideshows even more entertaining and cheerful!

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