Are you looking for an awesome-looking Canva font that can make your brand shine and become popular?

If so, then we have really great news for you since we have made a list of the best boho fonts.

These are handwritten calligraphy fonts that can make projects look really pleasing!

It’s the right time to try this outstanding font and make your logos stand out from the crowd.

What Is Boho Style? 

The Boho Style fonts, also known as the Bohemian fonts, have a family of some beautiful handwritten calligraphy fonts!

The first boho font was designed by Guisela Medoza, a talented designer who created these fonts with all the creativity she had!

It was inspired by the Bohemian girl, who enjoyed playing, traveling, and being connected to nature.

This typeface is full of life and energy, which can make your projects really different from other people’s.

Furthermore, the Boho font is so unique and dazzling that your clients will appreciate your work if you design their orders with it. Since when it’s used on logos, banners, headlines, and titles, customers won’t be able to ignore its cheerfulness.

But that’s not the end, since titles and headlines aren’t the only places where Boho font belongs. If you want, then you can use this amazing font as your text as well!

Whether they are lengthy texts or short paragraphs, product descriptions, or video descriptions, Boho will suit every single project. Lastly, there are just so many family members of the Bohemian typeface, and here we have bought you a list of those typefaces.

In case you don’t want to use the Boho font, this list can be really helpful, so keep reading till the end.

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Top 10 Boho Canva Fonts

Finally, your wait is over! Here’s a list of the best Boho fonts for Canva that can completely transform your brand:

Best Canva Boho Fonts

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1. Hatton

Hatton is a vintage and classic font that suits modern designs very well!

It was designed by Pangram Pangram, a designer who was inspired by jewelry and many other shop logos present in London.

This made Hatton a great choice for jewelry, books, clothes, and food shops.

Furthermore, Hatton will look great if you keep it away from formal logos since it’s a typeface that works best with informal designs.

2. Kare

Kare can be considered one of the most stylish and fashionable fonts you will ever find.

It’s feminine and modern, which is why fashion blogs use it so often.

If you own a fashion or clothing brand, then maybe you should give it a try!

It’s a pro font and fancy. When used on T-shirts, it looks even more appealing attractive, so using them is really worth your efforts. You can’t use this font on a free Canva subscription. But you can try Pro Version for free:

3. Tan Kindred

Developed by TanType in 2020, Tan Kindred is a new stylish font to the design world that’s impressing everyone nowadays.

This typeface is so stylish, its letters are so unique, and it’s free to use for any purpose.

Just like every other font mentioned in this list, Tan Kindred is great for titles as well.

Its large letters allow the audience to read any kind of logo really easily!

4. Tropika

Tropika is a stunning bold that was created specifically for your vacations!

It will suit tourist spots where people want to spend their vacations.

Its beautiful style and modern shaped letters can attract many people with no problem!

If you are a travel YouTuber or a blogger, then maybe this font will become your best friend.

Because Tropika can work its true magic and make your content enjoyable in such topics and cases!

5. RoxboroughCF

You can say RoxboroughCF is a perfect Boho font since it has everything a Bohemian typeface needs!

It’s impacted by calligraphy and is handwritten as well, so if you are in need of a Boho font, then RoxboroughCF won’t disappoint you at all.

This cute font was designed by Connary Fagen to make your brand shine more than ever.

And if you own a sports or health website, then you will notice its magic earlier than anyone else, as it works best for such niches.

Lastly, do not forget that this font is free, so feel free to use it whenever you need it!

6. Gatwick

Are you a fan of bold fonts? If so, then you are going to love this font so much!

This typeface has 6 different weights, and the last one is the boldest.

This boldness makes Gatwick a perfect choice for titles, whether they are wedding invitation titles or brand logos.

Gatwick will make sure your business becomes successful with ease!

7. Agrandir

It is a contemporary sans serif font that is simple, elegant, and beautiful. created by the font designer, Alex Slobzheninov.

It was intended to stand in opposition to neutral modernist fonts with courage.

Unaligned, peculiar, and quirky shapes are all accepted in Agrandir. It honors people, not machines.

If you are a T-shirt designer, then you will find that this font can give a boost to your work really quickly.

8. Garbata Black

Garbata Black is another bold font that looks so satisfying to the eyes.

You should thank Francesco Canovaro for designing an outstanding typeface.

It was released in 2020, which means many people don’t know about it, and this can help you get your audience’s attention really quickly.

9. Horizon

Horizons are beautiful, and this is what you can expect from the typeface.

Highly stylized Horizon is a little wide and thick font. If your brand has been ignored till now, then it’s time to use Horizon.

10. Gliker

Gliker Font is intended for use by designers and businesses who want text with a retro, vintage aesthetic.

This typeface’s corners are firm, more lively, and have a retro sense.

This typeface supports multiple languages and contains many OpenType features, including ligatures, stylistic alternates, contextual alternates, and swashes.

Lastly, it’s free to you for any kind of work!


Canva Pro is really amazing! You get access to tonnes of features, like unlimited folders, storage, photos, and many more amazing things!

Additionally, all the above fonts are also available in Canva Pro, so investing a little money in it is really worth it!

Lastly, do not forget to use all these dazzling Boho fonts as they can make your designs and brands attract the attention they deserve!

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