Gilroy is a geometric sans serif typeface with 20 different weights. From logos to web design Gilroy is used everywhere.

If you’re looking for free alternatives to Gilroy, then look no further. In this article, we sharing with you a compilation of Gilroy-similar fonts. We’ve also included Google fonts.

You can achieve the same Gilroy effect with these free fonts. Designing with these fonts will give your designs a geometric and modern feel.

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What is Gilroy Font?


Before going further, let’s quickly talk about the Gilroy font.

Gilroy is a modern sans serif typeface created by Radomir Tinkov. It’s a sibling of the font Qanelas.

Gilroy comes with 20 styles, which means we have a wide variety of options to choose from. It’s perfect for headings, logos, and corporate and editorial uses.

With its modern minimalistic look, this font is suitable for any occasion. Gilroy is a premium font. So you have to purchase the font before using it. Fonts aren’t affordable for everyone. That’s why we created this post.

Gilroy Similar Fonts

Here are the free alternatives and similar fonts to Gilroy:

1. Red Hat Display

gilroy google font

Let’s begin with Red Hat. As part of the Red Hat typeface family, the red hat display typeface is geometric sans serif and was designed by Jeremy Mickel. This font comes in ten weights.

The design of Red Hat draws inspiration from popular American typefaces – Tempo and Highway Gothic. The font is almost identical to the Gilroy font. The Display type has a low contrast design and tight spacing.

A major advantage of Red Hat is that it is hosted on Google fonts. It’s best to choose Red Hat if you want an alternative Google font for Gilroy.

2. Paloseco

gilroy google font

Paloseco is a minimal sans serif font with a Geo-Grotesque style. By deFharo, it features geometric typography and a minimalist aesthetic. The lighter version of the font looks the same as the Gilroy light.

The only downside of Paloseco is that you can’t use the free version for commercial use. For that, you need to purchase the full version. So the free version is perfect for personal use only.

There are many symbols in this font, including cryptocurrency symbols, pesos, etc. The font’s sizing and kerning make it easy to read on any screen size.

3. Rosa Sans

gilroy alternative fonts

Pentagram created Rosa Sans by utilizing the optical sizes of the Red Hat font. It is almost similar to the Red Hat font, as well as Gilroy.

12 different weights are provided with the font package. The light and semi-bold version of Rosa Sans looks very similar to Gilroy. The font is optimized for print as well as screen.

The font is very clean and works well for headlines.

4. Metropolitano

Metropolitano is another free alternative to Gilroy. It is a thick sans serif font designed by Alex Slobzheninov & Chris M. Simpson. It was influenced by two fonts – Objectivity and Metropolis. Therefore Metropolitano is similar to those fonts.

Metropolitano is not popular as Gilroy but it is a great alternative to Gilroy.

The font includes 6 weights with 6 italic versions. So you can use this font the same as using Gilroy. The bolder appearance makes it perfect for headlines.

5. Glacial Indifference

gilroy google font

If you’re looking for a Gilroy alternative font with a commercial license, then you should definitely consider this font.

Glacial Indifference is an open-source typeface designed by Hanken Design Co. The font is open source, which means you can use it anywhere you want. It comes in two weights – bold and regular.

The regular version is more identical to Gilroy than the bold version. So make sure to choose the Glacial Indfirrence Regular.

Gilroy similar fonts

Gilroy Google Font Alternatives

Google fonts are very helpful when it comes to commercial and web fonts. With Google fonts, you can use them on commercial projects without any license.

Aside from the Google font we mentioned above, we discovered two other Google fonts that are almost identical to Gilroy:

If you’re interested in Google Fonts you should check out this post:


Don’t limit your creativity because a font isn’t free. We will guide you through the process of choosing a Gilroy alternative font in this post.

So you can create minimal modern designs without breaking the bank.

Thanks for reading, and if you found this helpful, please share it. I’d love to hear what font you prefer from the list.