Whenever designing a new T-shirt with Cricut, the most intimidating thing everyone faces is finding the perfect font!

Of course, there are hundreds of beautiful and dazzling fonts available.

Unfortunately, not all of them will suit your favorite T-shirt and this is where the majority of people give up.

So, if you are stuck in a similar scenario, then we have really great news for you! Since here, after a lot of research, we have bought you a list of the 10 best Cricut fonts for T-shirts.

The great thing about these fonts is that most of them are free, so you don’t need to pay even a single dollar to use them! Furthermore, these fonts will save you a lot of time and help you create really attractive T-shirt designs.

So feel free to use them for your next project!

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What Are Cricut Fonts?

The Cricut machine is an electronic cutting machine, but it’s not used for cutting hard materials like iron or wood. Instead, Cricut is a great tool when it comes to cutting designs from materials like fabric, paper, and vinyl!

Whether you want to design a printed T-shirt or a greeting card, the Cricut machine is the way to go for an eye-catching and pleasing project.

As a Cricut user, you probably know that Cricut offers its own fonts. These are called Cricut fonts. All of them are available on Cricut Design Space!

A free tool by Cricut that helps you design your projects, logos, fonts, or anything you want. All you have to do is import your design into this software and then leave the rest of the work to Cricut.

Just wait a little bit, and then the machine will cut your design from vinyl or any other material fluently! After installing this helpful software, you will realize there are tons of Cricut fonts available to use. This includes some retro cricut fonts as well

Most of them are free, but unfortunately, there are some fonts that can be accessed with a Cricut subscription only. However, this doesn’t mean you should underestimate the free ones!

The distinctive combination of style and usability that these fonts offer makes them perfect for craft projects. Most of them are really fancy and stylish, which makes it easier for crafters and designers to create some lovely works.

10 Best Cricut Fonts For T-shirts

Finally, your wait ends, since here’s the list of the best Cricut fonts for t-shirts:

1. Shelly

Shelly is a stylish yet cute font that was designed by besttypeco.

It’s a beautiful script font with unique and thin letters. This feature gives Shelly a lot of energy.

Using this font is so much fun, and when you apply it to a T-shirt, it will show its true potential for sure!

Lastly, this font is free for personal use, but unfortunately, it’s not available for commercial use, so you may need to buy it first.

2. Sant’Elia Script

Cricut Fonts For T-Shirts

Sant’Elia Script is an impressive handwritten font that was designed by Yellow Design Studios.

If your T-shirts want a special and unique look, then why don’t you try this outstanding font?

Sant’Elia Script is from a modern family and it comes with 6 different weights, which means you get multiple possibilities with just one typeface.

Lastly, this font is free, so there’s no need to worry about any kind of license or purchase.

3. The California

Tshirt cricut font

If you are looking for some luxury and high-quality fonts, then California has got your back!

Everyone knows serif fonts are always outstanding and beautiful, and California also comes from this family.

So you can expect it to be a great choice too. It’s a handwritten font and gives a humanist feel to designs.

Lastly, it’s free for personal use, so maybe you should design some T-shirts with it.

4. Bad Unicorn

Cricut Fonts For T-Shirts

The name may seem negative, but this fun typeface has got some great positive qualities! Misti’s fonts are the designers of this rounded-edged and free-to-use font.

Furthermore, what makes it even more special is that this font contains many special and beautiful symbols like hearts and stars.

This adds a finishing touch to your designs and makes them look even more attractive. Check out this font

5. Scrypta

tshirt cricut free font

The elegant and refined Scrypta is a delicate script font.

This typeface was specially created for individuals who want to give their ideas a lovely and modern appearance.

While designing this font, Billy Argel made sure that every design created with this font turns into a masterpiece.

Additionally, this font is also free to use, so your T-shirts won’t require a license to shine!

6. Awesome – Groovy Font for Crafters

cricut t shirt font

If you are looking for a font that was specially made for crafters, then here we introduce you, Awesome!

The one and only font made especially for crafters.

Use it in any project you want! T-shirts or stickers, everything you create with it will look really magnificent!

Check out Awesome

7. Peachy

cricut fonts for tshirt

Peachy gives a smooth and soft vibe, just like a real peach!

This bold handwritten font looks really cute in pink backgrounds, or even if you use pink as its text color, you will still get a lot of attention.

Many people consider this font the best for designing shirts and T-shirts, which is all you want!

So make sure to use this free and fun font at least once.

8. Little Stars

Looking for a free font that your kids will love?

Then it’s time to try Little Stars, a really childish and modern font.

Your kids will surely love this bold and aesthetic font on their clothes.

This font is free to use, but even if it wasn’t, you still wouldn’t hesitate to buy its license for your kids, right?

If so, then get this font and treat your kids with a cute surprise!

9. Like Totally

groovy tshirt font cricut

This list consists of many handwritten fonts.

Then here’s another handwritten font Like Totally!!

This font was designed by KA Designs. They designed three different versions of this typeface at once.

This puts you at an advantage and gives you a chance to create multiple designs with just one font!

10. Autumn In November

tshirt cricut svg font

Another beautiful font created by Misti’s Fonts.

Because all of the characters in this typeface have rounded letters, it has the appearance of calligraphy.

Due to its bold, cut-out characters, it gives your text and designs a magnificent appearance.

By using this typeface, you can create gigantic effects and achieve enormous success with your projects.

How To Add Fonts To Cricut?

All the fonts mentioned above are amazing, but what if you wanted to use some typefaces downloaded from the internet?

Many people want to use some of their own fonts, but if they aren’t available in Cricut, designers wonder if they can use fonts of their choice or not.

Yes, it’s possible to add some standard fonts to Cricut and it’s way easier than you think.

All you need to do is follow the steps given below:

Step 1: If you have downloaded the font of your choice, then you should install it from Settings on your computer.

Step 2: Open your Cricut Design Space. It’s the same software we talked about at the start!

Step 3: After opening the Cricut Design, tap the “New project” icon. This will help you create a new design.

Step 4: Now, look at the menu option at the top. You will see a “Text style” option. Tap it and check if your font is there or not.

Step 5: You can search for your font by scrolling or through the search bar. If it doesn’t show up, completely close Cricut again and open it again.

Your font should appear if you have already installed it on your computer!


Choosing the perfect font isn’t an easy task, but if you use the typefaces we have mentioned here, then your T-shirts will surely look charming!

Shelly, Peachy, Little Stars, and Bad Unicorn are some of the best Cricut fonts you’d ever find for T-shirts.

Therefore, allow your creativity to design the best possible items!

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