Back-to-school isn’t just hard for students but for teachers as well. Once school restarts, they have to deal with tons of work other than teaching students, which includes presentations, notes, and documents. 

However, this situation becomes even more frustrating when they realize they have to use the same old fonts for all their online work. No one likes old, boring fonts; using them in documents can take away your motivation and may make it harder for you to work.

So, are you also a teacher who is tired of seeing retro and overused fonts in your documents? If yes, then we have great news for you since today in this article we have listed some of the best Google fonts for teachers!

It’s true that there are thousands of cool teacher fonts available on the internet, but not all of them can work well for you. Some may be too stylish, and others may have really bad readability, which can make it difficult to work. However, our Google teacher fonts are just perfect for any teacher’s work. Not to mention, they will help you enjoy your work again, so make sure to try them out!

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Why Google Fonts?

It’s guaranteed that you must be wondering, “Why Google Fonts?” when there are so many popular font libraries available on the internet. Well, because Google Fonts has many benefits that other typeface libraries may fail to provide, some of these benefits include:

  • Free fonts for commercial use
  • Fonts that can be installed on any type of website
  • A large library of 1422 typefaces
  • All types of fonts are available, from handwritten to bold to groovy to bubbly fonts
  • No need to worry about font licensing
  • Ready to print font anytime
  • Light fonts that make websites run faster

All these advantages easily make Google Fonts one of the best typeface libraries, so if you ever want fonts in the future, then trusting Google Fonts can be a worthwhile option.

10 Teacher Google Fonts You Must Get

Finally, here’s the list of Google fonts for teachers; all of them are perfect for your work because they are handwritten and unique. So make sure to try them out and make your documents even more aesthetic:

1. McLaren

Let’s start with McLaren, a comic-style handwritten font that has both beauty and readability. McLaren was designed by Astigmatic, and they recommend everyone use this font mostly for text purposes.
If you have poor eyesight and it’s hard for you to see small letters on screens and documents, then McLaren can be a great font for you.

It has a really simple lettering style, which makes it an easy-to-read font for everyone. Doesn’t matter whether you are writing a Google document or some school notes; if you use this typeface, you will surely be praised by everyone.

2. Chewy

Chewy by Slideshow is truly a great Google Font for teachers because of its charming and unique style. If you are tired of using Roboto and Lobster as the headings of your every presentation and note, then it’s time to use a better alternative, which is known as Chewy!

It’s one of those fonts that never gets old; no matter how many times you use it, you will never get bored of its sweet and charming looks. Which can easily make you love your work even more and help you finish it without getting stressed.

3. Cabin Sketch

Sometimes to make your presentations even more engaging and playful, you need to stop using traditional fonts and try something new, and that’s the reason we are introducing you to the Cabin Sketch. It’s a creative teacher font for Google Docs, notes, and presentations by Impallari Type to make projects stand out even more easily.

It’s designed in a unique sketch style, which is seen so rarely in many modern fonts. which makes projects even more special when they are designed with it.

4. Barrio

Need a teacher font for some fun?

No problem, here’s Barrio, which is designed by Omnibus-Type. Barrio is one of those fonts that should be used for fun and party purposes, so if you have an upcoming party in your college or school then this font can come in handy!
Barrio offers 490 glyphs and supports 103 languages, which makes it a really interesting typeface.

Normally it’s used for advertisement purposes, but since nothing like that happens in schools, it’s best to use this font as a decoration for students’ farewell parties.

5. Sniglet

Do you love rounded fonts? If yes, then Sniglet is probably the best choice for your Google documents. With its round letters, it can add a relaxing and aesthetic feel to your notes, making them even more lovely for everyone.

Its great readability makes it a good option for headlines too, which makes it even more versatile, so make sure you try it out soon!

6. Ribeye Marrow

Ribeye Marrow is one of those fonts that shouldn’t be ignored while preparing a list of teacher fonts since it has a really charming style that will be loved by every teacher. It was designed by Astigmatic and has a playful and friendly look, which makes it an amazing choice for notes, presentations, and document headings.

Those who are bored with simple headlines and titles should use Ribeye Marrow and add a refreshing look to their work.

7. Chilanka

We have covered many display fonts, so let’s look for some handwriting fonts that can come in handy for text purposes. Here’s Chilanka, a decent handwriting font that will make your sentences and paragraphs even more aesthetic than before.

It’s inspired by the Malayalam language and can be a great option for everyday use in documents. Its simplicity makes it easy to read, which is another reason why you must try it out.

8. Happy Monkey

When teachers are looking for a font, they probably don’t need a stylish font; they always need something simple like Happy Monkey. Designed by Brenda Gallo and Gustavo Dipre, Happy Monkey is a sans-serif font that will surely make you smile with its simple yet attractive look.

It has a thin and rounded letter style, which is perfect for all schoolwork. From headlines to texts, Happy Monkey works well everywhere, so do not forget to use it soon!

9. Love Ya Like A Sister

Although “Love Ya Like A Sister” is a popular font, writing tools always forget to add it to their library. That’s why it’s time to give it a try and have some fun! Just like Cabin Sketch, Love Ya Like A Sister is also a decent sketch font that should be used for fun purposes most of the time.

However, if you need to, you can design headlines with it too. Not to mention, kids really love this font, so if you are a kindergarten teacher, then try designing your next presentation with this font!

10. Delius

As the list comes to an end, let’s not forget Delius, an excellent teacher font that was designed by Natalia Raices. Delius is an amazing comic book lettering font with rounded letters. It’s a lot similar to McLaren, so if you loved it, make sure you give it a try to Delius since both fonts have similar qualities.

Furthermore, Delius’s letters become thicker at every end, which makes them more readable and unique. This can be great for your notes and documents, so do not forget to use Delius soon.


Google fonts for teachers are really hard to find since there are so many beautiful typefaces that can easily attract you. However, when it comes to school work, always choose fonts that provide good readability.

Above we have mentioned the best Teacher Google fonts; all of them are just perfect for your work; they help you love your work again, so do not forget to give them a try!