Looking for the best fonts for Goodnotes?

You can find good-looking handwritten fonts from Google Fonts and DaFonts. Both have the option to filter by style. Make sure you check the license before using a free font. A lot of free font creators only allow you to use their font for personal use.

It is super convenient to have digital notes since everything for each subject is compiled in one folder, such as book pdfs and student notes. For taking digital notes and creating planners, Goodnotes is a better choice.

It has the option to add stickers to Goodnotes, which I find very handy. Read our Free Goodnotes Stickers post for more.

Choosing a font that fits your style is not an easy task.

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled 11 Goodnotes fonts that will make your notes more attractive.

Let’s get started!

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Best Fonts For Goodnotes

It’s always better to make your own texts by hand, but it’s not as simple as writing on paper. This takes time and practice. Luckily, these free fonts can get you started. Serif and sans-serif fonts are more formal, whereas handwritten fonts have a more personal touch and can be used in digital notes.

Here are the 10 Free Fonts for Goodnotes:

1. Cutee – Cozy Handwritten Font

Cutee is a cozy handwritten font designed for note-taking and digital planning. It’s perfect for Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, etc. This font comes with commercial use.

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2. Muthiara

free font for goodnotes

Let’s begin with the boldest handwriting font on the list. Muthiara is an eye-catching calligraphy font created by Abo Daniel. This font is perfect for creating headlines for your planners, notes, journals, etc. With the free font, you’re limited to personal use.

For commercial use, you need to purchase the premium version. It’s common to see creators using the Muthiara font in their digital notes.

3. Mayton


Next, we’ve got a brush handwriting font by Katsia Jazwinska. Mayton is a hand-made brush font that has uppercase and lowercase letters. The font looks charming and familiar with a thick or thin pen or marker.

It has a premium version on the creative market. The free version only supports personal use. It also lacks the symbols that the premium version has.

4. Reenie Beanie

cute handwriting font for goodnotes

Reenie Beanie is a Google font based on ballpoint pen writing. It has a quirky look that makes your text look almost handwritten. James Grieshaber created this free font and licensed it under Open Font License. This means you can freely use this font in your personal and commercial projects.

The font is available in both small and capital letters. I recommend this font for your informal notes.

5. Patrick Hand

goodnotes font

This font was designed by Patrick Wagesreiter using his own handwriting. Its round edges give it a playful feel. As well as the basic Latin characters, it has most of the extended Latin characters. A floral heart and heavy quotation marks are also included. You don’t need to worry about the usage. The font is licensed under the open font license.

6. Chasing Embers

With its ink/watercolor texture, Chasing Embers is a beautiful font. Kudos to team The Branded Quotes for creating this watercolor typeface. This typeface makes your presentations more attractive and vibrant. Suitable for creating quotes on your digital notes.

When it comes to studying planners, quotes are a game-changer. They inspire you to study and overcome procrastination. Personal and Non-Profit Use Only for the free version.

7. Baby Doll

cute goodnotes font

Looking for a cute font for Goodnotes? Look no further than Baby doll. It has taken time and effort to make each of the letters in your text look beautiful and charming. To make it even more stunning, match the font to your favorite colors.

Denne created this free typeface and published it in 2011. The font includes punctuation, capitals and lowercases, and numbers. A free version is not licensed for commercial use.

8. Leftover Crayon

Are you tired of the same old fonts? You should try this Crayon font by Hanoded. Using DK Leftover crayons makes your notes stand out from ordinary notes. Suitable for presenting cute and quirky notes. You can combine this font with Fun Crayon. For commercial use, purchase the full version, which includes kerning, embedded rights, and all glyphs

9. Luna

Luna is a hand-drawn typeface that will instantly enhance the authenticity of your projects. Created by Amanda Leeson. The font is tall and elegant. The best part is you can download Luna for free.

10. Indie Flower

Yet another Google font with bubbly, rounded edges. Indie Flower is developed by Kimberly Geswein. It comes with a total of 99 glyphs. Another great feature of Indie Flower is that it can be used commercially. Not all free fonts permit this. It is a great choice for those who want to make bold statements.

11. Bray Notes

A mark-style script font with a casual vibe, Bray Notes features a loose meaning. It’s ideal for projects that require a personalized appearance. Like the paper, it gives your notes a marker sketch look. Published by Brithos Type, this font comes in uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuations. No commercial use is allowed for the free version.

How To Add New Fonts To Goodnotes?

Goodnotes rely on system fonts. Whenever you install fonts in the system, they will appear in good notes. You can install iFont app from the App Store. Then import your font into the iFont app. From imported fonts, you can install in your system. You will be able to see your new font on Goodnotes after installing the fonts in your system.

What is your favorite font from the list? Thanks for reading. If you found this article helpful, please tell your friends.

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