For taking notes, Notability is undoubtedly the best option for every iPad user. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, writer, or even a normal person who wants to note down things; as long as you have Notability on your iPad, you can quickly take notes with ease.

However, the only bad thing about this app is that it uses the same old fonts. Fonts like Calibri and Arial are available in almost every Note app, which makes it a little bit boring.

Fortunately, to fix this problem, you don’t have to switch to a new Note app. since adding some beautiful handwritten typefaces to Notability can also help and make it even more unique!

However, picking good fonts at the moment can be problematic. Since there are already thousands of note-taking fonts available on the internet, finding the best ones can take a lot of time. That’s why we have already created a list of some of the best-handwritten fonts for Notability.

They are clear, and beautiful, and make your notes even more lively, which is why you must try them out and enjoy a whole new experience with Notability.

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How To Pick A Font For Notability?

There may be thousands of outstanding fonts, but if you can’t work with them comfortably, then they are useless. That’s why here are some tips for picking the best readable fonts.

Always Prioritize Readability 

While certain fonts are quite fashionable and eye-catching, their readability can be quite bad. When you are picking a font for Notability, you must make sure it is legible, or you may not be able to read it properly at all. Jj

Script Fonts Work Well For Notes 

Script fonts are not too stylish or too simple, which makes them a great choice for notes. If you are bored with some simple fonts, then it’s a good idea to pick script fonts and make your notes a little feminine.

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10 Handwritten Fonts For Notability 

Here’s a list of some of the best Notability fonts available on the internet. All of them are perfect for your notes, which makes trying them out a worthwhile option.

1. Cutee – A Cozy Handwritten Font

notability fonts

Cutee is a cozy handwritten font designed for note-taking and digital planning. It’s perfect for Notability, Goodnotes, or any other note-taking application. This font comes with commercial use.

Cutee is included in our font bundle.

  • Commercial License
  • Comes in a Zip file
  • Easy Installation
  • OTF & TTF

2. Handwritten Font Bundle

Rather than looking at fonts one by one, let’s start this list with a bundle of some outstanding fonts. Introducing the Handwritten Font Bundle, which includes 32 decent script typefaces that are waiting to be used in your upcoming notes.

All of them are really beautiful and have amazing legibility, which can save you from boredom while writing notes. Lastly, the most attractive thing about this bundle is its price, which is only $18!

3. Milk & Clay

Milk & Clay is a really cute and sweet font, which can make your notes look really charming. It’s designed by Loryn Ipsu and is considered a decent handmade font.

It has a bold version too, but since you are looking for fonts for Notability, it will be a good idea to stick to the regular version only. Milk & Clay is a paid font, so just make sure you purchase it before buying!

4. Winkle

When it comes to being adorable, nothing can beat Winkle, a dazzling display font designed by Createshaa. Although it’s a bold font, it still works for notes because of its charming style. This font is especially for those who love well-decorated notes with a feminine style.

Which means girls will surely love this font. For personal use, Winkle is free, but make sure to buy its license for commercial purposes.

5. Just Squash

Do you need some more simple fonts? No problem! Here’s Just Squash by Hanzel Space. Normally this font can be used for any purpose; it doesn’t matter whether you want to design logos or prints; Just Squash is perfect for any kind of design. It will be a good choice for Notability, and with its amazing readability, your notes will look even more dazzling.

6. Quotes and Texts Font

If you have ever heard of a perfect font for notability, then it’s probably Quotes and Texts Font designed by Pixelcolours. It’s another minimalist and adorable typeface that will make sure you enjoy making notes to the fullest.

Quotes and Texts is a really clear font that was designed especially for quotes and texts. If you love writing quotes, then you can try that with the Quotes and Texts font as well!

7. Real Love Whimsical Handwritten Font

Loved Pixelcolour’s quotes and texts? If yes, then here we are presenting you with Real Love, a whimsical handwritten font that is designed by Pixelcolours as well! Many people love this font for its text-like letter style, which is why we have added it to this list.

If you want your notes to look more lovely than ever, then it’s time to try out Real Love and make your notes even more whimsical.

8. Dry Whiteboard Marker

Dry Whiteboard Marker is a really simple and easy-to-read font by Emily Underworld. Although bold fonts aren’t considered best for notes, this cheerful font still made its way to the list because of its outstanding readability. It contains all letters from A to Z, numbers, punctuation, and many special characters too. This font is a paid typeface, but it’s free for personal use, so make sure to give it a try.

9. Papernotes

Papernotes is a great typeface that was designed especially for notes, which makes it the best Notability font. It has three different and unique styles, which makes it even more versatile. The first is the regular version; the second is the bold version for better readability, and the third is the sketch version to add more aesthetics to your notes. It’s a really fun font, so make sure you try it and make amazing notes.

10. Sweet Purple

Last but not least, Sweet Purple is something you must not forget when you are looking for note-taking fonts. It’s a really beautiful font that focuses mainly on its amazing style. When you write some notes with it, they will surely look charming and adorable. Not to mention, it’s good for headings and logo design too. which easily proves how versatile and useful this font is.

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How To Install Fonts in Notability?

New to Notability and don’t know how to install fonts? No problem! Here is a quick guide that can help you install any font you want:

Step 1: Adding a font to Notability is a system-wide process, which means if you want to add new typefaces, you will need to download an app named Fontcase on your iPad.

Step 2: Now download any font of your choice and import it into Fontcase through iCloud Drive or Dropbox.

Step 3: Afterwards, favorite the chosen font and enter your settings; it must be available there. From there, install it, and it will become available in your Notability!

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