Are you looking for some fonts that can easily grab your audience’s attention and bring them to you? If so, then it’s confirmed you have searched for many beautiful and fancy fonts to help you out. However, unfortunately, none of them are going to work at all, because when it comes to becoming the center of attention, even the most gorgeous font can fail to help you stand out. In such a situation, only bold fonts can help you out.

Yes, you have read it right! Bold fonts are well-known for grabbing anyone’s attention because of their impressive legibility and amazing visibility. You can take vogue magazines for example; they always use bold fonts for their front pages because they know how beneficial bold fonts are when it comes to grabbing attention.

Therefore, because you know a lot of these stunning, bold designs, why not take a look at some of them so that you can start designing your logos with them? In this article, we have listed some of the best bold fonts for the logo. If you want to learn more about them, stick around till the end!

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Why Bold Fonts?

When used for designs, bold fonts look extremely clear. Even if someone looks at your logo from a distance, they will understand your message, which is something really important for every logo. Furthermore, bold fonts have large letters that tend to stand out more than stylish or small letters because people prefer looking at larger designs most of the time.

Lastly, they are beautiful as well; their designs are so clean and look eye-catching, which are some reasons you should start using bold fonts for your logos.

10 Bold Fonts For Stunning Logos 

Here we have listed all the bold fonts you will ever need for logo designing; make sure to check out each of them because they will surely help you stand out!

1. Montserrat

Best Bold Fonts For Logos

Inspired by old posters and signs, Montserrat is a popular display font designed by Julieta Ulanovsky! Although its inspirations are old designs, this font perfectly fits modern projects. An important thing to note while using Montserrat is that you should always use the thicker and bolder version for logos.

What’s more, Montserrat is impressively clean and has attractive looks that easily grab a lot of attention, so make sure to give this free font a try.

2. Vanguard

Bold Fonts For Logos

Do you love brilliant and impactful fonts? If yes, then Vanguard by Connary Fagen should be a great option for you! It’s an extremely thick display typeface, normally used for headlines and posters, and is now available for logos too.

Vanguard looks really clean, and if you combine it with other fonts, then it will create a really beautiful logo that will not be ignored by anyone at all.

3. Font

Bold Fonts For Logos

Next up, we have Font! a simple yet handsome-looking bold font for logos that deserve some attention. The font doesn’t have too stylish looks; it’s a straight-up, bold font with sharp corners, which provides it with a strong personality.

If you start designing logos and headlines with Font, then you aren’t going to get bored at all, and the best part about using it is that all your logos will surely be recognized. which means you will never regret trying Font at all.

4. Headliner

Bold Fonts For Logos

As its name suggests, Headliner is a display bold font made especially for some attractive-looking logos and headlines. Headliner is designed by Darrell Flood and has one more impactful version known as Headliner Italic, which looks really cool and can fit in many display projects as well.

You can either use these two together or separately, but it doesn’t matter how you use them; in the end, they will surely bring you some promising results!

5. Integral

Bold Fonts For Logos

Bold fonts are good, but they become even better when they are ultra-bold, just like Integral! Integral is an ultra-bold font by Connary Fagen, ready to help you out with your pending logo projects!

Integral was designed for maximum visual impact, which means any display project designed with this font is guaranteed to bring a good amount of traffic to you.


Bold Fonts For Logos

Introducing SUPR, a condensed display typeface inspired by sports and athletes. If you are a big fan of sports, then you will surely love it since it will keep reminding you of the shirts of sports teams. This already tells you that this font will be a perfect choice for your team’s shirts, logos, and slogans.

Its bold and large letters are enough to keep everyone’s attention on your team, which will surely help them win!

7. Evogria

Sometimes it’s just better to not be too special and remain simple, and for such cases, Evogria is a great pick. It’s designed by 7NTypes and is an extremely minimal display font with slightly rounded and square-shaped letters that look just pleasing.

Evogria is a good choice for both professional and personal designs, whether it’s a food company logo or you are designing a t-shirt with it. Both will turn out to be perfect, so check out this free typeface soon.

8. Bayside 

Bold Fonts For Logos

Introducing Bayside, one more thick font for logos that you must add to your collection if you want to design some irresistible projects. It’s inspired by the summer and beach environments of the 1990s, which can add a good dose of nostalgia to your logos.

It’s a good option for summer designs, too! So if summer is coming soon, feel free to use Bayside for some fresh and sunny logos. Lastly, Bayside is also free; consider trying it right now.


thick Fonts For Logos

We have gone through many bold fonts, but none were wide, which is why here’s ULTRA! It’s a bold, wide font, designed especially to become the center of attention! Many people don’t know this, but wide fonts add a lot of value to a logo by making it more visible and readable, which is why wide fonts have recently gained popularity.

And if this is the case, then you should start designing your logos with ULTRA soon and become popular as well!

10. Coluna

Bold Fonts For Logos

In the end, we would like to present Coluna to you! It’s a visually powerful, bold font that was designed especially for display purposes. With that said, feel free to design logos, headlines, posters, and headers with it because there is no other place where this font can shine. 

Its rounded edges and corners make it look really adorable, and this is the reason it’s considered a good typeface for any type of display design.


For any kind of logo design, bold fonts are the best option! With their stunning looks, impressive legibility, and ability to remain visible, these fonts can help you design some promising logos. You can use the fonts mentioned above whenever you are in need of some good thick fonts for logos, so do not hesitate to try them.