Finding a typeface for your design project can be challenging, especially if it’s a serif typeface. Many people admire Time magazine’s logo for its simplicity and cleanness. In addition to magazines and printed work, serif fonts are also perfect for use in digital designs.

The Time magazine logo font is Proforma. You can replicate the same Time effect using the Proforma typeface. Below, you’ll find links to download the fonts. It’s a premium font, but don’t worry, we’ve also included a free alternative font.

The first issue of Time was published in 1923. As Time became known as one of America’s leading news magazines, appearing on its cover became a sign of fame. Some of the popular Time magazine covers include Peoples Pope, The Contender, Are you mom enough, etc.

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Time Magazine Font

Time magazine font

Time magazine font is Proforma. Proforma is a classic serif font designed by Petr van Blokland and published by Font Bureau. It comes with 12 different styles, so it is easy to play around with styles.

The most similar font to Time magazine’s logo is Proforma. Time magazine’s original logo would be handwork. However, we can produce the same effect using this font.

It’s important to know that Proforma is not a free font. It can be purchased from MyFonts (Link below). If you prefer a free alternative, we have provided one below.

Time Magazine Alternative Font (Free)

time magazine font

Cinzel is the free alternative font for Proforma font. This font is very identical to the original Time magazine cover logo. And it is free to download and use.

Cinzel is a Google font created by Natanael Gama. He created this font by inspiring first-century Roman inscriptions, and it is based on classical proportions. It comes in 6 styles

The best thing about this font is that it is licensed under Open Font License. This means you can use this font for both commercial and personal use.

About Time Magazine

Founded in New York City, Time is an American magazine and news website publishing news from all over the world. In the past, it was published every week, but as of March 2020, it will be every other week.

Time is known for its unique magazine covers. Time cover image has become a status symbol for celebrities. TIME stands for The International Magazine of Events.

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