Are you bored with the way your brand logo looks?

Maybe you wanted it to be appealing and eye-catching, but now it can’t attract even a single customer, right?

If so, then this means it needs a feminine touch! which can be easily done by redesigning your logo with a beautiful feminine font!

Feminine typefaces are really charming fonts. They are considered one of the most beautiful styles in the world of typography. Almost all fashion and clothing brands use this style of a typeface because they know their customers will surely love these types of designs.

So, why not give them a try?

However, there are thousands of feminine fonts available on the internet, but not all of them can make your logo stand out from the crowd. Therefore, especially for you, we have gathered some of the best feminine fonts in existence!

All of them are excellent and outstanding, so feel free to use them whenever you want, as they will surely make your brand shine.

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What Are Feminine Fonts?

At first, many people think any beautiful typeface is a feminine font, but that’s not the truth, since not every beautiful font is feminine.

A feminine font is cursive, thin, smooth, and girly and gives off feminine vibes. Any font with these qualities can be considered a feminine font.

Industries like fashion, clothing, and jewelry use this type of style so often. Because they target a female audience and if you use the style your customer wants, then getting traffic becomes easier.

You can consider Cartier, a well-known jewelry brand, as a great example of a feminine logo. Their logo is cursive, smooth, feminine, and easily manages to attract their target audience!

So now that you know a lot about these dazzling feminine fonts, why not use them in your future projects?

Best Feminine Fonts List

For everyone waiting for the best modern-looking feminine fonts, your wait ends here!

Here’s the list of the best feminine fonts. Choose the one that suits your logo best:

1. Athina

Feminine Font

Looking for a feminine font with a huge modern vibe? Then Athina will become your favorite font for sure.

It’s a beautiful modern serif font that was designed by Rillatype in 2021.

This font has an amazing ability to fit in every modern setting. You can use it for logos, wedding invitations, clothes, and much more!

Furthermore, it has charming upper and lower case letters, along with some numbers and punctuation marks. This gives you multiple opportunities to create amazing designs, so try this font.

2. Austragen

Feminine Font

Austragen can be considered the most versatile feminine font out there.

Whether you want a vintage or a modern feel, it fits every situation! It’s another serif font and it was designed by Abdul Malik Wisnu.

This font is perfect for any kind of design purposes, whether you want logos or coffee shop advertisements.

It will suit everywhere.

Another thing that makes it even more special is its regular form, which has a total of 306 glyphs. This gives designers enough reasons to love Austragen, so do not forget to use it next time.

3. Maginia

Feminine Font

Maginia sounds like a really feminine font because it actually is!

Designed by Digitype Studio, Maginia is a magical font that will make your projects shine. If you were looking for a feminine font that would be a good choice for your formal projects, then Maginia is the best option.

However, this font is free for personal use only. If you need it for commercial use, then you may need to buy its license.

But if that’s not possible, then don’t worry since Maginia has some of the most beautiful alternatives!

4. Rosie Kiley

Rosie Kiley is a super feminine font that can make any kind of text look really gorgeous.

It’s a serif font that was designed by Vuuuds.

They have crafted every letter of this font in detail, which makes this font even more beautiful. You can use this font for headers, quotes, photography, and branding.

However, this typeface looks best as a logo because of its special letter style.

5. Cinderela

Feminine Font

We all know how gorgeous Cinderela was, and just like her, this font is beautiful as well!

Cinderela is a cursive font designed by Billy Argel that has so many beautiful letters and signs.

Not many people have used this font yet, but do not underestimate it at all. When you create your logos with it, they will look so magnificent.

Plus, it’s highly readable, making it even more lovely!

6. Kosans

Feminine Font

Kosans has amazing letters that give off traditional yet modern and stylish yet simple vibes.

You can use it for a variety of design projects, including logo creation, business card design, brand development, social media posts, quotes, and much more.

It’s a really feminine font as well. If you want to design your logos with it, then they will look highly charming for sure.

Lastly, it’s a paid font, so before you try it, you need to buy it!

7. Lavagne Carlsen Type

Actually, this typeface is a duo font in which Lavagne and Carlsen are two different fonts.

This uniqueness of these two fonts makes them stand out from every other typeface in this list. Both of them are equally beautiful, and they make each other complete.

Most people recommend using them together, or they may not be able to show their true potential.

8. Samantha

Samantha is a feminine cursive font that can brighten up anything designed with it.

Laura Worthington is the designer of this gorgeous font. She made sure this font is readable and eye-catching at the same time.

She wanted designers to work with a real font that would actually attract an audience and help brands get attention. Therefore, she made Samantha, a perfect feminine font for every purpose.

Make sure to design your logos with it for the best results ever!

9. Bonjour

Feminine Font

It’s true that feminine fonts can’t be bold and thick, but Bonjour is totally an exception!

Bonjour is a bold font that perfectly fits the concept of being simple and stylish at the same time.

Need a feminine font for logos and titles? No worries, Bonjour Gas has your back! Its unique letter style and beautiful shape will make your customers love you!

10. Bon Vivant Collection

Feminine Font

Last but not least, Bon Vivant is a really feminine and luxurious font.

It’s so luxurious that after using it, you might feel that you are really rich.

If you are bored with normal fonts with repetitive styles, then Bon Vivant could be the perfect choice for you! Furthermore, for logos, this font is an ideal choice. Its large size helps customers notice it, and it’s easy to read as well!

It has some beautiful upper and lowers case letters too, which gives anyone enough reasons to use this luxury typeface!

What Are the Best Canva Feminine Fonts?

If you are a designer, then you probably know about Canva.

It’s a graphic design platform, an app, and a website that allows anyone to create anything they want.

Furthermore, Canva has a vast library of beautiful fonts that gives designers an opportunity to create some charming designs.

Luckily, Canva has some of the most feminine fonts too. Here are some of them:

  1. Coco
  2. Vanity
  3. Halo Handletter
  4. Balqis
  5. Parisienne

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