When it comes to digital note-taking, handwriting fonts have always helped students more than anyone. They make note-taking really fast since all you have to do is type letters instead of writing with your style, which saves a lot of time.

Not to mention, because they always come out in perfect shapes and sizes, it’s guaranteed your notes will look extremely beautiful and aesthetic. Also, they are a big help to those students who aren’t satisfied with their handwriting or can’t write properly on their iPad. These are some reasons why students are always in love with handwriting fonts!

So, are you new to the digital note-taking world and want to start your journey with some good fonts instead of your handwriting as well? If so, then you have landed on the right page because we have handpicked some of the best handwriting fonts for notes.

If you want to try them out and get better at note-taking, just make sure to stick with this article till the end!

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What is a Handwriting Font?

Handwriting fonts are inspired by realistic handwriting. They are often thin, cursive, and aesthetically pleasing because their main use is for texts. Moreover, they are highly legible, as they are used to write texts like descriptions, quotes, notes, signatures, and invitations.

The difference between handwritten fonts and sans-serif and serif fonts is that handwritten fonts are limited only to texts, while the other two types can be used for displaying as well. 

Therefore, if you ever need some good typefaces for text projects or note-taking, always remember that you can rely on handwriting fonts without any doubts.

10 Best Fonts for Notes

Below, we have mentioned some of the best fonts for note-taking. Make sure to check them out, as some of these typefaces are free!

1. Handwriting Font Bundle

Let’s start off this list with an amazing bundle of promising handwriting fonts! If you want to avoid picking fonts one-by-one and want to get a collection instantly, then this bundle is probably for you! The best part about this font pack is that it has 12 beautiful handwriting typefaces to use, which gives you a variety of fonts to use for your notes.

This Bundle Includes:

  1. Cutee
  2. Notly
  3. Thinscribe
  4. Whimsy
  5. Neko
  6. Sweet Heart
  7. Creamy
  8. Markr
  9. Nebula
  10. Homely
  11. Hazel

If you get bored with one typeface, then you have 11 more fonts that will help you make your notes look interesting, so consider purchasing the bundle real soon.

2. Cookie Monster

Looking for something adorable that fits your aesthetic sense? If yes, then Cookie Monster is ready to work with you. It’s a beautiful handwriting font by Des, but it’s not like any other normal handwritten typeface because it has some unique scribbles on its letters that look extremely sweet. Cookie Monster can help you feel entertained during boring lectures, which greatly improves your note-taking experience.

3. Oh Livey 

Unfortunately, artists have to abandon their creativity outside of schools and institutes, which can make note-taking really boring. To solve this problem, we are introducing you to Oh Livey, a brush script font designed by Angele Kamp, especially for texts.

This font makes letters look like they are drawn with an actual brush, which makes notes look really aesthetic. Furthermore, if you are an artist or designer, then you will surely enjoy using Oh Livey because it’s completely inspired by real brush strokes.

4. Skinny Notes

Note-taking requires thin fonts, just like Skinny Notes! A minimal yet effective handwriting font for notes Skinny notes is designed especially for those students who don’t like fancy letters or too aesthetic notes. 

Its letters are simple and playful, so they have an eye-pleasing look that is easy to read. Sometimes notes look too cluttered anyway, and in such times it’s a good idea to switch to Skinny Notes to make your notes look a bit simpler.

5. Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine is a sweet handwriting font by Inermedia Studio that will help you write some beautiful headlines for your notes! Yes, you read that right; unlike other fonts on this list, Hello Sunshine is a good choice for headlines and titles rather than texts.

Writing titles, texts, and everything else in just one typeface can make your notes look boring, so try to use Hello Sunshine for headlines!

6. Oh Cute Baby

Do you want your notes to look cute and adorable? If so, then Oh Cute Baby is here to help you out. Anything written in this handcrafted font looks really sweet and charming, which will help you enjoy note-taking so much.

Additionally, its letters are a little rounded and bold which gives this font amazing readability. When your friends and professor see your notes on Oh Cute Baby, they will surely be impressed by you.

7. Please write me a song

Simple fonts are just perfect for note-taking, and that’s why here’s Please Write Me A Song! It’s a minimal font by Vanessa Bays, and the best part of this typeface is that it isn’t like any other typeface on this list. It’s extremely clear and has no aesthetic within it, which makes it a perfect choice for students who want normal and simple notes. You can also choose this font if your school doesn’t allow fancy fonts.

8. Sentania

Sentania is here to help you out in making some beautiful and wonderful notes no one has seen before. It is inspired by signatures, which means it will be a little stylish whenever you use it for your notes, but do not worry about its readability because although it’s aesthetic, it’s extremely readable as well.

Feel free to have fun taking notes with Sentania, since its amazing looks will help you become popular.


Brunch is a duo-styled font, which means when you purchase it, you will get two fonts at once. One will be the bold display font, while the other will be a handwritten script font. 

You can either use them for different purposes or use them together for some cool designs. It’s better to use Brunch display bold for headlines or titles, while the Brunch script is good for texts and note-taking.

10. Beauty Valerina

Lastly, we would like to present Beauty Valerina, another handwritten brush font you must check if you still haven’t found a good font for your notes. 

It’s designed by Creakokun Studio and has eye-pleasing looks that can make anyone get attracted to your notes right away. But that’s not all; it will also help make your notes look well-organized and clean. Giving it a try is also a worthwhile option because it’s a free font.


Handwriting fonts are extremely helpful to students. They are readable, clear, and beautiful, which is everything a good note needs! If you want some decent fonts for notes, then consider checking out the list mentioned above. We have listed a variety of fonts that will surely improve your note-taking!

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