Budget planning is probably one of the most daunting tasks, which becomes even more stressful if you do it in a notebook. Multiple mistakes, a lack of space, and limited pages can annoy anyone and make tasks like budgeting or financial planning really hard. Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with this anymore since iPads and note-taking apps like Goodnotes have made their appearance. 

From note-taking to budget planning, any kind of record can be created in just a few moments, which helps many people save a lot of time and keep track of their money with ease! However, the only bad thing about in-built Goodnotes budget planners is that they are a little bit boring and lack some important features. 

However, the good news is that these small problems can be easily fixed by installing some new budgeting templates for Goodnotes. In this article, we are going to share some of the best Goodnotes finance templates that will allow you to create some beautiful-looking budget plans.

Therefore, make sure to read this article till the end, because it doesn’t matter whether you are a new or a regular Goodnotes user; you will surely need these budgeting templates to enjoy financial planning!

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10 Finance Planner Templates For Goodnotes 

Finally, here’s the list of financial planners you were waiting for! Each of them has beautiful designs, and some are even free, so do not skip any of them!

1. Free Digital Budget Planner

The first budget planner on the list is created by Morning Star Planner, and the best thing about this template is that its design is quite simple and colorful, which makes it a perfect choice for daily use and for people who love minimalist designs.

This template’s main features are the financial calendar, income tracker, expense tracker, and notes, all of which have different colors that give it a friendly and refreshing vibe. Not to mention, you will receive a vibrant and cute home page, cover, and user guide too, which can greatly help you use this template.

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2. GoodNotes Planner

A Goodnotes planner being beautiful can make anyone’s budgeting experience really fun, but it can become even more fun when you get 108 templates in just one planner at once! This digital planner was created by World of Printables and guarantees you a planner that contains over 100 budgeting templates that are easy and fun to use.

While using this planner, you will receive the following features:

  • Hyperlinked tabs and a clickable index make easy navigation
  • 6 Custom Sections
  • Vibrant colors and designs
  • Blank-lined paper for simple note-taking

What makes this planner even more attractive is that it’s free, so download it right away.

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3. Digital Budget Planner 

Are you looking for a feminine or sweet planner? If yes, then consider checking out this one! It’s created by JoyWayDigital and has pink color on its pages, which looks extremely adorable.

Purchasing this planner will give you:

  • 125 beautifully designed planner pages
  • 139 adorable stickers
  • 6 debt and saving trackers
  • Hyperlinked tabs for better navigation
  • Small-sized files for a hassle-free experience

The sweet design of this budget planner template can keep you calm and help you enjoy planning even in the most stressful situations, so do not ignore it.

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4. Ultimate Digital Budget Planner Pastels

Love pastel-styled stuff? If so, then consider getting this pastel-style budget planner template from Goodnotes too! created by LiveLovePlanners and completely based on dreamy and pastel-styled designs, with many astonishing features, some of which are:

  • 145 pages full of budget planners, savings trackers, and finance trackers
  • Fully hyperlinked because, why not?
  • easy to use and important on Goodnotes
  • 150 customizable covers
  • Monthly budget template

But that’s not all; this template has a lot more to offer, so it’s better to purchase it to take advantage of every single feature!

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5. Ultimate Budget Planner 

Everyone loves simplicity, and the Ultimate Budget Planner is here to help you create some minimal money tracks! It’s created by KatacosmicDesign and will be a great pick for you if you want to simply create some budget plans without any stylish design.

Furthermore, this template also provides hyperlinked tabs that allow you to navigate with ease through weekly, monthly, and yearly planners, as well as a simple yet interesting design for pages that will never make you feel bored at any cost.

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6. Halloween Hello Kitty Budget Template 

Hello Kitty fans, it’s time for you to start making a budget record, and for this task, the Halloween Hello Kitty template will surely help you a lot. Its design is so sweet and entertaining that there is no way you will get bored while making financial plans.

As expected, Hello Kitty Planner also has hyperlinked tabs, so that you don’t need to waste time navigating different sections again and again. Lastly, you will get 75 cute pages too, so try it right now as it’s totally free to use.

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7. Budget Planner For Goodnotes

We have looked at cute and minimal financial planners, so now it’s time to check out some professional-looking budget trackers as well, and here’s one! It’s created by BudgetJournal, has a really modern design, and handwritten fonts are used for headlines and titles everywhere on this template, which looks impressive.

With this template, you will receive:

  • Monthly overview for each month
  • Monthly budget planning pages
  • Fixed cost tracker
  • Subscription tracker
  • Pages for each weekly closing of the year

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8. Digital Finance Planner

Last but not least, there’s one financial planner you should take a look at before this list ends. This template is designed by ThrivingPlanners and provides you with both yearly and monthly planner templates. What’s more, debt and saving trackers are also included, with 24 beautiful covers, 3300+ stickers, and 8 different colors to choose from.

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Budget planner template Goodnotes can help you a lot by keeping track of your money, which is why you should start using them soon. And to make this work even more fun, try out all the templates listed above; their designs and unique features will help you do financial planning even more easily, which makes purchasing them a worthwhile option.

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