Jungles can be beautiful and wild at the same time, just like fonts! They are huge and help balance the environment very well, just like fonts help us with our design projects! So why not combine these two amazing things to create something like Jungle Fonts?

These fonts are popular for their wild and natural look, which can be used in a variety of designs. They are often used for environmental, wildlife, and tropical designs.

And if you are looking for some of the best Jungle fonts on Canva, then you are at the right place since that’s what we are here for! It’s guaranteed that by now you haven’t used too many jungle fonts, as they aren’t too common and their use is pretty situational, which can make it hard for you to pick the best ones. However, you don’t need to worry about that anymore since our list of Canva fonts for Jungle Designs is ready to help you out! 

Therefore, let’s not waste more time and get straight into the list of the best Jungle fonts on Canva.

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10 Wild Jungle Canva Fonts

Jungle fonts can be used in many more places than you think, so feel free to check out each font listed here for the best designs!

TAN Paradiso

Jungle fonts are often used for tropical designs, and that’s why here’s TAN Paradiso, which would fit perfectly on such projects. This font is designed by TAN Type and features a pretty wavy and carefree design, just like an actual tropical island.

The design also features thin but long lines that look pretty and attractive, so if you are going to put your design in a tropical place, then it’s going to get famous easily. This font is mostly used for display, so do not hesitate to try it for logos and headers.

Sergio Trendy

As its name suggests, Sergio Trendy is a trendy font that never fails to gain a good amount of attention. It’s designed by Kulokale Studio and has a pretty bold design, which is good for display projects. Its letters have long swashes that resemble the branches of trees, which makes it look more connected to a jungle.

If you like bold and friendly-looking display fonts, then giving Sergio Trendy a try can be a great idea, so do not miss it!

Art Nuvo Letterpress

Art Nuvo Letterpress comes from the family of Art Nuvo. However, this version suits the wild theme much more than its family members, which is why it’s here! It’s designed by Phil MacIsaac and has a pretty rough look, which can remind you of jungles and its rough life.

Art Nuvo looks pretty retro too, so maybe you can use it for vintage designs on movies and various designs. The letterpress version makes it look like a stamp of some jungle too, so consider Art Nuvo for a good rough look.


Edo is a popular choice when it comes to Jungle Canva Fonts because of its wild and rough look. This font was designed by Vic Fieger, and it’s true it’s a brush font, but still, its rough design makes it look like a jungle font.

You may think of a slash from a wild animal while using it, which makes it related to the jungle enough. Edo can be a great choice for zoo and forest sign boards, or maybe for your wildlife-related website. It’s readability is great, so take advantage of that.


Don’t let the name deceive you, since Sunday looks nothing like its name! Sunday is a thin display font with a bit of a rugged and sketchy design, which looks pretty creepy, just like jungles at night. When used with friendly and bright colors, it looks pretty fun, but with dark colors, this font may give you nightmares, just like how a jungle goes from beautiful to scary at night! It’s good for warning signs, zoo designs, and many digital designs too, so do not miss it out.

Amatic SC

Liked Sunday? If so, then give a try to the Amatic SC too, since it features a similar design, but the difference is that it’s thinner. Amatic SC was designed by Vernon Adams, and it’s a web font, which means it was made for digital purposes. However, just like Sunday, you can still use it for signs, posters, and various printed works.

Unfortunately, because I think Amatic SC doesn’t have great readability, that’s where its bold version comes in, which is equally beautiful but provides better readability.

Finger Paint

If you felt Edo wasn’t a good representation of wild animal slashes or scratch marks, then finger paint is something you need to consider. It’s designed by Carrois Apostrophe and is a brush font with some good-looking swashes!

However, it looks more like claw marks because of the excessive roughness and scratch-like design, which makes it an amazing jungle font on Canva. Finger paint is usually used for display, so it will be better if you use this font when you want your designs to look more menacing.


So far, we’ve had only one topical font; that’s why here’s Tropika by Aiyari! Tropika is a bold retro font with a tropical design that looks really nice! Tropical islands are often known for being related to nature, wooden tools, and masks;

fortunately, Tropika features all of that in its design, which makes it the ultimate tropical font. The best part about Tropika is that it fits on designs that aren’t even related to jungles or islands, which means you can use it for a large variety of projects.


Next, we have Giaza, which is the opposite of most of the fonts in this list because of its modern looks. Usually, a jungle font has a wild, rough, or historic look, but Giaza is the opposite of them! It’s pretty clean and looks modern; perhaps it represents modern zoos, which look really good with these types of advanced designs.

Giaza isn’t used a lot in jungle designs, so be careful with it. But outside of that, it can be used for a variety of projects!

TAN Meringue

Last but not least is TAN Meringue, which is close to TAN Paradiso since both are good for tropical designs! TAN Meringue is designed by TAN type, and it’s another Canva font for Jungle designs that follows a modern look to fit with the current era!

But still, its roots keep it pretty natural, which helps TAN Meringue fit in designs like posters, websites, logos, and t-shirts. It’s an eye-catching top, so there’s no way your jungle designs will be ignored.


Jungle Canva Fonts do not increase the number of jungles in the world, but at least they spread awareness by appearing through your beautiful designs. So pick up some of the best jungle fonts on Canva and design something that makes people go wild!