Modern fonts are taking over the typography world day by day because of our modern generation. These fonts look clean, and professional, and give off a good futuristic and modern vibe, which perfectly fits the current era. That explains why they are so popular nowadays. 

They can be extremely helpful to you, especially if you design professional and business projects since such fonts are necessary to fit with the theme. However, finding the right fonts can be such a hassle since there are thousands of choices available with hundreds of font libraries, which makes this task more difficult than it looks.

Fortunately, even before you ask, we have already compiled a list of the best modern fonts on Canva, so your time and energy can be used to create some sophisticated-looking designs!

Note that all the fonts available here are from Canva, and the best part is that they are all completely free to use, which makes this offer a must-check option. That’s why, to know more about them, keep reading till the end!

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10 Stylish Modern fonts in Canva

Luckily, this list includes a variety of fonts, which means you will surely find whatever you are looking for, so don’t miss out on anything at all.

DM Sans

Before we jump into displaying modern fonts in Canva, let’s look at text fonts first, starting with DM Sans. The font was developed by Colophon Foundry, and it’s a low-contrast geometric font, which gives it a nice modern and professional look.

This font was intended to be used for smaller sizes, such as texts, descriptions, or subtitles. The clean and smooth design of the font allows it to maintain readability, which can be seen even from a distance. Switching to DM Sans for your business website or newspaper wouldn’t be a bad idea, so try it out!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is up next, which is a handwritten brush font by Din Studio! If you want a modern font with a bit of a luxury look rather than a professional one, then you should pick Costa Rica. It has beautiful swashes and elegant letter designs that easily attract customers, making it an amazing choice for beauty, fashion, and clothing brands.

It can work well for websites and products in the same industries too. Therefore, if you ever want to gain popularity quickly, then consider checking it out.



Modern and professional fonts often have sharp edges and ends, which is great for making designs look impactful, but it makes them less friendly. And if that’s a problem for you, then consider checking out Rubik by Hubert and Fischer!

Unlike other modern fonts, Rubik has rounded ends and edges, which makes it look friendly despite having a futuristic design. Rubik can be used for both text and display purposes, so utilizing it depends on you!

Roxborough CF

Roxborough CF is another font you should give a try, especially if you are more interested in professional-looking designs! It’s sharp, clean, and has a bit of a royal look along with a modern style, which makes it a unique font.

If you are someone who enjoys using old royal or blackletter fonts, then you should give it a try, as it works well when you want to express impact and strength in your designs like a king. It’s mainly used for display, so some logos with a royal look won’t look bad.

TAN Variety

Modern designs are good, but that doesn’t mean retro is going out of style. That’s why TAN Variety by TAN Type is a perfect balance between vintage and modern. Unlike the other best modern fonts on Canva, TAN Variety has a flamboyant and carefree look since it’s a mixture of both past and future, so it doesn’t care about being too professional.

It’s also an all-caps font, which means it will be used only for display. It looks quite feminine as well, so why not design some cute and romantic projects with it?

Exo 2

Have you used Exo before? If yes, then Exo 2 is probably for you since it’s just a complete redraw, which means it’s the better version. This font was designed by Natanael Gama, and it’s intended for modern, futuristic, and technological designs, which fits really well because of its geometrical design.

If you want to depict something more modern than the current era, then Exo 2 can easily help you out with its robotic design. It can be used for both display and text, so utilize it depending on your needs.

Agrandir Grand

Though the previous fonts were for display use, they weren’t that bold, so here’s Agrandir Grand, a bold modern font ready for some nice logo designs. Thankfully, this font isn’t just plain and has a nice design that makes it look friendly and modern at the same time! What makes this font even better is that it has 74 different styles, which floods you with many great choices.

Agrandir Grand is good enough for many modern designs, including advertisements, packaging, brand designs, and flyers.


If you like modern royal fonts like Roxborough CF, then Laguna is something you need to try out next! It also follows a similar style but is thinner and looks more stylish, which also makes it a nice choice to have in your collection. Laguna is also suitable for royal designs, but more importantly, it can work extremely well for beauty and fashion brands because of its feminine style. But that’s not all; it can do well on artistic designs, invitation projects, and wedding designs too!


As we mentioned before, modern and vintage designs work well together, so why not have another? This time it’s Lovelace, a bold display font with vibes of both past and present, making it an amazing choice for your next project. This font has a pretty casual look as well; maybe you can try it out for magazines, entertainment designs, and a variety of event advertisements!

Noto Serif Display

In the end, we have Noto Serif Display, a popular modern font in Canva used by many! However, if you still haven’t used it, then it’s your chance now since this minimal-looking typeface is extremely useful and versatile, which makes it a must-have option for designers. You can easily design some luxury and modern-looking designs with it and have success with them, thanks to its amazing design and readability, so do not waste time and try it now. 


The best modern fonts on Canva aren’t hard to find, especially when you have access to a list like this, so feel free to choose from choices like Rubik, Lovelace, and Exo 2! Their modern design and unique styles can make any project stand out and help you improve.